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WARNING!! This Fantasy High PC has grown up and had adventures past the initial Fantasy High episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the Dimension 20 LIVE campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"Is this what public school is like?" ― Adaine after witnessing Gorgug and Fabian's fight on the first day

"I have a mental illness! And that's fine!" ― Adaine Abernant

Adaine Abernant (pronounced AH-dyne) is a sophomore at Aguefort Adventuring Academy and a member of the Bad Kids adventuring party. She is the current Elven Oracle. She is played by Siobhan Thompson.


"I'm Adaine Abernant. I'm the daughter of the Elvish Ambassador. I was at Hudol, but unfortunately, I failed the entrance exam to get into the upper school because I had a little bit of a panic attack but Aguefort's good too, Aguefort's- I'm happy to be at Aguefort, that's good. It's like actually, I'm better at the practical applications of magic anyway, and I'm good I, I, I- It's good. I'm excited to go." Siobhan Thompson


Adaine is an elven divination wizard and the youngest daughter of Angwyn and Arianwen Abernant, the Elven Ambassador and Hudol College professor respectively. She is a very headstrong person, unafraid to call out when her parents and sister are being cruel to her, or when others are being rude or sexist, though she suffers from anxiety, which hinders her self-confidence. She is usually very caring and polite, unless she is dealing with someone awful. Adaine is very responsible for her age. She is intelligent, studious and concerned about grades, saying that she likes school. Having come from a controlling and wealthy family, there is a lot of things that normal people things that she was not allowed to do growing up, such as drinking milkshakes and sleeping in a van, she is very excited to try these things. Now that her parents have abandoned her, Adaine tries to be frugal with her money. If she runs out of spell slots, or when magic won't do the trick, she's not against punching people in the face, especially when she is feeling a lot of emotions. Along with Riz, Adaine is one of the least horny of the Bad Kids, she says she might be asexual or aromantic but she doesn't know, she's only 15.


Though she usually behaves like a wallflower, Adaine is quite pretty. Her attractiveness have been noted by Fabian, Biz, possibily Fabian's mom and a group of Hudol students. Starting her freshman year, she wears an old Hudol uniform, until her friends give her a makeover. Part of the way through the year, she goes to the Gilded Coin for a makeover. From then on, she wears cool skinny jeans, a dark blue t-shirt with a faded arcane polygon-like rune symbol on it, and a wool-lined denim jacket with a ton of very small pockets. She also wears a silver snap bracelet looted from the arcade.

She carries a large glass orb as her arcane focus, given to her by her father. Her familiar is a frog named Boggy The Froggy, who she later manifests as an owl. At the end of sophomore year, she ditches the glass orb for the Sword of Sight.

Freshman Year[]

First Day of School[]

Adaine is first introduced sitting at the breakfast table with her family on the morning of her first day of school at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. She was supposed to attend Hudol, but had a panic attack during the entrance exams and wasn't accepted into the upper school. During breakfast, her father comments on dreadful news that he just read in the newspaper, and Adaine calls attention to the fact that he's always difficult and vague when it comes to that sort of thing. He lectures her that her sister, Aelwyn, would just ask, and that's what separates the mind of a researcher with the "responsive, more visceral attitude" of a practical caster.

Aelwyn begins to mock and tease her sister, reminding her that she's not allowed to have a crystal since she failed the entrance exams, and that she views Aguefort as a violent and barbaric place. Adaine casts Ray of Sickness on her from under the table in retaliation. Her mother asks why she can't get along with her sister, but chooses not to examine the issue too closely when Adaine asks why she always asks her and not Aelwyn.

Adaine, as she sits at the breakfast table with her family.

When breakfast concludes, her mother is unsure if there's a bus to school or not, and leaves Adaine to find her own way there. Her father gives her a large crystal orb, which she finds rather difficult to hold, but thanks him for nonetheless.

She begins walking to school with her sister, who brings up their argument from breakfast. She tells Adaine that her spell was being mean, even though she does the same thing, but it's different when she does it because its funny. Adaine attempts to cast another spell on her, Tasha's Hideous Laughter, but it backfires, creating a unique sort of irony to the situation. Through her laughter, she threatens to learn spells and find friends for the sole purpose of helping her ruin Aelwyn's life. Aelwyn continues to mock her until Adaine attempts to punch her in the face. She misses, twice.

