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"[placing hands together and bowing] Hell yeah." ― Bean

"You could fit so much stuff on those crumbs." ― Bean, about the Ritz cracker crumbs left by Dylan Little

Bean is a Bittyfolk Moocher who trained as a monk in the Watermelon Temple. He is played by Griffin McElroy.

Griffin McElroy, posing with... nothing, just posing. Where is Bean's mini, Griffin.


"His name is Bean, not the Rowan Atkinson character. Although now that I've said that we probably have do have to pay Mr. Atkinson a certain amount of money. [...] And he is an outdoors Bittyfolk. [...] [He looks like] kind of a younger dude. He, for reasons that will probably be revealed in just a moment, wears mostly natural, organic stuff. Not like hemp, but like a banana peel sort of part as a robe. And he is probably, yeah probably a younger guy. I don't know what the life expectancy of Bittyfolk, but for him-- (Justin: Three days.)-- for the outdoors ones I imagine it's not much more than that because of, you know, birds and stuff." Griffin McElroy

Bean is a Moocher monk who, in human-terms, is a younger guy in his late-teens.

He wears part of a banana as a robe and carries a Q-Tip as a staff.

Character art details


Bean trained as a monk at the Watermelon Temple in the Heap under Master Buttons. He was a scavenger who often left the safety of the Heap to find food for his community.


Big Little Crimes[]

Bean is first introduced one night as he spots some delicious Ritz cracker crumbs sitting on a fern in the yard outside the Heap. When he leaps up to collect them, Dylan Little, a little boy who lives in the house at 4 Thimble Lane, sees him. He had set the crumbs out in hopes of attracting one of the little people he'd seen in and around the house, and upon meeting Bean, offers him more than just the crumbs. Bean happily accepts.

Dylan gives him a ride back to the Heap and sets five whole Ritz crackers out for the rest of the Heapers. He asks Bean about life as a Bittyfolk, and Bean explains how it isn't easy, as the world isn't made for them— birds, spiders, rain, and recently, Dylan's father overturning the Heap, destroying most of his home. At this news, Dylan bursts into tears.

Before Dylan leaves again, he asks Bean to keep an eye out for a toy he's lost: a Car-Mo-Bot. Bean is not so eager to agree this time, as he has a lot of his own troubles to worry about, but he assures Dylan he'll try. Considering that revealing all the information about Bittyfolk that he has perhaps wasn't the wisest move, Bean asks if Dylan plans to squish them. Dylan assures him he won't, but suggests maybe getting a hat with a little light on it, as he doesn't always watch where he steps.


Dylan Little[]

A child who lives at 4 Thimble Lane. Bean is the first to make contact with humans as Dylan catches sight of him when he retrieves the Ritz cracker crumbs Dylan left out. Although he is an enormous being in relation to Bean, his generosity with food earns him Bean's trust, and he becomes a sort of an inside man to provide them with whatever they need from inside the house.


Big Little Crimes[]

  • What's a fruit roll up? How do you roll up a fruit?
  • [...] We do go on adventures, mostly avoiding birds and spiders and rain— oh, rain's real bad.


  • Ritz crackers are his weakness.
  • Gallagher is his worst enemy.
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