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Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 15 of Fantasy High, proceed at your own risk.

"I shall leap into hell and kill the Devil himself!" ― William "Bill" Seacaster[source]

"He's his own my darling man boy!" ― Bill Seacaster about his son, Fabian

William "Old Bill" Seacaster is a great adventurer with a great deal of fame who clearly made his wealth and his name in "heroic", while others call "nefarious", dealings. He is the father of Fabian Seacaster.

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Fantasy High
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Pirates of Leviathan


He is the most pirate-y pirate you've ever seen. He wears a tri-corner hat, an eye patch, and a long coat, with a saber at his side.

Bill Seacaster is a very loud, intense, and volatile person. He takes pride in who he is and is not ashamed of the way he amassed his wealth. He is a pirate, and takes offence when people suggest otherwise, because of what he's done to get the title. He is extremely fond of his son and re-lives his adventuring days vicariously through him. He compliments him often, though this high praise tends to set very high expectations for him as well, which puts a strain on their otherwise very loving relationship.

He's rich enough that he can hire cars to drive around for him. One such car, which is seen when he picks Fabian up from school during After the Afterlife, is a long, red, gilded hot rod with multiple engines, and at the front, a figurehead of a woman holding a trident.

He had not received much schooling. He does not speak a word of elvish and is not a man of letters.

He is very liberal when it comes to society's rules about treating children. When the Bad Kids visited Seacaster Manor, Bill offered Fabian's friends alcohol and snuff powder and kept them up all night drinking and singing sea shanties, not allowing them to go to sleep.

Bill does not hold much respect for society's laws, seeing them as a fiction invented by the weak to annoy and harass the powerful. He asserts that there is only one law in the world, the law of the blade.



Bill didn't grow up with proper schooling like Fabian did, though he did have some, as he mentions killing his own father when he was in 1st grade. His father was the first person he ever saw die as he stabbed a dagger through his ribs for talking to him out the side of his mouth.

Captain of the Hangman[]

William Seacaster was the pirate captain of the ship known as the Hangman. He sailed the Celestine Sea for many years, gaining his wide-known reputation as the greatest pirate who ever lived, and making many enemies, such as Captain James Whitclaw.

During his time as captain, Bill often found himself on the floating pirate city of Leviathan. On one such occasion, Bill murdered the pirate king, beheaded him, and pinned his head by the tongue to the mast in the center of town. Killing the pirate king would have made Bill the next in line, but instead, he declared that Leviathan and the pirates who lived there would rule themselves. The city honored his words until after his death, when Captain James Whitclaw attempted to crown himself king during the Bad Kids' sophomore year adventure.


Hallariel was the one that cut out his eye, and he fell to his knee and proposed on the spot. They decided to settle down and start a family, and Bill retired to Solace, where a national policy would give him total amnesty for his past crimes and allow him to become a citizen. He dragged his ship ashore and turned it into Seacaster Manor, where he would live until his death.

Freshman Year[]

The Beginning Begins[]

Bill Seacaster is first introduced as he joins his son, Fabian, who practicing fencing on their patio before his first day of freshman year at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. Although he had never gone to school as a child, he advises Fabian on what to do once he gets there: find the biggest, meanest person around and "drive your fist, hard and strong, right into his stomach, and bring him to his knee". He then presents Fabian with a red and white letterman's jacket for Aguefort's bloodrush team, the Owlbears. He explains that he's made a bribe to the coach, Coach Daybreak, to ensure he makes the team, but agrees that Fabian would make the team on pure merit anyway, and that tryouts were just a formality for other students.

After the Afterlife[]

Bill arrives at Aguefort Adventuring Academy to pick Fabian up after the fight against Doreen and the Corn Ooze. He steps out of the long hot rod and greet Fabian with pride, asking if he fought with honor. He jokes that he should have fought to win, but Fabian isn't into it and asks to just go home. Bill suggests going downtown to tell people about his exploits, but Fabian doesn't want to. He asks Bill about the first time he saw someone die, and Bill tells him about the time he killed his own father. He threatens Fabian, saying he'll put him in the ground before he'll let Fabian kill him.

Bill has also helped in training The Bad Kids after their fight at The Black Pit.

In Episode 11, Bill is seen making a deal with Mr. Hughes for a large sum of gold.

In Episode 12, Adaine accidentally discloses that Fabian has been calling his father "a privateer," when discussing about him to others. This is perhaps because of the slightest speck of shame Fabian feels to the term "pirate" due to it being somewhat uncivilized. Ever since then, the relationship between Bill and Fabian was strained. Later Fabian asks Bill about the Harpy which he reveals to be Kalvaxus's ship.

In Episode 15, when he outwardly claimed that his friends made him "soft," the two began to fight, and with swift left-hook blows, Fabian manages to knock his father out cold.

Despite the strained relationship between the both of them, Bill has always been incredibly proud of Fabian, and sees himself in his son. Though as the series progresses, he comes to a realization that he and his son aren't as alike as he thinks they are, since his son "leads" the Bad Kids (as they all agree to have a Democracy instead of an actual leader) through kindness instead of fear like how Bill lead his own pirate crew.

