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"I came here to FUCK!" ― Aelwyn Abernant

Aelwyn Abernant is a high elf abjuration wizard and the antagonizing older sister of Adaine Abernant. She goes to Hudol College, unlike her poor younger sister.

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Aelwyn is described as being perfect, prim, and proper. She wears a Hudol uniform, as that's where she attends school.

She is very antagonistic towards her younger sister and they have a strong rivalry, as Aelwyn is the favorite child of the family. However, deep down, she feels bad that their parents treat her as bad as they do. She also feels a deep sense of guilt for watching it happen their entire childhoods, but was too afraid of their parents to do anything about it. She suffered indirectly through her parents expectations and her fear of them. She's driven by her parents' expectations of her, and comes to work for the Nightmare King along with her mother.

Outside of school hours, she's a real party animal. The boys at Hudol who can't normally score women hire Aelwyn to come to their parties and provide drugs, liquor, and hot, sexy elemental cheerleaders for them to make out with.

Freshman Year[]

The Beginning Begins[]

Aelwyn is first introduced with the rest of the Abernant family as they sit around the breakfast table before the first day of school. When her father vaguely comments on the dreadful news about the death of the Elven Oracle, she rubs it in Adaine's face that she "gets the news on her crystal". She mocks Adaine for having to go to Aguefort instead of Hudol, but ends of throwing up over the table as Adaine casts Ray of Sickness on her.

Her father reveals the news about the Elven Oracle, and joins him in scolding Adaine when she says that the oracle must not have been any good if she didn't see the storm coming. It is later revealed that Aelwyn herself was responsible for sinking The Harpy.

She begins walking to school with her sister, who brings up their argument from breakfast. She tells Adaine that her spell was mean, and that the spells she casts are funnier and therefore different. Adaine attempts to cast another spell on her, Tasha's Hideous Laughter, but it backfires. Through her laughter, she threatens to learn spells and find friends for the sole purpose of helping her ruin Aelwyn's life. Aelwyn continues to mock her until Adaine attempts to punch her in the face.

When she misses, Aelwyn insults the violent nature of Aguefort and its students, sarcastically complimenting Adaine that she'd fit right in. Adaine throws another punch and misses, again. Aelwyn tells Adaine that she's trying to be a nice big sister for once, and advises her that Aguefort isn't the same as Hudol. They don't put the same weight into tests and academics as Hudol does, and that one of the best way to prove yourself to arcane societies was to steal a book from the restricted section on the first day of school. Adaine refuses any more of her "advice", and mocks her right back, saying she probably couldn't get into Aguefort if she tried, and they part ways. The advice about stealing a book is later revealed to be a ploy to get Adaine to remove "Watches and Wards" from the restricted section in order to free Kalvaxus, as Adaine had become the next Elven Oracle.

Cool Kids, Cold Case[]

In Episode 11, Aelwyn lies to her parents and tells them she is going out to study with Penelope Everpetal when actually she is going to a house party. Coincidentally, The Bad Kids (except for Adaine) get an invitation to the same house party at Ostentatia Wallace's house that is hosted by the Hudol Hellions. Aelwyn appears wearing a peach tied shirt and jean shorts and summons a bunch of elemental cheerleaders from Aguefort Adventuring Academy, but just after she grabs a bottle, smashes it over the head of a Hudol student and uses a Cantrip to drink the alcohol from the broken bottle. According to The Bad Kids, she seems to be acting "crazy" but not knowing this is just her way of "letting loose" all the stress she had from her parents. She then makes out with Fabian Seacaster then lays some dragon spice on his chest and snorts it. Riz takes a photo of Fabian and Aelwyn making out and sends it to Adaine, telling her to come to the party.

Enraged, Adaine rushes and arrives at the party and goes with Riz to spy on her sister who was just seen upstairs in a bedroom. They lurk outside the door and try to hear what is happening. Riz and Adaine overhear Aelwyn peer-pressuring Ostentatia into doing something. Adaine and Riz break down the door to find that Aelwyn has trapped Ostentatia in a palimpsest.

The Sisterly Showdown[]

In Episode 12, Aelwyn slows down time with a magic pocket-watch, later revealed to be Arthur Aguefort's, and The Bad Kids go into battle with her and her cheerleaders. In the middle of the fight, Gorgug was able to start time again after snatching the pocket-watch from an air-elemental Aguefort cheerleader, who was fighting over it with Aelwyn due to a successful use of Fig's Suggestion. After a long battle, Adaine finally takes down Aelwyn with a successful spell-cast of Tasha's Hideous Laughter. (This can be perceived as revenge for the first day of school, when Adaine tried to cast the same spell on her but failed.)

The Bad Kids restrain Aelwyn's hands in a complex way so that she can't cast magic and Adaine stuffs a sock in her mouth for extra precaution. In addition, Fig uses magic to make Aelwyn's stomach look chubby in front of the Hudol students, who are complementing Adaine on her use of Tasha's Hideous Laughter. They take the sock out of her mouth since it was impossible to understand her with the sock in and Aelwyn reveals that this is the first girl that she has trapped in a palimpsest. She refuses to tell Adaine who she is working for, as she literally cannot answer her .

