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"I am looking at a lake of perfectly still, clear water. Unburdened-- it's a metaphor, hold on. You are completely unburdened by the weight and sorrow of intellect, your mind as empty and free of trappings or weight as anything I've ever seen. It's like staring at a clear, cloudless sky. Completely beautiful. I forbid you to ever read a single word of wizardry." ― Ayda to Gorgug Thistlespring

"Well whatever the case I, in my heart, feel deep down that, I too, am a 'low quality child.'" ― Ayda declaring herself as one of the Bad Kids

Ayda Aguefort (pronounced EYE-da) is a half-phoenix divination wizard and a librarian in the Compass Points Library in Leviathan. She is the daughter of Arthur Aguefort and girlfriend of Fig Faeth.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Ayda
Dimension 20 LIVE
Pirates of Leviathan


She is described as a resplendent and beautiful young woman, with a striking resemblance to Arthur Aguefort. From the knees down she has large, almost metallic golden talons, with digitigrade ankles. Her wings are deep red, turning orange, and as they reach yellow at the ends, flicker with little flames. She is noticeably not a harpy as she has has arms as well as wings. Her arms are tattooed with many orange runes. Her eyes are pupils set into roiling balls of flame. She has a short shock of fiery red hair at the top of her head.

She wears white linen pants with a pirate sash, a vest, and a bandolier which holds two scrolls. She also has two small books strapped under each arm where one might have guns. She has a tropical fish familiar that lives in a bubble of water named 'Garthy and Adaine the Fish', or G.A.F for short.

Ayda is autistic [1]and can be very hard to read as she often behaves in a very transactional way and uses blunt language. Her eyes being balls of fire doesn't help. She's a very intelligent and accomplished wizard, and takes pride in her work at the library, although gets lonely sometimes and is desperate for a friend. She is always looking to expand the library with new knowledge, and asks a lot of questions. Before meeting the Bad Kids, she was very lonely, and is now very excited to have so many transitive best friends.


Ayda has experienced multiple reincarnations due to her abilities as a half-phoenix. She has lived in Leviathan for around 150 years, but is over 300 years old. In one of Ayda's previous reincarnations, she adopted Garthy O'Brien as her child. Her current reincarnation is seventeen.

Her past reincarnations have left notes for her future selves to follow, as once she's reborn, she has no memories of her past lives. She previously believed herself to be only 175 years old, and has no idea what she did for the first 125 years of her life, as one of her incarnations destroyed all her notes in an attempt to start fresh. She regretted this decades later and began writing notes again.


Dimension 20 LIVE[]

Ayda meets the Bad Kids when they arrive at the Compass Points Library in Leviathan. She helps Adaine learn the pirate Sending spell for the going rate of 50 gold per spell level, for a total of 150 gold.

She is unwilling to help at first until they show her the note that Garthy sent with them. She finds the group 'tremendously bothersome', but recognizes that they have a lot to offer in the way of information and is transfixed by their strangeness. She answers the questions they have for her, revealing that she cannot see Kalina in the photo. They discuss the mystery behind who can see her, the complicated and confusing nature of magic, and her father.

Gorgug mentions that he thinks he could learn magic too, but Ayda is doubtful as she believes him to be simple, 'an enviable position'. He argues for his case, postulating, "What is a telescope but a spyglass pointed at the stars?" which she believes to be a riddle. After attempting to solve it for some time, she changes her mind about him, declaring him the 'greatest wizard of this age', as his clean-slate of a mind gives him an advantage over the cluttered, aged minds of other wizards. When Gorgug asks about books on wizardry for beginners, she forbids him from reading a single word of wizardry, and he promises, turning his attention to books on friendship instead.

When Fig disguises herself as Rawlins, the wizard from the front desk of the library, to steal a book on cursed gems, she runs into Ayda on her way out the back door. Fig tells her that she's on her way to her lunch break, and runs away, quicker than Ayda imagined Rawlins could run.

Ayda approaches Adaine as she finishes up learning the spell and hesitantly tells her to tell her father whatever she likes, as it's no concern of hers. Before Ayda leaves her, Adaine asks to be friends, as Ayda is desperate for one and she doesn't have any wizard friends of her own. She offers her Boggy to hold, which Ayda thinks is utterly fantastic, and when Adaine produces a tiny backpack for him from her jacket, she yells that he's too cute. Ayda compliments Adaine's spellwork, and Adaine offers to teach her the spell, Find Familiar. She calls Adaine one of the two greatest wizards of this age, along with Gorgug, and invites both of them back whenever they like. 

Fig dispells her Disguise Self in an attempt to make a joke about there being three greatest wizards, but when Ayda misunderstands and thinks Rawlins has just transformed into Fig, she puts the disguise back, as it would be too hard to explain. Ayda comments that he ought to run faster, to catch all the people that steal their books, and desperate to please her, Fig does so. 

