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Adventurers, alight! Veteran gamemaster Brennan Lee Mulligan dives deep into role-playing games, with tips for everyone from first-time players to other pros. - Dropout.tv description

Adventuring Academy (Season 2) is the second season of a podcast hosted by Dimension 20's DM, Brennan Lee Mulligan. In each episode, Brennan talks with a fellow cast members, crew members, GMs, and players to discuss the many aspects of creating and playing in the wonderful world of TTRPGs. It airs Mondays at 7pm EDT. Dropout lists filmed versions of these podcast episodes.

Adventuring Academy is not directly associated with Dimension 20, but may be of interest to fans as it features many of its players as guests.


  • Freddie Wong
  • Aabria Iyengar
  • Omega Jones (CriticalBard)
  • Kelly Lynne D'Angelo
  • Jennifer Kretchmer
  • Orion D. Black
  • Alicia Marie
  • Caldwell Tanner
  • Emily Axford
  • Honey and Dice
  • Branson Reese
  • Tanya DePass
  • Deborah Ann Woll
  • Jasmine Bhullar
  • Becca Scott
  • Benjamin Scott
  • Gabriel Hicks
  • Griffin McElroy
  • Travis McElroy
  • Dael Kingsmill