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Season 1: A Crown of Candy[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
1 1 Are the Dice Scripted? Link 2020-04-08 1:29:06
The D20 cast discuss A Crown of Candy's premiere, Ally's clutch rolls, and more.
2 2 For the Corn Cuties! Link 2020-04-15 1:32:05
The D20 crew talk the history of corn cuties and debate the pros and cons of being a satyr.
3 3 Choices & Voices Link 2020-04-22 1:31:22
The gang discuss voices, other TTRPGs, and laughing at the idea Brennan can control any of them.
4 4 Zac's Big Day Link 2020-04-29 1:31:28
The D20 gang discuss clutch rolls, wise choices, and decompressing after intense sessions.
5 5 The Jeff Goldblum Episode Link 2020-05-06 1:32:21
The D20 gang discuss shocking plot developments and the erotic energy of Jeff Goldblum.
6 6 Welcome to Denny's Link 2020-05-13 1:29:41
After one of the most eventful episodes of Dimension 20 ever, the gang discuss hard choices and what ifs.
7 7 We've Got Ink On Our Hands Link 2020-05-20 1:29:39
The D20 gang discuss doing episodes without a full cast, The Goonies, and Ruby's big day.
8 8 War Crimes & Good Times Link 2020-05-27 1:36:42
The gang discuss new PCs, hot hands, mod appreciation, and mythological yeeting.
9 9 Slammed Down, Big-Style Link 2020-06-10 1:36:05
The gang discuss Lou's new sword, diner ice, and befriending monsters.
10 10 Soft Hugs Link 2020-06-17 1:30:26
The gang discuss Ally & Zac's bits, warm moments, and Tom Cruise's big perfect butt.
11 11 Twinned Down, Big Business-Style Link 2020-06-24 1:30:47
The gang discuss new PCs, grieving, and Beardsley family VHS rentals.
12 12 Choppy Skullduggery Link 2020-07-01 1:35:18
Rick Perry joins the gang to talk battlesets, secrets, and electric glue.
13 13 Dom or Be Dommed Link 2020-07-08 1:30:26
The gang talks inside jokes, Hunter Biden's Switch needs, and whether there's such a thing as "too much" mayo.
14 14 Rude Goldberg and Eartha Crit, Explained Link 2020-07-15 1:31:16
The D20 gang wears their glasses in the correct manner as they discuss party tension and music.
15 15 I Stan the Protestant Work Ethic! Link 2020-07-22 1:42:18
The gang discuss flashbacks, morality, and Zoom call shark fins.
16 16 Burt From Ohio, Thankyousomuch Link 2020-07-29 1:32:47
The gang discuss goose lightning, war tactics, and take questions from superfan Burt from Ohio.
17 17 The Wild Childs Link 2020-08-26 1:38:41
The D20 gang (minus Murph and Emily) talk about the ending of A Crown of Candy.

Season 2: Pirates of Leviathan[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
18 1 Look At All My Friends! Link 2020-10-15 1:26:27
The Pirates of Leviathan crew talks backstory and breaking Brennan's dang heart.
19 2 The Buccaneer Buddies Reunite Link 2020-10-22 1:45:51
The cast of Pirates of Leviathan reunite to share memories, goofs, and Um Actually challenges.

