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Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 17 of A Crown of Candy, proceed at your own risk.

Names are hard. Here are some pictures and quick explanations to jog your memory. 

Castle Candy Residents & Courtiers[]

Queen Caramelinda

Caramel - Alive

Lord Calroy "Cal" Cruller

Cake - Deceased

Limon Longhalls

Cough Drop - Deceased

The Queen and Heart of the realm. Resplendent and regal, she is quite terrifying. The king’s right hand man, a triangular slice of cake with pinstripe pants. Served in the wars with King Amethar. Always jealous of Amethar's privilege and position, enough to attempt several assassinations, and eventually a coup to overtake Castle Candy. A lemon cough drop squire to Sir Theobald. Prone to falling down hills and stairs as a method to punish himself before other people can. Will not be lulled. Killed by Cumulus Rocks.
General Rococoa

Chocolate Hot Cocoa - Deceased

Saint Citrina

Citrus Hard Candy - Deceased

Archmage Lazuli

Blue Raspberry Hard Candy - Deceased

King Amethar's oldest sister and former owner of the Twizzling Blade. A general in the Ravening War. Very brave and honorable, first in line for the throne and very serious about her responsibilities. Her statue stands to the north. She was the last of the sisters to die, shot by Ceresian soldiers behind Candian lines just outside of Pangranos on the orders of Lord Calroy Cruller after she discovered him selling weapons to Ceresian forces. King Amethar's second youngest sister and the former owner of her relic, a Book of Leaves that compels truth. A canonized saint of the Bulbian Church. She was very loving and serene, and believed in working and teaching love under the Bulb. Her statue stands to the east. She was the third of the sisters to die, ordered run down in the street by Vegetanian soldiers by Pontifex Belizabeth Brassica. King Amethar's second oldest sister and former owner of the magic short bow, Sour Scratch. A powerful archmage of Castle Candy. Very wise and studious, and constantly busy. Possessed divination abilities that allowed her to see potential futures. Founded the Order of the Spinning Star. Theo served as a ward under her. Her statue stands to the west. She was the first of the sisters to die, sacrificing herself in battle in order to save the lives of Candian soldiers and to power a spell that would put Gustavo Uvano in power.
Princess Sapphria

Blueberry Rock Candy - Deceased

Lord Finnegan Swirlie

Ice Cream - Deceased

The Tartguard/Quincy

Sweetarts - Alive

King Amethar's youngest sister. A skilled and pragmatic politician. Very cunning and humorous, the "funny" sister. A skilled politician; her involvement in Candian history is largely missing from records by design. Her statue stands to the south. She was the second of the sisters to die. An ice cream headed lord traveling to Comida with King Amethar. He's told to go make graces with the Ceresian Senators. Lapin asks him and his wife to hold 4 glasses of wine and later gets pushed into Primogen Alfredi by Lapin, spilling the wine. Killed as they flee Fructera after the Pontifex excommunicates King Amethar. Huge, circle-headed tart men. Wear pantaloons and are not heavily armored. Have a proclivity for tickling each other with swords and throwing them through windows. All of them survive the ambush on Sucrosi Road. All of them are sent with Amethar instead of accompanying Lapin, Cal, and Theo to see Sir Keradin. Most die during the confrontation in the Cathedral of Saint Arugula.
Sir Toby

Gummy Bear - Deceased

Sir Amanda Maillard

S'mores - Alive

Herald Poncival Pishpuff

Creampuff - Alive

A yellow pineapple gummy bear clad in blue armor. A member of the Tartguard who loves lessons. Found in his room tortured and mangled by Lord Calroy Cruller's men. The Queen’s Champion. She has been dispatched to deal with the rumor of the ogre (that may just be a rogue knight), and later to support Candian troops at House Jawbreaker. Asks Theobald if he is ready to escort Jet and Ruby. Responsible for declaring the many titles of the royal family.
Lady Whipperly

