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Calethriel Tower is an elven prison in Fallinel, located at the southeast of the capital of Stellemere and immediately north of Kei Lumennura.

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The Tower[]

Calethriel Tower consists of a courtyard surrounded by a high wall, which is connected to a large tower. The tower is more than 160 feet high, and likely has around 13-15 floors. There is a vault on the first floor, and at least one floor has multiple orb rooms. Presumably, the tower also has a kitchen and dining area, though food could also be magicked in, as it's never specified where it comes from.

The courtyard is beautiful with smooth rounded marble flagstones set into the garden. It's a very large, meditative place.


Calethriel Tower is maximum security, though very few elven mages are actually on site for defense. Once an unauthorized spell has been cast, automatic Counterspells ring off and an alarm sounds. As it does, arches of magical runes that are built into the stone of the wall turn into doorways, and dozens of mages step through. The tower is also defended by spell-crafted, tree-like automata that act as soldiers.

Strong defenses require enormous amounts of magical power, so instead of using the mages own energy to power "permanent" magical defenses, they are powered by two magical pylons located away from the tower.


The tower has at least one bedroom, furnished with a bed and several chairs.

Prisoners are held in large, white marble chambers lit with a silvery ambient light. The walls glow with protective runes. In the room sits a 15-foot diameter transparent orb which prisoners are kept inside. The interior is soft and does not hurt to be inside, but the orb rotates slowly and constantly, so that they may not sleep or trance. The orbs are created with a 5th level spell, and can be dispelled by a successful Dispel Magic.

Each room has a fairly large window, big enough for several people to fit through at a time.

The Vault[]

On the ground floor of the tower is a vault where confiscated items are kept. It is locked down when an alarm goes off. Items inside include(d):


The tower was built as a place of mourning for the ancient widow, Calethriel. 500 years ago, her husband sailed in great wars against the humans of High Court and died.

It now functions as the headquarters of the Court of Stars.

After the events of Fantasy High, Aelwyn Abernant is imprisoned at Calethriel Tower and kept captive there until her rescue. As the Bad Kids are fighting Captain James Whitclaw in the Row and the Ruction on Leviathan, four mages, including Angwyn Abernant, appear to retrieve the Elven Oracle, Angwyn's youngest daughter, Adaine. Adaine surrenders to them to spare her friends the trouble of having to fight them, and she is taken to the tower as well.

Soon after, the Bad Kids arrive to rescue her and Aelwyn. During their escape, Fig Faeth casts Shatter on the large gem inside the vault, which causes the tower to collapse.