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Are the Dice Scripted? is the first episode of Adventuring Party. The main cast of Dimension 20 answers fan questions following the first episode of A Crown of Candy. However, this episode aired less than a week after the finale of Dimension 20 Live so the episode contains spoilers for Spring Break! I Believe in You! (Part 2).




Questions Asked[]

  • “How much of the campaign is planned ahead of time? It seems like you all have to start and the end planned, and then just figure out how you get there. I've never DMed before, so I'm not sure how much to do for a campaign.”
  • “No question, just a fan, enjoy seeing everyone stretch this season and play someone a little different. It's my favorite part of the player journey with TTRPGs, looking forward to the rest of the season, love the tone, keep up the amazing stuff, smiley emoji.”
  • “So how much of the backstory lore do the players know about before starting the campaign?”
  • “How old is Liam?”
  • “I loved the first episode, how did you all decide what kind of candy you were, and is there our genetical logic as to what type of candy you are born as?”
  • “Did Pete and Rowan ever become a thing after the epilogue in TUC, even for just a bit? Got some heavy vibes that I don't believe ever got resolved.”
  • “Was Emily's black nail polish and Siobhan's red, deliberate or just coincidental, either way, it was super cute?”
  • “Does Adaine fully dying impact her status as the Elven Oracle, is this something we might see the resolution of in season three?”
  • “Hey guys, wondering how you choose where you all sit in the dome each season, and how that affects the group dynamics. Love the show.”
  • “what do the people in Calorum eat?”
  • “So I gotta express the weight of the Ayda's representation in Fantasy High: Sophomore Year. As I heard of her autism I just began to hardcore ugly cry. As a person who struggles with that, it meant more to me than you know. What brought you to portray an autistic character? Also, does this season just take place in a fridge?”
  • “Hi guys, thank you so much for giving us light and something to look forward to in truly the grossest of times. My question is, what's the one D&D race/class you can never see yourselves playing as? For example, I'm a repeat offender of only playing spell casters, and wouldn't even know to begin with a fighter/barbarian, no disrespect to the beefy boys, but we're not made for each other. Hope you're staying safe, and sending you love.”
  • “When you are balancing encounters to be this dangerous, when you are balancing encounters to be this dangerous, do you throw CR, a.k.a. challenge rating out the window to go for the more realistic implications of a character taking an arrow, a sword, et cetera.”
  • “For Brennan, how long did it take you to build the lore for "A Crown of Candy", as an historian I find lore and history in fantasy worlds exceptionally amazing, and so far in one episode I am enraptured. As an aside, thank you to the entire cast for making such wonderful content that us folks can immerse ourselves in. I have had a really rough last four months, and the D20 gang have provided me with much needed refuge. Love and hugs.”
  • “Brennan and Siobhan re-bonding as sisters a preplanned thing, or spur of the moment of where the characters ended up in that moment?”