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An IRL Paladin is the twelfth episode of Adventuring Academy (Season 2). It features Tanya DePass as a guest.


Questions Answered[]

  • "I was wondering what aspect of tabletop games appeals to you the most and how your experience with TTRPGs differs from other games such as video games, et cetera."
  • "When talking about diverse games, whether video games or TTRPGs, a lot of emphasis is on the DM or company to diversify games to let POC especially WOC and other marginalized folks be heroes. But is there anything you can do as a player to help out at the table?"
  • "I'm a teacher and I've seen the skills from pedagogical training and DM-ing align pretty easily. For example, lesson planning is a lot like planning a session. You set an objective, an intro, some lecture, and some activity. Only instead of a dungeon and some dragons it's teaching them about cell respiration and human homeostasis. My question is this, what kinds of skills from outside of gaming have you seen useful as a GM or visa versa?"
  • "Hey, y'all, I'm a new GM and while I'm finding RP and ranking on the fly is coming naturally to me, I'm having a much harder time wrapping my head around battle mechanics. There's just so much to keep track of. Any advice for getting a handle on running battles with monsters and NPCs from the other side of the screen?"
  • "As a DM I try to do my best to make sure the settings I create are as diverse as possible. Do you have any tips on incorporating diversity into a genre like high fantasy where a traditional source material often excludes people of color, the LGBTQ plus community, and other marginalized groups?"
  • "How does one end a campaign? In the few years that I've been DM-ing, very few campaign's adventures have had a proper conclusion and instead they fizzled out of existence because of scheduling conflicts and lack of player interest to continue on. What are your methods in building a proper adventure without it dragging on for too long?"