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Arthur and Marian Brown are Kingston Brown's grandparents and the owners of the bouquet needed to complete The Great Dragon of Bleecker Street's hoard.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Arthur and Marian
The Unsleeping City: Chapter II


Arthur and Marian are Kingston Brown's Grandparents. In the photo of their wedding at Ellis Island Arthur was wearing a tuxedo, while Marian was wearing a wedding dress and a veil. Not much is known about their personalities except for Marian being confident enough to punch someone in the face who was trying to steal from her, and that they were both in love with each other.


History Checks and Lost Dex[]

Ricky Matsui enters the photo memory of Arthur and Marian Brown's wedding to retrieve Marian's wedding bouquet to help complete The Great Dragon of Bleecker Street's hoard just after they have cut their wedding cake. Confused as to why a stranger has appeared at his wedding, Arthur comes up to Ricky and asks him if he needs any help. Ricky tells him that he needs one of the bouquets, and Arthur asks him is any bouquet is fine. Ricky realizes that he needs Marian's bouquet, and that's what he tells Arthur, also saying getting her bouquet is a matter of saving New York. Ricky then looks over to the guestbook for the wedding, realizing that this is the wedding of Kingston Brown's grandparents. After going over his options Ricky rips his shirt off and yells, "I'm the leprechaun of good luck! The Brown family will prosper forever!", and decides to try to take Marian's bouquet. But as Ricky tries to steal Marian's bouquet she punches him in the eye and tells him to leave her bouquet alone. Ricky uses his Gotham Timepiece to try to grab Marian's bouquet again, and succeeds this time with the help of Sebastian Sinclair, the band leader at the wedding and the great-grandfather of Esther Sinclair. Ricky then leaves the photo. Kingston jumps into the photo to get to Sofia Lee to cast Greater Restoration on her using the Holy Grail Detergent, but before he can exit the photo Arthur puts a hand on his back complementing Kingston's coat, the coat Arthur will buy three years from the day the photo was taken.

For the Hoard![]

All the photos on Ellis Island are mentioned to briefly come to life as The Dream Team were transported to Fairyland but Arthur and Marian's photo was not described.