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"Yeah, there's some cool prizes and stuff." Brennan Lee Mulligan

The Arcade Prizes are a collection of magical items stolen by the Bad Kids from the prize counter at the Elm Valley Mall Arcade.


The Bad Kids initially fail many times to find anything of value during their battle against Biz. As the party is heading towards the exit of the arcade after their victory, they once again investigate the prizes. This time, they are successful in finding the most magical and powerful items in stock. Coincidentally, there are six of them. Adaine uses the Identify spell to describe these items, which has been transcribed below.

Arcade Items[]

Name Claimed by Description
Sword of Shadows Riz Gukgak

(previously used by Fabian in combat during Arcade Ambush)

"Crafted by Tabaxi ninja in ages long past, the sword may summon the spirits of shadow warriors to help its owner go unmolested by assailants." Grants the user the use of the Misty Step spell once a day.

Teddy Bear of Helpfulness

Kristen Applebees "Forged by Gnomish warlocks in ages long past, the Teddy Bear of Helpfulness is able to focus on maintaining spell energy that usually requires a casters full concentration." Allows the user to cast a second simultaneous concentration spell.

Sneakers of Dunking

Fabian Seacaster "Forged from the heart of a dying star by seven elite fashion Magi who gave their life to complete the sneakers, these bad boys are wildly expensive, enable the wearer to jump ridiculous distances in a single bound." Allows the user to use advantage on athletics checks that involve jumping.

Headphones of Solitude

Gorgug Thistlespring "Crafted by Agatha the Lonely, these headphones adjure the wearer against any outside noise protecting them against arcane attacks of the sonic variety." Grants the user resistance to Thunder damage, and creatures have disadvantage on Charisma checks against the user.

Skateboard of Sickness

Fig Faeth "This rad deck was crafted by Dwarves deep in the pipes of Calimoria and grants the user not only swiftness but abilities to impress one's peers." Allows the user to dash as a bonus action in combat.

Mithril Snap Bracelet of Protection

Adaine Abernant "This absolutely gorgeous yet tasteful artifact was first given by Eladamri the Wise to her BFF, Llewellyn the Fair, when she was heading out of town for the weekend and Eladamri wanted to make sure she would be alright. As legend has it, she was." Grants the user +1 to AC and saving throws.


  • Peach [ tumblr|twitter ] created a homebrew sheet for each of these magic items! Solisian Magic Items
  • Adaine's Identify spell describes this as the best use of the Identify spell.