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Cannon Court is a dwarven and gnomish neighborhood in Leviathan located three levels below decks.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Cannon Court
Dimension 20 LIVE
Pirates of Leviathan


Cannon Court is a strange, subterranean neighborhood modeled after a dwarven city. It's built with the remains of shipwrecks and hollowed-out hulls in large, public chambers and civic centers. It's a big mechanical neighborhood where all the cannons of Leviathan are made. The streets are full of moving chains and conveyor chain belts of buckets of water and coal moving to and from various foundries, furnaces, and smelters. There is also a stockade where two gnomes, Milo and Winnie, notorious gossipers, are frequently found.

The home of the Stormcrank family is located in Cannon Court. Cannonball High is presumably also located here.


Leviathan Rock City[]

While travelling through with Alistair Ash, Riz is grabbed and threatened by a racist dwarven pirate with a braided double beard decorated with firecrackers. Assuming that Riz means to eat him, he holds a pistol to Riz's mouth and asks if he's hungry. Fig disguises herself as the dwarf himself, and the group successfully convinces him that Riz already ate him and that he's dead, which scares him into committing suicide by jumping through a porthole and off the ship. This makes the group realize they're extremely out of place, not in their progressive homeland anymore, and Adaine pulls a tricorn hat out of her jacket.

A Heaping Helping of Trouble[]

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