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Billy Frumpshire is a wizard in Vertiq Alley.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Billy
Misfits and Magic


Billy is a little gnome.


The Chosen Ones[]

After arriving in Vertiq Alley, the Magical Misfits converse with Headmistress Boudicca Philtrum of Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts. Evan Kelmp wonders what kind of services the school will be offering, and working off her knowledge of Harry Potter, Dream assumes they'll be getting their supplies and then going off to a whimsical academy to have grand adventures. She brings it up to the Headmistress when asked how she knows this, but Philtrum seems not to know what Harry Potter or movies are. When Dream attempts to get a baseline for what she does or doesn't know about, she brings up Billie Eilish, and the Headmistress points to Billy as they walk by.

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