Season 3: The Unsleeping City: Chapter II[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
20 1 A Ferry Special Episode Link 2020-11-17 1:01:43
While discussing character journeys, Ally goes on an actual journey through NYC.
21 2 Bon Mots and Bánh Mìs Link 2020-11-24 1:17:37
The gang talk bagels, bon mots, and all things New York.
22 3 The Yellow M&M Is the Funniest Guy Alive Link 2020-12-08 1:14:58
Siobhan, Lou, Ally, and Brennan discuss the Yellow M&M, coffee orders, and more.
23 4 The Perfect Stack of Pancakes Link 2020-12-15 1:33:01
The gang talks ancient grains, pizza, and going way off the rails.
24 5 The Person Among Muppets Link 2020-12-22 1:34:03
The gang talks dangerous situations, Muppets, and soup.
25 6 Thinking About True Clowns Link 2021-01-05 1:32:29
Murph and Emily return! Ryan is revealed! And two episodes are recapped!
26 7 Character Assassination Link 2021-01-12 1:18:24
The gang talk Louisiana cuisine, texts from mom, and more.
27 8 #PrefluorideBoomers Link 2021-01-19 1:32:05
The gang talks pasta, pies, character assassination, and what they'd change in past campaigns.
28 9 The Bazathrax and Baby Podcast Link 2021-01-26 1:36:23
The gang discusses episode 11 of The Unsleeping City 2, and also giraffe biology.
29 10 This Show is Not Frasier Link 2021-02-02 1:33:02
The gang goes off the rails, talks eggs, and even answers a few questions.
30 11 Referral Code ZACOYAMA40MILLION Link 2021-02-09 1:38:14
The crew talk baked potatoes, Chinatown, and financial literacy.
31 12 Dog Singing and Flesh Papa Link 2021-02-16 1:02:45
The gang talks history, cereal, and more. Plus: the wildest ending in Adventuring Party history.
32 13 Intrepid Bunnies Link 2021-02-23 1:25:06
Would the gang ever revisit Calorum? What's the best burger? Watch to find the answers!
33 14 The Lou Show Link 2021-03-02 1:26:22
The gang talk what other PCs they'd want to play, leveling up, and Zoom filters.
34 15 I Really Miss Smelling My Friends Link 2021-03-09 1:20:51
The gang talks kelpies, NYC, and bad food. Spoilers for The King's Speech.
35 16 Cody, The Kids, and Lorne Michaels Link 2021-03-16 1:32:53
The Unsleeping City gang wraps up Chapter II.
36 17 Crew Edition Link 2021-03-23 1:59:39
The behind-the-scenes talent that made The Unsleeping City come together share some stories.

Season 4: Mice & Murder[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
37 1 Say Hi, Sylvan Sleuths! Link 2021-04-08 1:04:00
The Mice & Murder cast talk D&D experience, animals, and more.
38 2 Tisching All Over the Place Link 2021-04-15 49:57
The sleuth squad talk animated pizza, romance, and bad rolls.
39 3 The Donkey Vibe Link 2021-04-22 56:09
The sleuths talk about a very special nat 20, suspects, and what animals they would be.
40 4 Masculine Fertile Link 2021-04-29 51:54
The cast discuss Bambi's hot dad, sing "Turtle Soup", and talk about why bad rolls suck.
41 5 She Already Happened Link 2021-05-06 52:33
The cast talks Rekha's texts, the risk of death, and (theoretically) casting the Sylvan Sleuths.
42 6 The Roll that Broke Brennan Link 2021-05-13 52:00
The cast talks how "The Roll" changed the campaign, keeping secrets, and Muppets.
43 7 The Kevin Bacon of Crime Link 2021-05-20 49:35
The cast talks bathroom habits, laying pipe (as an idiom), and the many crimes of Grant O'Brien.
44 8 Fashion Show! Link 2021-05-27 51:27
The cast tries on some fun new outfits while discussing twists, combat, and classes.
45 9 Ass-Ass-I-Ate Link 2021-06-03 45:43
The cast discusses deciphering clues, watching fans solve the mystery, and more.
46 10 Farewell, Sylvan Sleuths! Link 2021-06-10 41:32
The cast talks spoilers and favorite moments from the finale of Mice & Murder.
47 11 Behind the Screams (Crew Edition) Link 2021-06-17 1:14:12
The behind-the-scenes people who made Mice & Murder talk minis, maps, editing, and more!

Season 5: Misfits and Magic[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
48 1 Cluck If You Buck Link 2021-07-01 33:27
Aabria and the magical misfits break down the events of episode 1.
49 2 True Facts About McDonald's Apple Pie Link 2021-07-08 41:06
The MisMag crew is here to talk house assignments, fast food, and more.
50 3 Wet Fire (and Bad News Brooms) Link 2021-07-15 47:20
The crew take a breather after the intense events of Episode 3 of Misfits and Magic.
51 4 That's the Squad Link 2021-07-22 38:22
The cast recaps their thoughts and feelings about the Misfits and Magic finale.
52 5 Everybody Put Their Little Stank On It Link 2021-07-29 1:17:49
Aabria is joined by the production crew to recap the joys of bringing Misfits and Magic to life.

