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"Um, I'm so sorry, I know you wanna hit me with that axe or whatever because you're like, I don't know, you hate change, but Pete's here now and a lot's gonna change." ― Becky, before turning Ricky Matsui into a dog

"Come on, we've been fictional for so long. We get to be real today. Won't you let us be real?" ― Becky, to Sofia Lee before being killed by her

Becky is a dream entity from Nod and leader of the bugsters and dream insectoids that attempted to invade the Waking World.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Becky
The Unsleeping City


As a resident of Nod, Becky was a chimeric insectoid whose form fixed into a wasp centaur woman wearing glasses and a crop top when she entered the waking world. She used her phone to contact all the other bugsters in the area.


A New York Wedding[]

The War of Bugs and Rats[]

After tricking Pete the Plug from granting access to the Waking World as the Vox Phantasma, Becky and the rest of the hoard begin gentrifying the neighborhoods of New York.

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