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Ceresia is the grain nation located along the eastern edge of Calorum. It is currently a republic run by the Ceresian Senate, though was briefly an imperatorship ruled by Imperator Augustus Ciabatta.


  • Pangranos
  • Butter Lake
  • Sea of Pasta
  • Imperial March
  • Great Dunes of Grain


Ceresia is the most populous land of Calorum. It is heavily inspired by Ancient Rome, both the Republic and the Empire, with a senate, Graeco-Roman architecture, togas and laurel wreaths, and an Imperator. Their native language is Ceresian.

Government and Religion[]

Ceresia's government is very unstable and constantly fluctuates between an ineffective democracy and a destructive imperatorship, and has even previously been a monarchy. Some dynasties of Imperators have lasted a dozen generations or more, and it is generally accepted that the Ceresian Senators are corrupt.

During times of republic, full citizenship is based on land ownership.


During the Ravening War, Imperator Focaccia led Ceresian forces against the nations of Candia, Fructera, and the Dairy Islands. Focaccia was killed outside the capital of Pangranos by Gustavo Uvano, who became Concordant Emperor.

In the year 1215, Gustavo passed away before his successor could be officially instated. His daughter, Lady Plumbeline Uvano, falsely claimed that Gustavo had named Senator Augustus Ciabatta, thereby definitively eliminating him as a candidate as it was proven to be a lie upon Saint Citrina's Book of Leaves. Still power hungry, Ciabatta used blackmail stolen from Archbishop Fettucina Alfredi to assassinate his political opposition back home in Ceresia, and he rose to power as Imperator.

As Imperator, Ciabatta allied Ceresia's armies with Lord Calroy Cruller and the soldiers of Muffinfield in order to stage a coup against House Rocks. As part of this alliance, Calroy would receive the title of Governor as Candia was absorbed into Ceresia as a province. In the wake of the collapse of the Concord and tensions between the nations of Ceresia, Fructera, and Vegetania rose, Ciabatta, Lady Plumbeline, and the Pontifex Belizabeth Brassica all agreed to meet with Lord Calroy Cruller at Castle Candy to discuss the terms of a new Concord.

However, before this meeting could take place, House Rocks and allies in Queen Saccharina of House Frostwhip, House Jawbreaker, the Dairy Islands, among others, arrived to wage war. Ciabatta and his forces were defeated, and the nation returned to its former state as a republic.


  • Sugary breakfast cereals would be located in Ceresia, but likely on the coast of the Dairy Sea, and near the border of Candia.
  • The name Ceresia comes from Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture.
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