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"There is unrest in the house. I do not trust what is happening there." ― Car-Go to Charger

Car-Go Jones is one of Dylan Little's Car-Mo-Bots, gone rogue in order to take down Felix Flick. He is played by Travis McElroy.

Travis McElroy, posing with Car-Go's mini.


"Yeah, so, my character is a guy named Car-Go Jones. And Car-Go Jones, when in car form, is a wood-sided, like 1970s station wagon. And then when he's, you know, when he's in automaton form, in robot form, he's more shaped like, you know, like human kinda shaped, but still with the wood paneling. Like kind of a cream and gold style overall color. And he is an older style toy. How much do you wanna know about him? You wanna know his hopes, his dreams, his loves, his hates? [...] I would say the only other thing to know is that he's a, you know, a toy but has been in the family for a while." Travis McElroy

Car-Go Jones is a Car-Mo-Bot toy belonging to Dylan Little. He's very straight and narrow, and believes strongly in doing the right thing, including taking down oppressive Bittyfolk authority figures and especially when it concerns the children of the Little's household. He cares a lot for his child, and values the power of a child's love.

As a car, Car-Go takes the form of an old-fashioned 1970s station wagon, complete with wood paneling. As a robot, he has a cream and gold color scheme. He wields a tailpipe as a rapier that comes out of his wrist when he transforms.

Character art details


Car-Go has been with the Littles for a long time. Before he was Dylan's toy, he was Max's.


Big Little Crimes[]

Car-Go is first introduced as he meets Charger, another one of Dylan Little's Car-Mo-Bot toys, outside the house in the storm drain. He expresses his concerns to Charger about Felix Flick and the danger he poses to both Dylan and his older brother, Max. Charger is very dismissive and urges Car-Go that even though he's been with the family for a long time, he shouldn't be asking so many questions, especially in regards to a recently-missing roll of quarters. As soon as Car-Go asks what he means by such a statement, a group of Stewards arrives in toy cars powered by fairy dust, including Felix Flick and his brother, Marty. Boomer Coleoptera is among the muscle that arrives, and as he steps out of the car, Car-Go catches a flash of silver in the backseat.

Felix requests that Charger be paid, and when Marty admits he doesn't have the payment, he defers to one of his henchmen, Speed. Furious that Speed would betray Dylan, Car-Go lunges to attack. He scratches the paint over one of Speed's headlight eyes. Felix commands Boomer to tie Car-Go up, and Boomer does so, however reluctantly. Car-Go attempts to appeal to his better nature, but Boomer obeys, claiming that it's nothing personal because he needs the money.

Car-Go attempts to transform and escape before he can be tied up, but Boomer easily picks him up, mid-transformation and completely incapacitated. For attacking one of his men and attempting to escape, Felix threatens to melt Car-Go's face off with a cigarette lighter so that he can't become sentient, but Minetta, his "girlfriend", leaps out of the car to protest. Felix obliges her this time, but tells Boomer to toss him over the edge into the sewer instead.

As Boomer takes him to the edge, Car-Go pleads for him to let him go. Boomer over-acts and encourages Car-Go to do the same in order to sell it better. He gives acting advice in finding something truly scary to call back to, but they really are on the clock here as Felix tells him to get on with it. As they look down into the dark sewer below, they spot a chunk of old wood floating along the water. Boomer not to subtly hints that Car-Go should hitch a ride, and as Felix leaves with Marty, they spot him handing Marty a dossier. Then it's over the edge into the darkness he goes, but not before one last wink at Minetta.


The Tiny Thieves[]

Boomer Coleoptera[]

A member of Felix Flick's gang who works as muscle. He and Car-Go have had a few run-ins in the past when Boomer has been sent out to put an end to Car-Go's snooping. He knows that Car-Go is an honest man, though, and much like the rest of his job, he isn't fond of what Felix tells him to do, so when he's told to throw Car-Go down the storm drain to drown, Boomer takes pity on him. Similarly, Car-Go knows that Boomer isn't suited to the violent life he leads, and pleads with him to let him live. Boomer later joins Car-Go's mission as an inside man to steal the roll of quarters and take down Felix Flick.

Rick Diggins[]

A Clicko Man action figure and a fellow member of the Tiny Thieves. Car-Go is the one who found Rick in the Littles' car and rescued him, so Car-Go is the only being in the world that Rick cares about at all, however little that feeling is. Still, he feels honor-bound to protect him when possible, though this may just be part of The Supreme Man's heroic nature.

Dylan Little[]

Felix Flick[]



• According to DM Brennan Lee Mulligan, Car-Go has a soul and "will be judged by our Father in heaven."

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