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The Albino Alligators were minions of the Rat King and eventual summons of Kugrash.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring the Albino Alligators
The Unsleeping City


The Albino Alligators are a group of four albino alligators, who were originally faithful to the Rat King due to their hunger. One of them wishes to be a king. Another alligator has a smokey eye and desires to be on Broadway. The personalities of the other two alligators are unknown.


Scramble in the Sewers[]

The alligators fought The Dream Team in the New York Sewers at the command of the Rat King. One of the alligators had Crown of Madness cast on them by Misty Moore, revealing that they wish to be a king. Another one of the alligators who desires to be on Broadway was insulted by Misty who said they would never be a star. Misty also calls multiple of the alligators ugly. The alligators leave the sewers after Kugrash puts on the Crown of the Rat King and takes on the mantle of the Rat King.

Subway Skirmish[]

The alligators are summoned by Kugrash to help The Dream Team fight Epona Cirillo and the Crooked Cops. The alligator that Misty Moore said would never make it to Broadway appears with a smokey eye, glares at Misty still bitter about her comment. Misty then tells the alligator to send her their resume. As Kugrash casts Call Lightning the alligators are dispersed. Throughout the battle two of the alligators were killed by the Crooked Cops.


  • It's unknown as to which of the alligators were the ones killed by the Crooked Cops.