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Episode 15 of A Crown of Candy, proceed at your own risk.

Catherine Ghee is a milkmaid commoner from the Dairy Islands and King Amethar's first wife. They married during the Ravening War when he was 24 years old. 

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A Crown of Candy


Catherine is a milk maid who milks milk cows for a living.


During the Ravening War, Amethar of Candia, a prince at the time, met Catherine in the West Isles of the Dairy Islands. They hit it off and were soon married by Father Belford Buttercream. However, they lost touch during the war. After the war ended Amethar sent scouts to The Diary Islands to search for Catherine and bring her to Castle Candy, but the scouts failed to find her. This was because when Catherine heard that there were Candian scouts searching for her, she mistakenly believed that they were seeking to assassinate her. As a result, Catherine chose to go into hiding and she and Amethar never reunited.

At some point, Catherine gave birth to Saccharina, Amethar's firstborn daughter and first heir to the Candian throne, unbeknownst to Amethar's knowledge. Catherine continued to go into hiding with Saccharina in The Dairy Islands until she grew sick. Catherine eventually decided to leave Saccharina behind at The Abbey of the Shimmering Cream before she succumbed to her illness and died. She was buried in a small grave on the Isle of Crumble in the West Isles of The Dairy Islands, in a graveyard of a Bulbian church.

Because King Amethar of House Rocks could not find Catherine after the war ended, their marriage was never annulled before he could wed then Duchess of Meringue, Caramelinda. This lack of annulment is what Pontifex Belizabeth Brassica used against Amethar to dethrone him as King and turn Candia into a nation at war with the Concord.

When Amethar tells Captain Annabelle Cheddar about his marriage on their way back to Candia, Annabelle assures him that they'll do what they can to help him find her again and set things straight.


  • Her last name is a reference to ghee, a class of clarified butter that originated in ancient India.
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