Aelwyn continues to insult the violent nature of Aguefort and its students, sarcastically complimenting Adaine that she'd fit right in. She tells Adaine that she's trying to be a nice big sister for once, and advises her that Aguefort isn't the same as Hudol. They don't put the same weight into tests and academics as Hudol does, and that one of the best ways to prove yourself to there was to steal a book from the restricted section on the first day of school. Adaine refuses any more of her "advice", and mocks her right back. They part ways.

As Adaine approaches the school, she realizes her sister may be right. Right on the front steps are Fabian Seacaster and Gorgug Thistlespring in a real, actual fight. She fight back a panic attack. Inside the school, she's approached by Penelope Everpetal, who compliments her unwieldy orb. Adaine offers to give it to her, but she declines. Penelope hands her a ballot and explains that Aguefort hasn't had a Prom King and Queen for a really long time, and that she and her boyfriend, Dayne Blayde, are trying to bring back the tradition. Adaine is confused by the concept, but agrees to vote nonetheless. Penelope advises her that she'll do better as a freshman if she asks less questions.

Adaine quietly corrects her grammar. Dayne corrects her a lot louder, and she pushes the ballot onto Adaine. She tells her she can deposit her vote in the boxes outside the assembly, and compliments her outfit, somewhat sarcastically. Adaine walks away, barely suppressing a panic attack.

After the freshman assembly, Adaine passes by the library and spots a book laying on the counter in the restricted section. Using Mage Hand, she steals the book, "Watches and Wards", while the librarian's back is turned. She shoves it into her backpack and starts to panic, wondering why she did so. Her sister told her to, but no one was watching, and she certainly can't admit that it was stolen.

Kristen Applebees sees her panic and approaches, asking if she's okay. She answers "no", and Fig Faeth mentions that she saw what happened and think it's cool, which only makes her anxiety worse. In an effort to help her feel better, Kristen casts Light on her orb, but it only attracts attention, making things worse still.

Vice Principal Goldenhoard approaches them and asks if Adaine is okay. She stumbles over her answer, that she just 'found' the book, and Fig steps in to say that she's the one who stole the book, and that Adaine was covering for her. Adaine tells the truth anyway and apologizes profusely. Goldenhoard politely tells her that it stealing the book was not appropriate and asks Kristen to take it to Principal Aguefort's office for him. He tells Adaine that he's going to have to give her detention, but second guesses himself since she is clearly having a bad time. He sticks to it, though, as other students are listening.

Later in the day, Goldenhoard is talking to Adaine and four other kids who received detention, Fabian Seacaster, Gorgug Thistlespring, Fig Faeth, and Riz Gukgak, when Coach Daybreak declares that Kristen Applebees has 'bore false witness' and committed a cardinal sin. Goldenhoard mentions that that's technically a religious rule and not really grounds for detention, but Kristen gets her red slip anyway and joins the Bad Kids. She asks the group what they did to get detention, and they share their stories.

During lunch, Ragh comes by the group and grabs Kristen's bible out of her hands. He flings it over the lunch counter and it lands in a giant vat of creamed corn. It's what she gets for bearing.. whatever she did. Adaine kindly fishes it out of the corn for her using Mage Hand. He leaves her with a warning to think about what she did, but the group is only confused.

Mr. Gibbons, the guidance counselor, supervises them for their detention. He sits on the edge of his desk and softly asks how they feel about what they did: Adaine says she technically has diplomatic immunity and asks to go home; Gorgug immediately apologizes to Fabian, saying he didn't mean to hit him back; Fabian attempts to claim that he did nothing wrong, but does admit that punching Gorgug wasn't worth it. Mr. Gibbons sits back, mentioning that there's a lot of feelings here. He asks how things are at home, and Kristen asks Fig why she's crying. Fig admits that he may have tapped into something, and that maybe her home isn't great. Mr. Gibbons comments again on the strong feelings there, and Adaine interrupts to ask if they could just do lines instead of talking, and Fabian is in agreement. Once more, Mr. Gibbons points out the strong feelings when a blood-curdling scream is heard from the hallway. Mr. Gibbons attempts to stop them, but everyone flees to investigate. Adaine and Gorgug are the last to leave, just following because everyone else is going.