One of the Hudol boys tells The Bad Kids that, although time was stopped, he could see that they put up a good fight in the seconds of the battle he saw. They ask him what is going on and he says that the girls at Hudol throw their own parties and have barriers that prevent divination spells, so the boys throw their own parties and, in order to not make the parties a literal "Sausage Festival," they pay Aelwyn to come to the parties to provide alcohol and create elemental cheerleaders so that the Hudol boys "may flirt with them and may kiss them on the mouth." Adaine takes out her crystal and records this information so that her parents will know that their daughter is misbehaving. But when Adaine asks the Hudol boy if this is against Hudol rules, they all disappear in a puff of smoke.

The Bad Kids call the police and Sklonda Gukgak. They arrive and put Aelwyn in handcuffs. However, Angwyn and Eilanwyn arrive on the scene and demand that Aelwyn be let out of custody due to her having 'diplomatic immunity'. Sklonda gets angry as they don't remember that she was just in their house a few hours ago and explains that 'diplomatic immunity' can be revoked if any members of the family don't feel safe around any certain family member. Adaine announces that she doesn't feel safe around Aelwyn, and with Aelwyn's 'diplomatic immunity' revoked, Sklonda throws her in the back of a police cruiser, tells Angwyn "suck my dick, fuck you" and Aelwyn is taken to jail.

Later on, Riz, Fabian, and Adaine all go to the Abernant home and search through Aelwyn's room. Under her bed they find money, guns, drugs, and handcuffs. Fabian takes a pair of handcuffs for himself, much to Adaine's and Riz's disgust. In her closet, they find a wooden replica of a boat and find out through Adaine's Identify Spell that it is a model of the boat called The Harpy, that was carrying the Elvin Oracle, and made of the wood from said ship. The boat is carved with runes surrounding the ship. They also find a spell that Aelwyn has made using notes from Adaine's divination textbook called Detect Maiden. This makes it apparent that Aelwyn was working with The Harvestmen and they fell back on her to trap the Maidens in the palimpsests once Johnny Spells and Coach Daybreak both died.

Aelwyn is visited in prison by Fig, disguised as Penelope, to discuss about the palimpsest. Aelwyn tells that the palimpsest is probably in an evidence locker somewhere. Fig then asks Aelwyn whether or not she thinks that "he" will be mad, to which she agrees. She offers to talk to him to please Aelwyn but messes up her cover a bit by asking where he lives. Aelwyn tells her that she doesn't know where he lives since (the real) Penelope can only get in contact with him. Fig then excuses herself to the bathroom, turns back into herself and escapes out the bathroom window.

Later on we find out that Aelwyn has been broken out of prison by Fallinel operatives, spurring a war between the two states. She is currently being held in prison in Fallinel, though Fabian intends to rescue her.

In Episode 15, it is revealed that Adaine is the elven oracle since she was the one who took "Watches and Wards" from the library on the first day. This shows Aelwyn's involvement in the conspiracy since she was the one who told Adaine to steal the book in the first place and she was the one who killed the previous elven oracle thus making sure that Adaine would be able to touch the book to remove the ward around the school.

Sophomore Year[]

Aelwyn in the Forest of the Nightmare King.

Aelwyn spends nearly a year trapped in Calethriel Tower where she is tortured by not being able to Trance. Since elves are immortal and do not need sleep, her life was not in danger but the exhaustion broke her spirit and mind to the point where she has trouble keeping track of reality. During this long period, Aelwyn reflects on the worst parts of herself, including her treatment of Adaine. This leaves her guilty and remorseful. Her change in attitude helped her mend her relationship with her sister when Adaine was captured and brought to Calethriel Tower. Adaine breaks her out with the help of Ayda Aguefort, Kristen Applebees, and Fig Faeth. They bring Aelwyn back to Kei Lumennura to help her recover.

The torture in Calethriel Tower broke Aelwyn's mind, so Adaine travels into it through Detect Thoughts. Among the wreckage of her mind, as well as the self-hatred Aelwyn had internalized over letting their parents step all over Adaine due to her fear of them, she finds a powerful abjuration spell protecting a version of her mind that Aelwyn was able to copy before the torture broke her. Adaine restores it, and Aelwyn returns to her old, antagonistic self.

While she's recovering physically, she is kept under a constant watch by Fig. She manages to escape, though, by summoning an elemental and disguising it as herself. She lures Fig outside away from the rest of the group then steals the ruby containing Gorthalax the Insatiable before teleporting away to Arborly. There, she meets up with her mother, and the two of them complete the ritual needed to travel into the Forest of the Nightmare King.

During the final battle, Adaine convinces Aelwyn to switch sides. Though they ended up winning the battle, Aelwyn was still left emotionally scarred from her experiences and has a long way to go from fully recovering. Upon returning to Elmvile, the two sisters are welcomed by Jawbone, start sharing a bunk bed in the tower and begin a new chapter in their relationship. Aelwyn also remembers that she did dragon spice off of Fabian's chest and asked him out, pointing out they both seem to have issues.


"And you're not going to get to [kill Aelwyn]. A sad ending to a sad chapter in a very sad book!" – Aelwyn to Adaine within the Ethereal Plane.

"It wouldn't be the first time you've failed a test." – Aelwyn to Adaine within the Ethereal Plane.

Despite all of the torment and tribulation, let this be proof, I always knew there was only one person clever enough to find this.” – Aelwyn's note to Adaine within her mind.


  • Brennan confirmed the official spelling of her name:
Abernant sp.png
  • The title of the episode "The Dangerous Mind of Aelwyn Abernant" has her name misspelled as "Aelwen".
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