During the attack on Seacaster Manor, Fabian finds his father, having cuffed his wrist to a bedpost in order to stay upright, surrounded by scores of Harvestmen corpses. We learn during his death that the deals he had been making with Mr. Hughes were for him to be KVX Bank's new palimpsest supplier. Proving himself his father's son, Fabian put's his sword through his father's chest, granting him a true pirate's end. Bill gives Fabian his eyepatch and his sword before being exploded by his own enchanted coat that he had commissioned from Madam Silvaine. His final words are invoking his oath to leap into Hell to kill the devil himself, referencing back to an earlier promise made in Episode 7.

In Episode 17, Fabian visits Bill in hell and learns that he has gotten his crew that has died to help him in his conquest of hell. He expresses his pride in Fabian and then turns Kalvaxus into a ship before riding it into the pits of hell.

Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 15 of Dimension 20 LIVE, proceed at your own risk.

Sophomore Year: Having Fun in Hell[]

Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn[]

Gorthalax tells Fabian that Bill is having a blast in Hell. In a fight with a chain monster (possibly Kaistrana the Chained), his arms and legs were ripped off, but he was able to stab the monster with just his disembodied arm. He stitched himself back together with chains and is doing just great.

When the Bad Kids reach Leviathan, they are told by Alistair Ash that Bill had managed to kill some sort of devil prince in Hell and set himself up as a warlock patron. His pact appears to be a sort of infernal pyramid scheme, with spells costing 25 gold pieces to lease a cantrip for one month or 100 gold for five, spells cost 50 gold per spell level, with financial incentives for bringing other people on board.

While in The Bottomless Pit, the Hangman reaches out to Bill Seacaster for help. He shows up disguised as a devil during Gorthalax's trial and enforces 'The Law of the Blade' stabbing Vraz the Mean in the face. The crew escape on the ship made from Kalvaxus's carcass, now called "The Goldenrod." Fig and Riz then directed Bill to take them to the Iron City of Dis and rescue Pok Gukgak.

However, the Goldenrod came under fire and was shot at by Vraz the Mean, Kaistrana the Chained, and Lorzug the Impaled as they tried to escape to the city. It was at this moment that the remaining Bad Kids, the hirelings, and Ayda arrived on the Goldenrod after Ayda was able to successfully Plane Shift them to hell. Bill was astounded to see Fabian again.

Episode 15 begins with Bill, the Bad Kids, the hirelings, Ayda, and Gilear facing off against cannon fire as directed by Vraz the Mean, Kaistrana the Chained, and Lorzug the Impaled. Bill took his first turn on the initiative to shoot Gilear and instantly kill him, to everyone's shock.


Fabian Seacaster[]

Bill's only son. They are extremely fond of each other and voice this often to each other. Bill is very supportive of his son, but this support is often expressed as high expectations for Fabian to become as great a man as he was. As Fabian forms his own adventuring party and begins to mature into his own person, their relationship becomes a bit strained. Bill still lives somewhat vicariously through his son's heroic deeds at school, and protests and scolds him very loudly on matters of Fabian's life he disagrees with, such as the fact that he's not the "captain" of his adventuring party.

Throughout everything, they still love each other very much. They make amends (to a point) when Fabian beats him unconscious in his jail cell after he and the rest of the Bad Kids are arrested. Later, as he dies from his injuries in a burning Seacaster Manor, Bill admires the strength it took to knock him out and concedes that he admires the mutual respect Fabian has with his party, admitting he himself had never achieved that. Bill admitted that he had thought Fabian would be just like him, he to live vicariously though his son. He latter realized that Fabian is his own person and will become an even better adventurer and person, something he tells Fabian he is immensely proud of. Fabian stabs his father through the heart as a symbolic gesture, as Bill had killed his own father.

They continue to have an amicable relationship into Fabian's sophomore year. Fabian misses his father dearly, Bill is proud of the new man Fabian's become, and they're both overjoyed to see each other again when the Bad Kids go to Hell.

Hallariel Seacaster[]

Bill's wife. He fell in love instantly when they first met, impressed by her swordsmanship. He is faithful to her to the end of his life, and even kills her next partner as a way to defend her honor from beyond the grave.

Cult of Old Bill[]

As a devil-prince of Hell, Bill has the power to grant beings in the mortal plane magic and spells to become warlocks. He has a unique way of doing by charging gold in exchange for the powers, instead of their souls. His followers revere him highly because of this, and feel it's an honor to be granted magic by such a legend. Once they die, he charges them more gold to make them new bodies, so that they may serve as his crew on his ship, the Goldenrod, as they pillage Hell.

Gilear Faeth[]

Hallariel's next partner after Bill's death. Upon first seeing him in Hell, Bill shoots him, killing him completely. He's brought back to life by Kristen Applebees, and Bill makes Gilear promise to defend his wife from any others that may "look askance" at her. He agrees.


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