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Charity Blythe is a member of The Ministry of Adventuring and Antiope Jones's new boss.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Charity
The Seven


Charity is a thin human woman with her hair in a tight blonde bun with a pencil through it. She wears a pencil skirt, a sharp blazer, and walking glasses. She works for The Ministry of Adventuring and is the one who offered Antiope Jones her internship.


At a party around twelve years prior to the start of the campaign, Lola Embers witnessed an argument between Charity and Tectonya Karkovnya at a party, over a bill not being granted. More recently Charity came into contact with Karl Cleaver due to him having once been good friends with Tectonya and that Charity was hoping to find out where Tectonya had disappeared to from him. She has also been friends of the Jones family, specifically Hector and Athena, offering their youngest daughter, Antiope an internship with The Ministry of Adventuring.


Party of Seven[]

Hector and Athena Jones let Antiope know that Charity offered her an internship in Bastion City with The Ministry of Adventuring.

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