Whipped Cream - Alive

Licorina Loghead

Licorice - Alive

Master Dippins

Fun Dip - Alive

Tall, with a spiraled whipped cream hairdo with a light blue dress. Wants to tag along to Comida. Doesn't. A handmaiden to Jet and Ruby, put on the list to go to Comida. The royal fool. Runs off into the forest. Crawls up into the tree during battle and later shaken out by Limon Longhalls.
Cranberry Tallcake

Unknown - Unknown

King Jadain

Lime Hard Candy - Deceased

Queen Pamelia

Fruit - Deceased

Runs off into the forest and keeps running. Calls to the imperial army for help. King Amethar's father and king during the Ravening War. Didn't want to get involved in the Ravening War, causing his children and House Jawbreaker to go against his orders to aid the Dairy Islands. King Amethar's mother. Used to be a Fructeran noble before marrying into House Rocks. A potent queen and opportunist who contributed to Candia's isolationism.
Lady Donetta Cruller

Donut - Alive

Lady Swirlie

Unknown - Deceased

Lord Calroy’s wife, she has a swirled cruller head. Was in the 3rd caravan during much of the fighting. Tends to Amethar when he passes out after his speech. Plays chaperone to Primsy with Calroy during the Grand Tournament to keep her away from Lord Stilton. Sat in the Imperial box with her husband, Lord Swirlie, and Lapin watching King Amethar’s bout. Lapin asks her and Lord Swirlie to hold 4 glasses of wine and later gets pushed into Primogen Alfredi by Lapin, spilling the wine. Killed as they flee Fructera after the Pontifex excommunicates King Amethar.


The Sugar-Plum Fairy

Celestial Spirit - Deceased


Gingersnap - Alive


Malted Milk Ball - Alive

A beautiful six winged fairy with long lavender dragonfly wings. Wears a sugarleaf dress. Described as alien, but beautiful. She appears to Lapin by the sugar stones glade. Makes mention of having wishes she can make of Lapin, including the second wish to be with House Rocks. A gingersnap girl, about age 17, who is an Imperial messenger. Delivers a love letter to Jet and a circus flier (The Traveling Swirler Sisters) to Ruby down in Dulcington. A malted milk ball street urchin from Dulcington. Meets Liam in the forest and delivers a crumpled up piece of parchment from one of Liam’s brothers.

Hard Candies - Alive

Bitternight Darknibs

Sugarless Chocolate - Alive


Unknown - Alive

Made of component parts of hard candy street urchin from Dulcington. Asks how did they make the noise turn into shapes. A warlock brigand who is causing trouble at the border of Candia. They want to capture her. One of Liam's (mean) older brothers. Sends Liam a cipher message telling him to stab the King.
Duke Joren Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker - Alive


Sprinkle - Dismissed


Butterscotch Falcon - Alive

Liam’s father and head of House Jawbreaker. Brother of King Jadain and uncle to Amethar. Went against Jadain's orders to assist the Dairy Islands in the Ravening War, putting House Jawbreaker in open rebellion. Has 34 partners. Sir Theobald Gumbar's familiar, often given to Princess Jet to help her and supervise her when Theo isn't around. Princess Ruby's familiar.
Peppermint Preston

Peppermint Pig - Deceased

Traveling Swirler Sisters

Unknown - Alive


Licorice Snake - Alive

Liam Wilhelmina's animal companion. He can "fly". A circus act, inspired Ruby to learn acrobatics. Sir Theobald Gumbar's new familiar. Very bitey.

Gingerbread Man - Alive


Melting Chocolate - Alive

Jon Bon

Bon Bon - Alive

A member of Queen Saccharina's marauders. Stabs everyone he meets. A member of Queen Saccharina's marauders, and her second-in-command. She carries Saccharina's scrolls like Theo carried Lazuli's when he was her ward. A member of Queen Saccharina's marauders.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Dragon - Alive

Spearia Mentha

Spearmint Leaves - Alive

Dowager Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker - Alive

Queen Saccharina's dragon, hatched from the Ice Cream Temple. Also known as Dracoria Azucar, the legendary creature of the Sweetening Path. Liam Wilhelmina's mother. The only one of Joren Jawbreaker's 34 partners that is legally married to him in the eyes of the Bulbian Church. Elder member of the Jawbreaker family. Only mentioned behind the scenes, based on the fact that it didn't make too much sense for a jawbreaker to be in Buzzybrook.
Buzzybrook Townspeople

Candians - Alive

Rescued by House Rocks after Buzzybrook was pillaged by the Bulbian Church, the imperial army, and the Cersian army.