In order to travel with her friends, Ayda intends to shrink the library down piece by piece to a portable size and take it away from Leviathan

After retrieving the Nightmare King's crown, Ayda asks The Bad Kids if she could return to Leviathan first. Upon arriving at the Compass Points Library in Leviathan, Ayda and The Bad Kids found both Arthur Aguefort and Garthy O'Brien waiting for them. Aguefort greets Ayda and tells her that he decided to reach out to her after he heard that she wished to connect with him. Ayda nervously greets Aguefort and introduces Fig to him as her girlfriend, to which Aguefort playfully teases Fig for "snogging the headmaster's daughter." Aguefort tells Ayda that although he's not a present man, he does love her in his own fashion. Arthur then gifts Ayda a magical key that allows her to instantly travel between the Compass Points Library and Mordred Manor in Solace, which would allow Ayda to visit Fig and the Bad Kids in Solace and keep her entire library within Leviathan. Ayda then takes Aguefort aside and they share a private heart-to-heart.

College Visit (RTX @ Home Live)[]

After visiting Astral State University, the Bad Kids see Ayda waiting for them in Mordred Manor after finishing a day's work in the Compass Points Library. Ayda had to briefly redirect a pirate back to Leviathan after he accidentally walked into Mordred Manor through Ayda's magical door. Ayda greets Fig upon her return and sees her feather taped onto Fig's floating Ioun Stone. Ayda compliments Fig by saying that she looked like a flapper.

Pirates of Leviathan[]

Ayda meets Cheese on his boat while the rest of the Buccaneer Buddies are still celebrating winning the battle against Alamaria and Langley Sheffield-Harrington. She apologizes to Cheese for not receiving Marcid's letter sooner and for missing the battle as she has split her time between maintaining the Compass Points Library on Leviathan and spending time with her rockstar girlfriend in Solace. Ayda asks to see Cheese's trapper keeper and notes that he's stuttering and acting nervous around her. Ayda comforts Cheese by telling him that she also gets nervous a lot and hopes he's not nervous around her.

Ayda tells Cheese that she heard of his story and praises him for his current objective to travel to rescue his older brother, Spaulding. Ayda asks Cheese if he has any family left on Leviathan, and Cheese thinks momentarily before responding that he doesn't. Ayda then casts a spell which would make it impossible for Cheese's parents to search for, harass, and be unkind towards him and Spaulding in the future.

Ayda gifts Cheese with a large spell book, much to Cheese's delight and surprise, and tells him that the Compass Points Library will be waiting for him whenever he is ready. Ayda then tells Cheese that she considers him to be her friend and she hopes that he considers her to be a friend as well before she says goodbye and flies off.

Boys' Night! (Roll20Con)[]

Ayda joins Fig, Adaine, Kristen, and the Maidens on their quest to fight and kill a gorgon.


Arthur Aguefort[]

Arthur is Ayda's father. They do not appear to have a relationship, but Ayda finds herself moved when Fig untruthfully tells her that he talks of her constantly. Before the Bad Kids leave the Compass Points Library, Ayda asks Adaine to tell her father whatever she wants, showing that she's may still care for him, but is not totally sure how to feel about him. When the Bad Kids tell Arthur that they had been working with Ayda, he says that he hadn't talked to her in a while and that he had forgotten many of her birthdays. He later explained to Gorgug that 300 years ago, a version of Ayda told him never to contact her again.

Adaine Abernant[]

Ayda meets Adaine in the Compass Points Library when she arrives with the rest of the Bad Kids. Adaine is the first to point out that Ayda is a full person to Fig when she believes her to be the creature she paid Arthur Aguefort to create for her, and reminds the party several times that they're being rude as they refer to her as such. She communicates very kindly and clearly with Ayda, but her initial focus and insistence on learning the Sending spell causes Ayda to misjudge her.

Adaine later offers to be her friend, as Ayda is desperate for one and she doesn't have any wizard friends of her own. She offers Boggy for Ayda to hold, which she appreciates very much as Boggy is very cute. She even produces a tiny backpack for him out of her jacket for her, which makes him even cuter. When Ayda compliments her casting, Adaine also offers to teach Ayda to cast Find Familiar herself, and the two become friends. She calls Adaine one of the two greatest wizards of this age, along with Gorgug, and invites both of them back whenever they like. Ayda names her familiar, a fish, after her.

Fig Faeth[]

Ayda meets Fig along with the rest of the Bad Kids when they arrive at the Compass Points Library. Their relationship does not seem to start off well as Fig initially believes her to be the creature that she paid Arthur Aguefort to create for her. She offers Ayda food as a gift, which Ayda declines and takes as an insult, saying she doesn't like being in debt to people. Later at the Compass Points Library, Fig casts Disguise Self and becomes Rawlins so she could steal a book about gems for research on how to free Gorthalax from the ruby. Ayda mistook Fig as Rawlins and asked what he was doing. Fig as Rawlins claimed that he was on his lunch break and then started to sprint away from Ayda to avoid the conversation. Fig later dispelled her Disguise Self as Rawlins in front of Ayda, which confused Ayda as she thought Rawlins was using Disguise Self to disguise himself as Fig. Fig then disguised herself again as Rawlins to avoid explaining that she was deceiving Ayda before. Ayda tells Fig as Rawlins to get back to work. Desperate to impress Ayda, Fig as Rawlins starts to sprints again.

