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Season 1[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
1 1 Creating Rounded Characters (with Lou Wilson) Link 2018-12-19 53:27
Lou Wilson joins Brennan for Fantasy High secrets, first-time DM fails, and tips for scary villains.
2 2 Keeping a Game Going (with Amy Vorpahl) Link 2019-01-09 56:40
Amy Vorpahl and Brennan talk antisocial orphans, nine-year campaigns, and babies that ruin games.
3 3 Raising the Stakes (with Brian Murphy) Link 2019-01-23 1:00:01
The gang discuss voices, other TTRPGs, and laughing at the idea Brennan can control any of them.
4 4 Playing in a Safe Space (with Erika Ishii) Link 2019-02-06 1:00:04
Erika Ishii and Brennan chat about honing social skills through DnD and building trust with players.
5 5 Being the Mean GM (with Noah Diamond) Link 2019-02-20 53:26
Noah Diamond and Brennan dig into overpowered magical items and what to do when PCs just wanna loot.
6 6 Finishing a Campaign (with Molly Ostertag) Link 2019-03-06 58:50
Molly Ostertag and Brennan get into the ethics of fudged dice rolls and why 5e is so queer-friendly.
7 7 Building Your Own Campaign Setting (with Matthew Mercer) Link 2019-03-20 56:28
Matthew Mercer and Brennan get into Harry Potter's rad world building and those tricky NPC accents.
8 8 Leveling Up (with Satine Phoenix) Link 2019-04-03 51:50
Satine Phoenix and Brennan chat about level splits, bending the rules, and letting your PCs fail.
9 9 What to Do With a Nat 20 (with B. Dave Walters) Link 2019-04-17 52:37
B. Dave Walters and Brennan talk about making twists more twisty and manifesting character traits.
10 10 Giving Yourself Permission to Feel (with Marisha Ray) Link 2019-05-01 50:36
Marisha Ray and Brennan tackle crying during gameplay and players with different ways of listening.
11 11 Playing a Cooperative Game (with Nick Marini) Link 2019-05-15 54:04
Nick Marini joins Brennan to talk about making characters to fit a world and being a flexible PC.
12 12 Healing Through D&D (with Krystina Arielle) Link 2019-05-29 47:50
Krystina Arielle joins Brennan to talk about playing as the nervous newbie and the experienced one.
13 13 Reunion with the Cast of Escape from the Bloodkeep Link 2019-06-12 1:05:56
Ify Nwadiwe, Amy Vorpahl, & Erika Ishii join Brennan to discuss the big moves & ships of the season.
14 14 Reunion with the Cast of Escape from the Bloodkeep Pt. 2 Link 2019-06-26 1"03:43
Matthew Mercer, Rekha, & Trapp join Brennan to discuss all the surprises and challenges of the show.
15 15 Introducing Horror to a Game (with Ivan Van Norman) Link 2019-07-10 51:33
Ivan Van Norman joins Brennan to discuss setting horror expectations and how to play traitorous pcs.
16 16 Finding Fun in Failure (with Siobhan Thompson) Link 2019-07-24 46:25
Siobhan Thompson joins Brennan to generate random characters and talk about The Unsleeping City.
17 17 Killing Off Characters (with Jack Covell) Link 2019-08-07 1:02:50
Jack Covell joins Brennan to talk about letting go and running campaigns without intense planning.
18 18 Storytelling as a Game Master (with Peter Warren) Link 2019-08-21 1:01:38
Peter Warren joins Brennan to discuss how studying screenwriting made them better DMs, & vice versa.

Office Hours[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
19 1 How to Prep for DMing a Campaign Session [ Link] 2019-11-14 23:49
Brennan is LIVE to tell you all about two exciting new series and answer your questions!
20 2 How to Build Compelling Characters [ Link] 2019-11-19 20:36
Introducing ADVENTURING ACADEMY: OFFICE HOURS, a new LIVE show from Brennan Lee Mulligan.
21 3 How to Plan for Encounters [ Link] 2019-12-03 30:02
Brennan Lee Mulligan's here to offer advice, answer questions, and tell you everything you need to know about running a tabletop RPG.
22 4 How to Bring the Party Together [ Link] 2019-12-17 33:00
In this episode of Adventuring Academy: Office Hours Brennan talks about building compelling characters, using character motivation as a GM and allowing yourself to become the true author of your campaign world!

