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"Don't worry about him. He's got a little bit of a...... shell. Emotionally." ― Biz to Riz Gukgak about Shellford Turtleperson

Biz Glitterdew is a former senior at Aguefort Adventuring Academy and the head of the A.V. club.

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Biz is a chubby little pixie with butterfly wings. He has a spike of hair and long sideburns. He wears thick glasses, a graphic t-shirt with an 8-bit design on it, and Chuck Taylor/Converse style sneakers.

He is extremely nerdy and very unpopular, and his personality leaves a lot to be desired. He sees himself as "a really good guy" who "has a lot to offer", and doesn't understand why girls would want to go out with guys like Johnny Spells, but as Adaine Abernant points out multiple times, he consistently disrespects women and feels entitled to their affection. This is a large part of his motivation in working with Kalvaxus in capturing the Maidens.


After the Afterlife[]

During an assembly following the deaths of Doreen, Mr. Gibbons, and Professor Aguefort, Vice Principal Goldenhoard explains that the school will be implementing new security features and introduces Biz to the student body. Biz says he's pumped to be addressing the "coolest student body in Elmville" since the A.V. club typically only does behind-the-scenes work. Riz Gukgak is the only one who cheers in support, and Biz immediately latches onto the attention, seeing Riz as a close friend from then on, despite Riz's not-so-subtle hesitations to actually befriend him.

Biz explains that the school will be installing dream crystals to record audio (clairaudience) and video (clairvoyance), essentially functioning as security cameras, to monitor the school. When a couple students protest this, including Riz, Fig Faeth, and the "Police State" Kid, Biz reassures them that it's actually super cool and offers to show them how it works. Fabian attempts to start up another round of applause to quiet him, but it only confuses the students as to whether or not he's supportive of the cameras.

Adaine Abernant asks if the crystals could potentially be tampered with through magical means, and Biz answers that only very skilled technicians would be able to. Adaine suggests that a member of the faculty could do so, and the rest of the Bad Kids shush her, telling her it might be a better idea to ask him about that later.

Riz visits him after the assembly to find out more about the security camera system. Delighted to see him, he pulls a business card out of his bag and happily accepts one back from Riz. The exchange leaves Riz embarrassed that this is how he comes off to people, but Biz is excited for a new friend. Riz asks him about the club, and Biz explains that they don't necessarily have a faculty advisor. They had to get permission from Principal Aguefort and Vice Principal Goldenhoard, and Coach Daybreak stops in often since they record the bloodrush games.

He asks Riz if he's looking to join the club, as they'll have orientation tomorrow with tons of people coming. Skrank Douglas chimes in to agree, and Biz excuses himself for not introducing his "boys", Skrank and Shellford Turtleperson, sooner. He explains that Shellford is the "bad boy" of the club, and that he's got a bit of an emotional "shell". Since he's a turtle. Get it?

After spotting Penelope Everpetal standing outside through one of the surveillance screens, Riz tells the club how great it was to meet them, and attempts to leave. Eager to make conversation with his new friend, Biz asks him if he plays any games. Riz says he likes mystery games, and Biz suggests that his nickname could be "Sherlock". Riz quickly excuses himself.

In Episode 5, The Bad Kids "hire" Biz to work on the palimpsest that they stole from Johnny Spells which contains Sam Nightingale inside it with the promise of him being the "Hacker-Man" of the adventuring party. In this episode, he also shows a romantic interest in Adaine Abernant which she is extremely against since he is shown to be a "Nice Guy" even calling her "m'lady" or other variations of it at multiple points during the series. Biz stays off of school at his mom (Bubble Glitterdew)'s home for the majority of the next few weeks working on this palimpsest for The Bad Kids.

His assistance came to an abrupt end when he was attacked and sent to the hospital by Coach Daybreak with the palimpsest containing Sam Nightingale. Fig and Riz sneak into the hospital to talk to him and he reveals the person that attacked him not only got the palimpsest but also was wearing a scarecrow mask and sweatpants.

After Zelda, got sucked into a palimpsest, they were able to retrieve it and came to him for help. They arrived at the new arcade, taking the power source created by Gorgug's parents. However, after seeing Penny Luckstone and the other girls (excluding Zelda) within these arcade games, Riz finds out that Biz was working for Kalvaxus to transport the missing girls to the A.V club of the Aguefort Adventuring Academy, leading Riz to pull his gun out in front of him and all the players roll for initiative.

In Episode 14, Biz uses some form of dark magic to rise an army of nerds who died playing the arcade games, despite it just opening. However, he was defeated by Riz and the others, but sadly they couldn't save any of the girls. They torture him for a bit and got some information from him, but it is revealed that he had his memory modified by Aelwyn Abernant so they can't really get any new information out of him.

He was arrested separately after the cops arrived to arrest The Bad Kids for the murder of Johnny Spells.


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