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Welcome to the realm of Calorum - a realm made of six food-themed lands. But this tale of sorrow and sweetness is that of the candy kingdom of Candia... - Dropout.tv description

"Behold, Calorum. Many years past, the Ravening War raged across the six kingdoms. The war ended 20 years ago with the creation of the Concord, an empire that would see power passed amongst the six kingdoms. Ever since has peace reigned, tended to by the great powers of the realm: the Bulbian Church and the Concordant Emperor. But our story does not begin in the holy city of Brightgarden, nor does it begin in the Great Pyramid of Food in Comida. Our story begins in a land of sugar, and of sorrow, of sweetness, and of strength. Our story begins with a Crown of Candy." ― A Crown of Candy intro

A Crown of Candy is the fifth season of Dropout's Dimension 20 and its third Intrepid Heroes.

It explores the world of Calorum, where each kingdom is based around a different food group from the American food pyramid. The story follows the members of House Rocks, who rule over the kingdom of Candia.

The first episode is available to watch on Dimension 20's YouTube Channel. The full season can be viewed on CollegeHumor's streaming service Dropout.

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Player Characters[]

Backup Characters[]

Due to the lethal nature of this season's genre, each player had one backup character made before the start of the season, listed below. Mouse over the blurred text to reveal spoilers!


This is a quick guide from major to minor Characters. For characters by kingdom, see A Crown of Candy NPC Guide.

Major NPCs[]

Supporting NPCs[]

Minor NPCs[]


Major Antagonists[]

Minor Antagonists[]





A Crown of Candy Locations
Country Cities & Towns Geography Infrastructure
BannerCandia-0.pngCandia BannerCandia-0.png Castle Candy | Dulcington | The Sugarlands | Cookieshire | Gumdrop Pass | Frosting Valley | Gumberly | Piehole | West Cake | North-Gumbia | Castle Manylicks | Buzzybrook The Great Stone Candy Mountains | Cola River Sucrosi Road | Port Syrup | Ice Cream Temple
BannerUvano.pngFructera BannerUvano.png Comida | Uvano Pulp Bay | Yogurt Shoals The Great Pyramid of Food | Cornucopian Hall | Great Cathedral of Saint Arugula | Glucian Road | Fruician Road
Vegetania Greenhold | Brightgarden The Verduran Forest Pilgrim's Road
Ceresia Pangranos Butter Lake | Sea of Pasta | Great Dunes of Grain Imperial March
BannerDairy.pngThe Dairy Islands BannerDairy.png Lacramor Yogurt Shoals | Dairy Sea
The Meat Lands Carn Chile Sea | The Sangre



Dimension 20- A Crown of Candy - Reveal Trailer



  • This season's theme was almost discovered months before it was officially announced when a fan[2] noticed Brennan's Spotify was accidentally made public. He had a playlist named "CLGOT" (Candy Land/Game of Thrones), containing just two songs: the Game of Thrones theme song, and "Lollipop" by the Chordettes.
  • The season was filmed in August 2019 and is one shortest and busiest filming schedules of Dimension 20, taking approximately 18 days total. The first 11 episodes were filmed in just six days.[3]
  • The season was intended to be 20-21 episodes long, and included additional battle sets for both a pleasure lounge in Comida/Fructera and a coliseum battle in Carne, the capital of the Meat Lands, before the Los Angeles Fire Marshal prohibited them from operating out of their current venue a week before filming was scheduled to start.
    • The crew often makes jokes during the episodes about being "in a freezing cold warehouse at 2am" due to their new location and compressed work schedule.
    • These circumstances were also a factor in the large piece of art appearing at the end of Episode 10: Blood & Bread.
  • Production Designer Rick Perry noted to the cast and crew that there was a single edible element of food as part of the DM screen for this season. He later revealed that it was a piece of pasta, a spiral noodle, which he got the idea to include after his daughter brought home a macaroni art project.[4]
  • During an episode of Dropout's Game Changer, Brennan improvised a plumber from Candy Land named "Fredo". Brennan mentioned that this character was inspired by A Crown of Candy, not the other way around![5]
  • Before filming of A Crown of Candy began, Brennan had the cast participate in a secret ballot to decide on whether or not there should be a secret traitor within the party. Ultimately, it was decided that there would not be an in-party traitor in the campaign. [6]


  1. As with many D&D games, Brennan incorporates many homebrew mechanics and house rules that may not be part of the rules as written.
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