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"In 22B Hampstead Street, in the city of London, wonderful chamber music is playing and we see two figures in an apartment, one of whom has just made arrangements to take a motorcar out to the countryside, and the other of which is reading a newspaper. Rain drizzles as it often does in London against the windows. Music is playing..."

22B Hampstead Street is the home of Detective Sylvester Cross and Lars Vandenchomp.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring 22B Hampstead Street
Mice & Murder


22B Hampstead Street is a small, cluttered apartment primarily inhabited by Sylvester Cross. It is messy and covered in photographs of the detective's previous exploits. There are cluttered letters across desks and newspaper clippings with articles written about the clever capers of the good detective.

Lars often plays music, of which Sylvester usually requests American brass, as he believes they've perfected it.


It Was a Dark and Stormy Night[]

Sylvester and Lars are both introduced in their apartment at 22B Hampstead Street. Sylvester reads a letter from Squire Brockhollow inviting him to his 60th birthday party, and although Sylvester wishes to decline, Lars had already RSVP'd for them and called for a car to drive them to Tufting Meadows.


  • The name of 22B Hampstead Street is most likely a reference to 221B Baker Street, the apartment of renowned fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.
  • 22B Hampstead Street may also be a play on "Hamster".
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