The Dairy Islands[]

Manta Ray Jack

Monterey Jack - Alive

Sir Morris Brie

Brie - Deceased

Duchess Primsy Coldbottle

Bottle of Milk - Alive

A 2.5 foot tall cube of cheese who is very friendly with Amethar. Tortured for information about Catherine Ghee by the Bulbian Church, and captained the ship carrying the party away from Castle Candy to the Great Stone Candy Mountains. A dairy knight who is familiar with Amethar as well. Shit and pissed in the trenches with King Amethar. There was also some sort of sprint on King Amethar’s part. Killed by Cinnamon while defending Port Syrup. The Duchess of Lacramor. The highest ranking person there. A 16 year old forced to rule. A cousin of House Cheddar. Gives Liam her own personal token for him to compete in the Grand Tournament as her champion. Briefly married to Lord Stilton Curdeau before he tried to kill her in a power grab for the Concordant Throne. She's a strong independent woman.
Captain Annabelle Cheddar

Cheddar - Alive

Prince Tarthur Cheddar

Unknown - Deceased

Lord Stilton Curdeau

Blue Stilton Cheese - Deceased

Captain of the Colby. Was stripped of her title as Princess of the Dairy Islands despite being the next heir for refusing to marry. Takes part in the melee with Jet and has powerful thighs. Helps the party escape Fructera after the Pontifex Belizabeth Brassica excommunicates Amethar and declares Candia at war with the Concord. Former Prince of Lacramor during the Ravening War. The traveling companion and Lord Consort of Primsy Coldbottle. Gives off a familiar stink. Released from his vow of chastity by Captain Annabelle Cheddar's boon and unofficially married to Duchess Primsy Coldbottle, who he then attempted to assassinate for the Concordant Throne.
Catherine Ghee

Butter (presumably) - Deceased

Father Belford Buttercream

Unknown - Unknown

Cheese Marauders

Blue Cheese - Various

King Amethar's first wife, married during the Ravening War. The priest who married King Amethar and Catherine Ghee during the Ravening War. Attacked House Rocks on the Sucrosi Road. Attacked House Cheddar and House Rocks in the Yogurt Shoals.


Emperor Gustavo Uvano

Grape - Deceased

Viscount Thaddeus Strongpit

Avocado - Alive

Lady Plumbeline Uvano

Grape - Deceased

The emperor of Comida and friend of King Amethar from the Ravening War. Summons Amethar personally to name him successor of the Concordant Throne. Dies the morning after naming him, before the official paperwork can be done. A (formerly) super hot avocado that Jet met when she was eight. Sends Jet a love letter about desiring to meet and of an upcoming travel leaving for Comida, and wore her underwear for a week. Did not age well, avocados never do. Some say he remains in the alley waiting for Jet to this day. She is Gustavo’s daughter and is not allowed to inherit the throne due to the Concord. Kind of upset about it. Competes in the joust with the intention of nominating herself, but loses terribly pretty much immediately. Claims her father named Senator Ciabatta his heir.
Lord Chiquito Citron

Banana - Alive

Lord Consort Rufus Applebottom

Apple - Alive

A banana archer in the archery competition against Liam and Ruby. Wins the first arrow in the round of the competition. Consort to the Lady Plumbeline. A red apple character sitting next to the Pontifex during the Grand Tournament.