Season 6: The Seven[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
53 1 I've Never Been in a Campaign That is Hornier Link 2021-08-19 38:56
Aabria, Erika, Rekha, Persephone, Becca, Izzy and Brennan, dripping, recap episode one.
54 2 How Was This All One Episode Link 2021-08-26 28:13
The cast dissects an action packed episode where they took the reins and called out scenes.
55 3 Schrödinger's Double Slit Link 2021-09-02 30:42
The cast marvels at some combat power gaming.
56 4 Party Fowl Link 2021-09-09 27:57
Brennan explains the time and place for a hard no, and the cast creates a new monster.
57 5 Everybody's In Freaking Mirrors Link 2021-09-16 35:02
An Adventuring Party first, as the cast makes a roll for plot information.
58 6 You Did a Murder, Girl Link 2021-09-23 44:29
The cast recaps "one of the most special Dimension 20 moments Brennan has ever been a part of".
59 7 Booger Lee Mulligan Link 2021-09-30 29:26
The cast harbors animosity towards Brennan after some challenging combat aboard The Rombosa.
60 8 There Is Nothing These Women Cannot Do Link 2021-10-07 37:25
The cast laments how Sia got cut for time from the story.
61 9 I Get This Insight Into How Your Nasty Little Mind Works Link 2021-10-14 21:09
The cast explores when the game mirrors reality.
62 10 The Ending of All Things Link 2021-10-21 50:48
The cast looks back on the entire season of The Seven.
63 11 Have You Heard of This Thing Called Talespire? Link 2021-10-28 1:02:43
The crew that made The Seven possible shares their proudest moments of the season.
64 12 We All Felt Like It Was Therapy with Brennan During This Game Link 2021-11-04 1:07:43
The cast of The Seven answers fan's questions about the season.

Season 7: Shriek Week[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
65 1 I Pretended to be a Wolf for Awhile as a Child Link 2021-11-11 29:34
Ify, Ally, Lily and Dani explain their monster choice and revisit some old college memories
66 2 Everyone Put a Finger Down If You Smelled a Chair Link 2021-11-18 30:44
The Shriek Week cast admits they thought they'd be doing a lot more flirting by now.
67 3 That’s The Beauty of D&D Link 2021-11-25 33:37
The cast talks Trolls and their character's futures.
68 4 I Wish I Had Bitten More People Link 2021-12-02 42:49
The cast looks back on a spooky season, and tries to figure out who their Muppet parents would be
69 5 Oh No, I’m In Love With Chupacabra Link 2021-12-09 55:15
The crew talks about the season's different art style approach and how hummus is not a snack.

Season 8: A Starstruck Odyssey[]

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Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
70 1 Our Tail Was Not Between Our Legs Link 2022-01-13 32:11
The Starstruck cast look back on being thrown into combat episode one.
71 2 Was That the Worst Social Interaction in D20 History? Link 2022-01-20 23:51
The Crew of Bozos dissects a monumentally bad conversation with an NPC.
72 3 The Ball Continues Rolling Up Link 2022-01-27 32:41
Brennan said this episode should be called "The Ball is Rolling Up" but we already did that, so.
73 4 The Chaos, the Chaos of this Episode Link 2022-02-03 22:09
The intrepid heroes try to touch on everything that happened in this wild episode
74 5 To Me, This Is a Perfect Battle Link 2022-02-10 24:14
The cast debriefs their epic escape from Rec 97.
75 6 Hot Dog Wrapped in Ham Link 2022-02-17 30:33
The Wurst crew ranks pork products and talks bad gigs.
76 7 We've Never Not Hot Exited Link 2022-02-24 27:41
The crew talks 90s collectibles and Smash n' Grab jobs Brennan enjoyed writing.
77 8 Cool, This Is Not Going to Go to Plan Link 2022-03-03 29:23
The gang chats about not running from a fight Brennan definitely thought they would run from.
78 9 No Heroes Link 2022-03-10 29:34
The gang talks Haunted Slots and what they think is in store for them at the Griivarr Worlds.
79 10 That's When the Slapping and Kissing Starts Link 2022-03-17 28:35
The gang talks about how cringe Zac rolling nat ones is.
80 11 Randomness Lets Something Amazing Happen Link 2022-03-24 29:50
The cast relishes in the unpredictable chaos of this campaign.
81 12 Prelude to the Tight Pony Episode Link 2022-03-31 26:55
The cast recaps an episode where they were on the offensive for once instead of on the run.
82 13 Riva Mάs Vegas Link 2022-04-07 25:37
Our heroes take inventory midway through their battle royale at Kubla-Cola Gladiatorial Arena.
83 14 TBD TBD 2022-04-14 TBD
84 15 TBD TBD 2022-04-21 TBD
85 16 TBD TBD 2022-04-28 TBD
86 17 TBD TBD 2022-05-05 TBD
87 18 TBD TBD 2022-05-12 TBD