When they reach the cafeteria, they find it swarming with corn gremlins: cobs of corn with malevolent eyes, wide mouths, and long wings. At the far end of the cafeteria, the group watches as lunch lady Doreen turns to face them, her eyes sunken deep, and she tells them it's lunch time again. Only this time it's a bad lunch. A monstrous, pulsating mountain of creamed corn rises up out of the barrel behind her and begins to move forward.

During her day at school, Adaine steals a book titled "Watches and Wards" from the restricted section of the library, earning her detention with the rest of The Bad Kids.

During the Clash of the Corn Cuties, Adaine beats Doreen to death with her own ladle.

When going out for ice-cream at Basrar's, Adaine is the one who wishes for "ice-cream later."

Official art of Adaine, available as a sticker in Dropout.TV's store.

Adaine has a certain contempt for Biz Glitterdew, as he is creepy and weird.

During the Episode 6, Adaine is forced to hold her own against Jawbone, and almost turns into a werewolf herself.

Since Adaine's parents are fucking rudely terrible, they only buy her fake school uniforms, which leads to her request for a makeover. The Bad Kids, except for Gorgug, cuts class and visits a high end clothing store called The Gilded Coin where Adaine purchases a Magical Jacket that can produce useful items at will. She produced Fig's pet Oyster which she names Little Gilear.

Later, Adaine is asked by Aelwyn to borrow some divination books. Adaine does not miss the opportunity to make fun of her sister for being worse at something than her. Adaine also discovers that Aelwyn is sneaking out with Penelope. Adaine goes to investigate and meets the rest of The Bad Kids at Ostentasia's house for The Sisterly Showdown. Adaine shows off her spell-casting ability, using things such as Web and Blink to best her sister and the elemental cheerleaders in combat. During the fight, Adaine punches her sister in the face and has a successful use of Tasha's Hideous Laughter, in what many are calling "poetic cinema".

After the defeat of her sister, Adaine gets Aelwyn arrested, much to the disappointment of her parents.

During the Arcade Ambush, Adaine successfully uses Mage Hand to save Riz from being "downloaded." She also later discovers that Biz's memories have been altered and replaced, which was caused by Aelwyn, and that he is not actually involved with the larger scheme.

In Family in Flames, Adaine's parents do not visit her in prison. Adaine is also the only one that opts not to save her family, though Kristen Applebees makes the decision to do so. Adaine also discovers that she is the newest Elven Oracle during this episode.

In Prompocalypse, Adaine partakes in the final battle finally conquering her anxiety with the help of Jawbone.

In the epilogue, she is said to have:

In Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn, she is still living with Jawbone alongside Tracker and Kristen. She wakes up on the first day the year after Fantasy High, and wants to make as good an impression as ever. However, this gets interrupted by a phone call from someone from Fallinel about the elven oracle returning now that Fallinel and Solace have reached an armistice. Adaine hangs up and then gets a vision of Hargis being killed and Aguefort up in flames, She gets to school and hopes to find this "goliath kid in a beret". Torek helps Hargis find the Bad Kids and they agree to help him. She casts friends on Mr. Pepper, allowing her and the Bad Kids to pass through undisturbed. When they get inside Adaine manages to pull the wig off of Occularia after impressive acting from Hargis. The Bad Kids battle Occularia and win however during the combat Adaine gets paralyzed by one of Occularia's eyestalks.

In Fantasy High LIVE at RTX Austin, she along with Kristen and Fig are selected to defend Zelda from spirits during her ritual. She along with The Bad Kids and Ficus defend Zelda by defeating The Party Fouls. She is also the one to defeat the Sphinx of Solitude by telling a truly terrible pun.


