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Bucky, Bricker and Cork Applebees are Kristen Applebee's younger brothers. Their school starts later than Aguefort Adventuring Academy does.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring the boys
Fantasy High
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They are described as loud, eccentric and most likely have no idea about how messed up their religion is. At least one of them likes to stick crayons up his nose.


The Beginning Begins[]

They are introduced when their mother, Donna, scolds Bricker for taking his father, Mac's, halberd. On their way to school, the youngest of them, Cork, tells Kristen he thinks she's cool for going to 'Venturer's school and asks her if she's going to fight a dragon, foreshadowing the final battle. She pulls a crayon out of his nose.

Family in Flames[]

When Kristen returns back to her house, she sees that one of her brothers is bleeding out and another is said to be knocked out unconscious during the fight.

Sophomores Start[]

After Kristen moves into Mordred Manor for her sophomore year and receives her cut of Kalvaxus's dragon hoard, she goes to their house and leaves them a bag of gold before embarking on her adventure, but doesn't go to see them.

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