King Belvedere Cabbage

Cabbage - Deceased

Prince Nezemiah Cabbage

Cabbage - Alive

Pontifex Belizabeth Brassica

Broccoli - Deceased

A 92 year old monarch of Vegetania. Probably won't be named heir of the Concordant Throne. Came to Comida instead of the King, since King Cabbage is ill. Sits in the Imperial box next to his wife. Doesn't really seem to know what's going on. Pontifex Rex of the Bulbian Church. Was a Primogen when Lapin last met her. One of the most powerful people in Calorum. Highly pious and merciless. Made public Amethar's marriage to Catherine Ghee, excommunicated him, and declared Candia at war with the Concord. Also ordered Saint Citrina run down in the street.
Archbishop Oliver Onionpatch

Onion - Deceased

Sir Keradin Deeproot

Carrot - Deceased

Saint Turnipat

Turnip (presumably) - Deceased

An archbishop of the Bulbian Church. Gets permission from Prince Cabbage to visit the Concordant Emperor. A carrot Paladin and member of the Bulbian Church. Takes part in the melee with Amethar and poisons him with water daggers during the fight in an assassination attempt. 100% aware and in control of his actions. Confesses to Lapin as he's chained up. Is later released and beats both Lapin and Preston to death. Present at Castle Candy during Lord Calroy's coup. A saint in the Bulbian Church. The Grand Tournament falls on the feast day of Saint Turnipat, the 1st of Brightdusk.
Archbishop Raddica Rutabagans

Radish or Rutabaga (presumably) - Deceased

Princess Maisy Cabbage

Corn - Alive

Sir Bonathan Flashfry

French Fries - Alive

An archbishop of the Bulbian Church who was assassinated whilst in Carn. A corn woman and wife to Prince Nezemiah Cabbage. Sitting in the Imperial Box with him. A Vegetanian knight/champion that looks like french fries and wields a Pike. Attacks Annabelle at the start of the melee. Also present in the cathedral for Liam's trial.


Commander Constano Grissini

Breadstick - Deceased

Imperator Focaccia

Focaccia - Deceased

Imperator Augustus Ciabatta

Ciabatta Roll - Deceased

Imperial commander who was waiting for the party at the border with a troop of Ceresian infantry to escort them to the capital. He and his forces arrive to assist King Amethar in the Cheese Marauders ambush. Provides aid to, and is smitten with, Jet. Also takes part in the melee with her. Former general of the Ravening War. Defeated by Gustavo Uvano. A former Ceresian Senator. Constano Grissini salutes him with Theo like duty. Leads the princesses to Alfredi's lair and collects some of the blackmail she acquired, which he uses to become Imperator. He's a part of the ambush in Lazi's Lingerie shop and stabs Jet with watersteel daggers, killing her.
Archbishop Fettucina Alfredi

Fettucini Alfredo - Deceased

Lady Linguina Freccia

Linguini - Alive

Senator Semolina

Croissant - Unknown

A Miracle Worker and holds the ear of Senator Ciabatta. Would definitely know if Lapin was faking it. Is actually faking it herself through powerful alchemy. She is a very skilled liar who knows how to lie to the right people in order to get where she wants. Much of her technique comes from blackmail. Made the watersteel daggers that Sir Keradin, Lord Calroy, and Imperator Ciabatta. A pasta archer in the archery competition against Liam and Ruby. Uses a pretzel bow. In the Imperial box near Senator Ciabatta. Has a croissant head. Likely killed by Imperator Augustus Ciabatta so that he would have no opposition.
Ceresian Gladiator

Bread - Deceased

A gladiator who competed in the melee with King Amethar, Sir Keradin Deeproot and Scravoya Myaso. Present in Lord Calroy's coup against Castle Candy, but is killed when his group attempts to ambush the party in Dulcington.

The Meat Lands[]

Basha Myaso

Beefy Boy - Alive

Scravoya Myaso

T-bone Steak - Alive


Unknown - Unknown

Leader in the Meat Lands.  Swore to believe in the Bulb on the Book of Leaves, even if no one believes it. Watches his wife fight from the Imperial box. Basha's wife. Takes part in the melee tournament and ignores Amethar's offer of an alliance to take out Sir Keradin and the Ceresian Gladiator together. Former Lover of Queen Saccharina
Ham Dog

Ham Dog - Alive

Meatlander Mercenaries

Meatlanders - Deceased

Appeared in the Cathedral of Saint Arugula alongside Basha and Scravoya Myaso. Mercenaries hired by Calroy Cruller to defend Castle Candy from House Rocks.