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"Hot! Ohhhh, vulnerable. Also hot!" ― Carie Zatrial

Carie Zatrial is a senior at Aguefort Adventuring Academy and an involved member of the theater department.

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Carie is a tiefling who is described as being very hot. He has purple skin, big purple horns, and a little flop of hair. He wears a deep V-neck and a scarf, which forms a perfect triangle on his chest.

He is heavily involved in the theater department and is usually cast in the male leading roles. Hargis deeply admires him.


Carie is first introduced during Aguefort's 24-hour theater production of "The Northside Story". He lands the role of Barkas, the male lead, which does not surprise him. Later, when he is talking to Mr. Pepper about his lines, Hargis and Adaine approach Iris Clark as part of a ruse to cast Identify on her wig. He's sitting really cool, but when he spots Hargis, he puts his hand to Mr. Pepper's chest, mutters a awed "watch", and stares, transfixed.

As Hargis fights Occularia and his real goliath voice comes out, Carie thinks it's hot, and when Hargis swings and misses completely on a Nat 1, Carie comments that he's vulnerable, which is also hot. He sees Fabian attempt to jump off a papier-mâché stalagmite and do a flip, but his foot goes right through, and Carie recognizes him as the kid who couldn't jump on tables.

In the silence of their victory, Carie stands up and begins a slow clap. He approaches Hargis and says his suggestion that he play a genderbent Dordara as a replacement is inspired. He also tells Hargis that he knows he's the right person for the role, and that they should talk about doing their on-stage kiss... "without thumbs".

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