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Episode 14 of Dimension 20 LIVE or Episode 4 of Pirates of Leviathan, proceed at your own risk.

Alistair Ash is a teenage tiefling warlock from Leviathan.

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Episodes Featuring Alistair
Dimension 20 LIVE
Pirates of Leviathan


Alistair is a bright red tiefling and is very scrawny and malnourished. He wears a scarf and a lot of jangly jewelry. He smells like embers and brimstone, and something else that's familiar to Fabian, like a beard oil, even though he's clean shaven.

He was extremely loyal to his patron, Bill Seacaster, and by extension his son, Fabian. Alistair is not very self-aware, stating that he always forgets that the people he lies to have feelings, and he often spoke in a misleading manner without realizing it.


Alistair was a street urchin before he was introduced to the Cult of Old Bill, a group of warlocks who bought spells from Bill Seacaster in a sort of infernal pyramid scheme. He was very short on money because, as he explained, it cost 25 gold pieces to lease a cantrip for one month or 100 gold for five, spells cost 50 gold per spell level, and if you failed to pay, Bill would give a financial incentive to the other warlocks to find and kill you. Despite this, he was very enthusiastic about the deal as it didn't involve giving up your soul. He hosted bellini brunches as part of the referral program, since mimosa's are kind of overdone. He liked illusion magic and his favorite spell was disguise self.

Alistair met the Bad Kids when they arrived in Leviathan through the Maelstrom's Maw. Riz spotted him in the crowd when he reacted to Fabian announcing that he was Bill Seacaster's son. He attempted to hoodwink the bosun into giving them their van back by disguising some rocks as gold pieces. He then showed the party through Leviathan to the Gold Gardens.

Along their journey, it was considered multiple times that Alistair may be a half-sibling of Fabian's, as Bill Seacaster has likely slept with many demons on his travels. Alistair also idolizes Fabian and Bill and smells to Fabian like a very familiar beard oil. However, these are only indications that Bill is Alistair's patron as a warlock, as he later reveals to them as they pass through the city.

He was extremely starstruck by Fabian, and gathered the warlocks together, persuading them that Fabian would save them and lead them in a fight against Captain James Whitclaw. They carried Fabian to Crow's Keep for a party, and engaged in battle with Whitclaw's crew which ended disastrously. Most of the warlocks, including Alistair, were brutally murdered.

He worked as an intern for Bill Seacaster aboard The Goldenrod in Hell until the events of Pirates of Leviathan when he was summoned back to the material plane by Sunny Biscotto and Cheese Stormcrank using the Mutineer's Bell.

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