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"You know what they say about minotaurs with big horns... They don't have fingers!" ― Barbarella Sasparilla Gainglynn

Barbarella "Bob" Sasparilla Gainglynn is a resident of Leviathan and a virtuoso performer and singer at the Gold Gardens. She is played by Krystina Arielle.


"As the curtains start to part, you see a very buxom lady standing on the stage and she's got these gorgeous golden wings and a dress that got gold and black and it goes down and it almost looks like the colors are swimming together. It's really delightful, as the spotlight comes up you see Barberella, that’s me, but you can call me Bob. (She begins to sing.)" Krystina Arielle



Bob is an aasimar with beautiful, large golden wings that she treats as an accessory most of the time.[1] She wears a floor-length, sparkly gold and black dress.






  • "Sasparilla" is inspired by the Sasparilla from School House Rock,[2] influenced by an afternoon long binge. "Gainglynn" is a combination of Krystina's Dad and Stepdad's last names, "Gaines" and "Glenn".[3] And she wanted to go by "Bob"... because it's really fun to say.[4]
  • Krystina's favorite pirate in "real life" is Pippi Longstocking.[5]
  • The inspiration for Bob's character began as a character voice in Krystina's head during session zero. Her story soon followed! [6]
  • Each of the songs that Bob sings during each session is made up on-the-spot by Krystina![7]
  • Krystina has put together a playlist for Bob, available on Apple Music and Spotify.[8]


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