Season 2[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
23 1 Balancing Comedy and Drama (with Freddie Wong) Link 2020-09-07 1:09:30
Freddie Wong joins Brennan to talk shifting tones, keeping stakes high, and the power of audio.
24 2 See Me in Six Months (with Aabria Iyengar) Link 2020-09-14 1:31:03
Brennan and Aabria talk about remote DMing, leaving room for improv, and how to fail.
25 3 Bardic Inspiration (with Omega Jones) Link 2020-09-21 1:33:40
Omega Jones (aka CriticalBard) joins Brennan to talk merging music with D&D and more.
26 4 The Joy of Mistakes (with Kelly Lynne D'Angelo) Link 2020-09-28 1:35:57
Kelly Lynne and Brennan talk storytelling, representation, and dungeoncrawling inside an octopus.
27 5 Fantasy Shapes Reality (with Jennifer Kretchmer) Link 2020-10-05 1:30:44
Jennifer and Brennan talk accessibility, communication, and the importance of breaks.
28 6 There are Grey Areas in Life (with Orion Black) Link 2020-10-12 1:34:55
Orion Black joins Brennan to talk actualplay vs. shows and more.
29 7 I'm Gonna Have to Prod You, Sparta-Style (with Alicia Marie) Link 2020-10-19 1:35:26
Alicia Marie joins Brennan to talk accessibility in gaming, overcoming social insecurity, and more.
30 8 Murph and Emily's Friend (with Caldwell Tanner) Link 2020-10-26 1:35:08
Caldwell Tanner joins Brennan, to discuss being Murph & Emily's friend and DMing.
31 9 No Introduction Needed (with Emily Axford) Link 2020-11-02 1:39:18
Emily joins Brennan to talk chaos, DMing, music, and more.
32 10 Leave the Table Better Than You Found It (with Honey and Dice) Link 2020-11-09 1:41:31
Honey and Dice joins Brennan to talk self-care, the intimidation of D&D, learning to say no.
33 11 Story Pirates Reunited (with Branson Reese) Link 2020-11-16 1:33:19
Rude Tales of Magic's Branson Reese joins Brennan to talk shop.
34 12 An IRL Paladin (with Tanya DePass) Link 2020-11-23 1:34:18
Tanya joins Brennan to discuss Into the Motherlands, TTRPGs, and more.
35 13 The Story of Now (with Deborah Ann Woll) Link 2020-11-30 1:48:53
Deborah joins Brennan to talk choices, rewriting your past, and wise villains.
36 14 Control the Narrative (with Jasmine Bhullar) Link 2020-12-07 1:28:52
Jasmine Bhullar joins Brennan to talk vile villains, running games on camera, and more.
37 15 Chasing Noises (with Becca Scott) Link 2020-12-14 1:33:37
Becca Scott joins Brennan to talk horror, one-shots, and Um Actually.
38 16 Animating Your Table (with Benjamin Scott) Link 2020-12-21 1:24:17
Benjamin Scott (aka Puffin Forest) joins Brennan to talk D&D, animation, and more.
39 17 Grand Design (with Gabriel Hicks) Link 2020-12-28 1:30:16
Game designer Gabe Hicks joins Brennan to talk about building & tweaking games and more.
40 18 Shout Out to Fluff (with Griffin McElroy) Link 2021-01-04 1:30:56
Griffin talks with Brennan about getting into 5e and finding what's important in storytelling.
41 19 Sincerity is the Key (with Travis McElroy) Link 2021-01-11 1:33:01
Travis joins Brennan to talk theater of the mind, player choices, and more.
42 20 You've Been Called (with Dael Kingsmill) Link 2021-01-18 1:33:15
Dael Kingsmill joins Brennan to talk homebrew, running games, and more.

Season 3[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
43 1 Artwork is 360 Degrees (with Carlos Luna) Link 2021-03-01 1:37:54
Carlos Luna joins Brennan to talk improv, D&D, and more.
44 2 What Does 'Ready' Mean? (with Zac Oyama) Link 2021-03-08 1:32:04
The Rotating Heroes' Podcast's Zac Oyama stops by to talk DMing, being ready, and more.
45 3 Represent (with Daniel Kwon) Link 2021-03-22 1:28:20
Daniel Kwan joins Brennan to talk representation, using TTRPGs to educate, and more.
46 4 Conflict Resolution (with LaTia Jacquise) Link 2021-04-05 1:32:49
LaTia joins Brennan to talk DMing vs. being a player character, Rivals of Waterdeep, and more.
47 5 Give People More Room (with Diana Gaeta) Link 2021-04-19 1:24:01
Diana Gaeta joins Brennan to talk writing, TTRPGs, and more!
48 6 Making Dinner for Friends (with Eric Silver) Link 2021-05-03 1:34:17
Join the Party's Eric Silver joins Brennan to talk dinner / DMing parallels and more.
49 7 TBD [ Link] 2021-04-12 TBD