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Bardic Inspiration is the third episode of Adventuring Academy (Season 2). It features Omega Jones (CriticalBard) as a guest.


Questions Answered[]

  • “What advice would you have for someone who is playing in a group that the group is not that big into RP, but they themselves love RP. If I do the voice that I know is right for the character I'm playing, I know that I'll be the only one doing a parentheses bad voice. How do you balance different play styles between a group of friends so that everyone is enjoying playing?”
  • "I know music can make the setting and tone clear, but where do you believe the best D&D music comes from? I would love to incorporate into my campaigns, but I feel like I can't find the right music."
  • “How do you balance slash effectively collaborate with your players on world-building as a DM?”
  • "Hey Brennan, one of my least favorite aspects of DMing is running shopping segments, as it's a hassle to come up with a handful of shopkeeper NPCs and their wares on the fly. And it always grinds the pace of the adventure to a halt. However, I know it's an important way to reward players and let them spend all the gold they've earned. Do you have any alternatives to the standard shopping experience that would satisfy both me and my players?"
  • "What's the best way of putting flashbacks into sessions for the PCs? And how do you prep for them?"
  • "My party has a fair split of shy and outgoing players. How can I, as a player, encourage shyer party members to jump in more often? Or should I respect that they don't want to, or aren't comfortable speaking up as much?"