Angwyn and Arianwen Abernant[]

Adaine's parents. They treated Adaine very coldly, treating her older sister, Aelwyn, as the golden child of the family. They were constantly disappointed that Adaine wasn't living up their expectations, especially when she failed out of Hudol due to her anxiety attack. They were cruel to her throughout her entire childhood, and she hated them for it.

She confronts them on several occasions, but they only ever see Adaine as a difficult, unreasonable child. When they flee to Fallinel at the end of Adaine's freshman year, she does not seek them out and instead moves in with the school guidance counselor, Jawbone. Later, when her father appears and kidnaps her, Adaine disowns herself from them, swearing that she'll never cooperate with him after he was so cruel to her. Angwyn says it's what he expected, but doesn't seem upset by it.

In the season finale of Fantasy High: Sophmore Year, Adaine kills her father with the spell Adaine's Furious Fist written for her by Ayda Aguefort. She casts it at fifth level and deals him 77 damage, killing him in one hit.

Aelwyn Abernant[]

Adaine's older sister. They have never gotten along and constantly annoy and antagonize each other as their father and mother always treated Aelwyn as the golden child, rather unfairly. Adaine is very highly motivated by revenge on her sister, and rather impulsively casts spells and throws punches at her to make her miserable.

Despite this rivalry, however, they do find some sort of reconciliation after Adaine finds her sister imprisoned in Calethriel Tower. After months of torture and not being allowed to Trance, Aelwyn's mind is broken, and her memory left in pieces. However, she still remembers how she and her parents treated Adaine, and when Adaine shows up in her room in an escape attempt, she tries her best to apologize.

While they are imprisoned, they send Message cantrips back and forth as Adaine tries to figure out how to get them both out. Adaine tells her sister that their parents were horrible, and tries to convince Aelwyn that their parents made her suffer too, though her memory problems make it difficult. Even though what Aelwyn did for Kalvaxus was wrong, Adaine doesn't believe she deserves to be tortured, so when her friends arrive to rescue her, she breaks Aelwyn out too.

Deep down, Aelwyn knows that Adaine was right. As she's recovering from her torture in Kei Lumennura, Adaine enters her mind with Detect Thoughts, and she learns how her sister really felt about their home life. Aelwyn was deeply ashamed of how she treated her sister, and recognized that it was only out of fear of their parents that she sat by and let it happen. She sees that Aelwyn acknowledges her abilities and cleverness by leaving a note for her on the powerful abjuration magic that she used to protect her mind from the Court of Stars: Adaine is the only one clever enough to find the version of her mind that she kept safe and bring her back from being broken.

After this, however, Aelwyn's mind is restored to it's condition before Kei Lemennura, and she runs away from the Bad Kids to find her mother in the Nightmare King's forest. Once they've reunited, she isn't really seen until the Finale of Sophmore year. In the finale, Aelwyn finally leaves her parents behind and moves into Mordred Manor with Adaine, they share a bedroom in the tower and sleep (or trance?) in bunkbeds.

The Bad Kids[]

The adventuring party that Adaine is a part of. She meets each of the Bad Kids one by one on the first day of school, and ends up forming a party with them after their battle with the corn monster during their detention. She receives detention but ends up befriending Fig Faeth and Kristen Applebees after stealing a book, "Watches and Wards", from the restricted section of the library. She's hesitant to join the group at first due to her anxiety, and only goes to investigate the cafeteria with Gorgug because everyone else was going. She scares herself when she beats the lunch lady, Doreen, to death with her own ladle, but the Bad Kids compliment her on her fighting abilities.

She grows to love her friends very much, and thinks of them as her new family when her own abandons her. Adaine is also very vocal and usually the first to speak up about reassuring her friends. She comforts Fabian when he reveals it was him who got them their gifts, and insists that they love him for being him, not for his money.

Fig Faeth[]

Adaine's best friend. You'd think that their 'bad girl'/'good girl' personalities would clash, but Fig's chaotic nature only works to enable Adaine's violent tendencies. They're very protective of each other in battle, and though Fig grows out of it, they both bond over hating their parents. They live together in Mordred Manor.

