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"You know what? I let fear rule me my entire life. Fear of being too small, too scrawny, too soft. It's infected every part of my life and it's dominated me. It has been my king, but there are no kings here. No kings for this captain." ― Cheese to Alamaria

Cheese Stormcrank is a young boy living on Leviathan who scavenges for things in order to learn how to become a wizard. He is played by Carlos Luna.


"'Yeah, I guess if I had to you know, describe myself. You know, I'm a thinker, I'm a planner. You know, I carry my, my keeper everywhere I got my little trapper keeper and Velcro sticky.' I think the camera pans over and shows like all his little trinkets on his shelf like carefully placed, like little figures, like pirate figures facing each other about to do combat. Two orbs that are used for like arcane focus are also there. They're put together like a yo yo. And he's in his shorts and his shirt from Cannonball High, which has like a mascot on it and his pirate coat and hat that are two sizes too big for him are on his bedpost as he looks up." Carlos Luna



Cheese wears an oversized tricorn hat and captains coat, which belonged to his older brother, Spaulding.


After his brother died, Cheese began working odd jobs around Leviathan as a source of income, which he now does in order to single-handedly support his terrible parents.[1]


A design board put together by Carlos as a reference for Cheese's character art: https://twitter.com/CarlosCrits/status/1301342949716799488


The Buccaneer Buddies[]

Marcid the Typhoon[]

The muscle and enforcer for the Crescent Moon Trading Company. After Cheese steals the Daughter of Storms from right under their noses, Langley Sheffield-Harrington orders Marcid to hunt him down and kill him, which he happily does. Using his Hunter's Mark, he follows Cheese to Jack Brakkow's house in the Bilge, where he bursts through the wall and knocks Cheese out with a single (non-lethal!) strike.

Jack Brakkow[]

The first member of The Buccaneer Buddies that Cheese formally meets as he escapes the Foundry with the Daughter of Storms. Cheese is extremely wary of Jack as he hears songs on the wind of Jack's curse, and observes other residents of the Bilge retreat to their houses in fear as he approaches. Nevertheless, Jack is kind to and protective of Cheese: he offers him the only chair when he brings him back to his house, and places himself in front of Cheese when he hears suspicious voices outside.

Sunny Biscotto[]

Fitlock and Keydum Stormcrank[]

Cheese's terrible parents. They rely on Cheese as their sole source of income as they go out on dates every night. They're not a fan of his efforts to learn magic and complain that he's not as good a son as his brother, Spaulding was. Spaulding was definitely the favorite.

Spaulding Stormcrank[]

Cheese's older brother. They appear to have had a very close, loving relationship; Cheese wears his hat and coat, and has a photo in his room of himself sitting on his brother's lap.



  • Cheese's name comes from an old nickname of Carlos's. He and his father shared the same name, so everyone called him "Chispo", meaning "Little Spark". Most people misinterpreted this as "Cheeseball", and soon everyone was calling him "Cheese". Even though he wouldn't normally write himself into a character like that, the idea of a the tiniest little out of place gnome boy who is literally a "Spark" surrounded by a "Leviathan of water" and "criminals", fit too well.[2]
  • Carlos's favorite "real life" pirate is Ren from The Pirates of Dark Water.[3]
  • After creating Cheese's character, Carlos came up with a design board as an artist reference, stating that he wanted to make something fun, recognizable, and that anyone could cosplay without hours and hours of work and money.[4]
  • Despite being a School of Necromancy Wizard, at no point does Cheese use any of his subclass features.


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