Ayda joins the Bad Kids' mission to rescue Adaine in Fallinel and teleports them to Kei Lumennura. Ayda asks Fig if they're transitive best friends because they both consider themselves to be Adaine's best friend, in which Fig agrees that they are transitive best friends. Ayda becomes emotional, starts crying, and flies away. Ayda accompanies Fig and Kristen in their mission to rescue Adaine from Calethriel Tower while the rest of the Bad Kids and the hirelings went to destroy the magical pylons powering the tower. She asks for Fig and Kristen's consent to hug them, casts Invisibility on the three of them, and flies them towards the tower. On their way to the tower, the girls saw Ayda's father Arthur Aguefort emerge from Calethriel Tower as a 300 foot giant and lead an army of terra-cotta Arthur Agueforts to war against the elven government. Ayda is shocked upon seeing her father and nervously asked Fig and Kristen if they thought Arthur noticed her. Fig answers by saying that Arthur probably didn't see her but only because of the high effectiveness of her Invisibility spell. Ayda is touched by Fig's sweet compliment.

When they arrived at Calethriel Tower, Fig casted Disguise Self and disguised herself as Arthur Aguefort and attempted to intimidate Adaine's captors into giving Adaine to her as Arthur Aguefort and avoid fighting. Fig's disguise catches Ayda off-guard and causes distress for Ayda in the battle in the tower. In the beginning of the battle, Fig was forced to attack Ayda as Arthur Aguefort due to Angwyn's Instinctive Charm reaction. After being attacked by Fig disguised as Arthur Aguefort, Ayda began to profusely apologize to Fig since she mistakenly thought that her father was present and actually attacking her. Fig profusely apologized as well to Ayda and tried to assure Ayda that it was actually her and not her father. Fig was also targeted by Angwyn's Dominate Person but was Counterspelled by Ayda. Fig thanked Ayda and offered to help work out her issues with Arthur Aguefort later.

Ayda and Fig grow closer in Kei Lumennura after the Bad Kids successfully rescue Adaine and Aelwyn. The two complimented each others' strengths and bonded over how they're both invulnerable to fire. Ayda appreciated having more female friends like Fig around and told Fig that she was cool and kind. Fig asks Ayda to stay and keep hanging out with her and the Bad Kids, which Ayda agrees to do. They decide to have a sleepover together and spend the night talking to each other.

During the Bad Kids' shrimp party in Arborly, Ayda brings Fig to a tree overlooking the briar patches and confesses her feelings for Fig. Fig initiates two kisses as herself and Ayda initiates one. Fig and Ayda make out in the woods for an hour. Before leaving to shrink the Compass Points Library, Ayda proclaims she will research the Plane Shift spell before shrinking her library in order to see Fig sooner and gives Fig her feather so that could summon her. Fig rips off an earring cuff and gives it to Ayda as a gesture.

Garthy O'Brien[]

Garthy is a close friend of Ayda's, though not much is known about their relationship. They are the one who sent the Bad Kids to Ayda. Ayda is initially unwilling to help the Bad Kids, but the note that Garthy gave them convinces her to do so. Ayda names her familiar, a fish, after them. Garthy reveals in the season finale of the live show that Ayda's previous incarnation was their mother, which is why they chose to raise any future reincarnations of Ayda.


"By the transitive property are we best friends?"

"Fantastic. I grow richer by the day. I'm emotional."

"I'm not a baby. I'm an adult." ― Ayda to Kristen Applebees

"Being mistaken about the nature of something and discovering its true nature is one of my favorite things in the world to do."

"By the Nine Winds and the Seven Stars, and all the secret names of the earth and beyond, I shall see you again. This is my vow." ― Ayda Aguefort to Fig Faeth

"If I don’t smell Fig’s hair again, I’m going to incinerate."

"Life is significantly better around you all." ― Ayda to The Bad Kids

"These devils don't likely know that Fig is a wizard's paramour. They don't know the horrible mistake they've made. They don't know of the terrible vengeance that will be brought down on their head...If I had thought ahead I would have sent missives to all the planes of the great wheel that the wizard Ayda Aguefort had come into the contact of a paramour and that none should harm her lest they face the wrath of a wizard...I don't hold a personal vendetta against the devils. I don't want to torture them or to teach them a lesson, I'm just going to unravel them. I'm just going to take them apart into their component ideas and discard them at the edge of time and space."

"Look it's simple, there are lots of magic that devils just won't be expecting. You know you can use their true name and again, I just want them, I don't just want them gone from reality, I want the space they occupied in reality to be gone as well."

"I’m going to flood Hell! This is the top and it only goes down from here."

"Mister The Insatiable, I don’t care whether you want me to date your daughter or not, but I hope you like me." ― Ayda Aguefort to Gorthalax the Insatiable

"GOT 'EM!"

"It's a wizard's role to fly past the edges of reality, and yet the joy I feel when I'm with you staggers even the imagination of one who would call the wind and seas to their aid." ― Ayda to Fig

"An exquisite feedback loop of positive reinforcement. What a powerful structure...I love you." ― Ayda to Fig



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