During the battle with Captain James Whitclaw, Fig tries her best to keep Adaine away from the elves who've come to kidnap her, and cries out when she gives herself up to spare them having to fight. She leads the charge into Adaine's room in Calethriel Tower to personally save her while the boys and the team's hirelings dismantle the tower's magical defenses.

When Fig calls Ayda her best friend, Adaine gets very offended, as she thought she was Fig's best friend. They're all best friends now.

Kristen Applebees[]

During their freshman year, Adaine and Kristen bond over their common trait of Horrible Parents, and spend a lot of time together in Strongtower Luxury Apartments with Jawbone and Riz. They both move into Mordred Manor together as a part of Jawbone's "extended family".

Riz Gukgak[]

The Nerd Squad. Riz and Adaine are the two nerdiest and logic-focused members of the Bad Kids. Neither of them are any good at social interactions, but they flourish together as an investigative team reading books and searching crime scenes. They're both "responsible" to a point, but are really the only two on the team that don't actively drink or do drugs. They're also the least horny of the six of them, preferring instead to stay focused on their objectives. They join Aguefort's AV Club together.

Ayda Aguefort[]

Adaine is Ayda's first friend. Ayda meets Adaine in the Compass Points Library when she arrives with the rest of the Bad Kids. Adaine is the first to point out that Ayda is a full person to Fig when she believes her to be the creature she paid Arthur Aguefort to create for her, and reminds the party several times that they're being rude as they refer to her as such. She communicates very kindly and clearly with Ayda, but her initial focus and insistence on learning the Sending spell causes Ayda to misjudge her.

Adaine later offers to be her friend, as Ayda is desperate for one and she doesn't have any wizard friends of her own. She offers Boggy for Ayda to hold, which she appreciates very much as Boggy is very cute. She even produces a tiny backpack for him out of her jacket for her, which makes him even cuter. When Ayda compliments her casting, Adaine also offers to teach Ayda to cast Find Familiar herself, and the two become friends. She calls Adaine one of the two greatest wizards of this age, along with Gorgug, and invites both of them back whenever they like.

When Adaine is kidnapped by her father as the rest of the Bad Kids are fighting Captain James Whitclaw, she casts Sending to Ayda, asking for her help. Ayda agrees, saying that Adaine's friends are her friends. Later, Ayda teaches her a spell to summon other wizards to a private conference room-type place, and Adaine is the first one to know about her kiss(es) with Fig. She asks for relationship help, which Adaine happily provides.

She helps Ayda learn Plane Shift so that they can retrieve Fig, Riz and Gilear from Hell, and as thanks for her help and friendship, she gifts Adaine a new spell, Adaine's Furious Fists. She also names her familiar, a fish, after her and agrees to stay with their party to be with her best friend(s).

Jawbone O'Shaughnessey[]

Adaine's new legal guardian and the guidance counselor at Aguefort. Jawbone and the Bad Kids met at the Black Pit, where he bit Adaine whilst under mind control. Luckily Adaine didn't contract lycanthropy and the Bad Kids referred this former drug dealer to the job of school counsellor at Aguefort. This was the lucky break that totally turned Jawbone's life around and he is actually very good at his job, being popular with students and faculty. Jawbone takes Adaine under his care after the rest of her family flees to Fallinel in the aftermath of the incident at the Wallace residence during her freshman year. As the school guidance counselor, he also helps Adaine work through her anxiety, providing her with the support and medication she needs to overcome it. At the end of her sophomore year, he adopts Adaine and it's really beautiful. He's her dad now. Fuck yes.

Zayn Darkshadow[]

Adaine's friend. After he's killed by the Harvestmen in their freshman year, Adaine works to bring him back to life as a ghost so that he can continue to attend school. No longer a pawn for the Harvestmen, Zayn's personality changes dramatically, and they quickly become good friends. He moves into the cemetery at Mordred Manor since Jawbone is taking care of him, and to stay close to Adaine.


  • She tried three different types of anxiety medication before finding one that worked for her.
  • She wrote the spell Ayda's Comprehend Subtext for Ayda Aguefort.
  • She is the second Bad Kid to kill their own father in the penultimate episode of a season in Season 2, after Fabian's ceremonial killing of Bill Seacaster in the penultimate episode of Season 1.

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