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Choppy Skullduggery is the twelfth episode of Adventuring Party. The main cast of Dimension 20 answers fan questions following the twelfth episode of A Crown of Candy.




  • Rick Perry


Questions Asked[]

  • “Rick motherfucking Perry, you and your team do the most beautiful work every season, but this season the craftsmanship is out of this world. What got you into creating sets, and how did you start working with Dimension 20?”
  • "what was it like whomping Brennan so hard that he physically takes a step back?"
  • "Thanks for answering my art question last week. You mentioned that artists work off the minis so now I ask you, Brennan and also Rick, what does Rick and the team work off of? Obviously the PCs will be there and have their descriptions provided, but for NPCs does Brennan give a list to Rick and his team of who might be there? How much freedom do they have in the creative process? P.S., the minis are so beautiful, heart emoji."
  • "Hey, I just wanted to point out how far Ally has come in Dimension 20 from dying in their first fight to dealing 84 points of damage in one round. This is signed, Twinks for Thompson."
  • "Question for the master of props, Rick Perry. Have you ever spent time adding some detail to a set you thought the players would love and it got totally ignored?"
  • "What a great episode! This is the second time that you all have had to adjust to new party dynamics after having two pre-established dynamics, one pre-Cumulous and one pre-Saccharina. How did that feel? What was one of your favorite parts of this combat that came from finding that new dynamic?"
  • "for Lou, what was your intention, or I guess what was Amethar's intention behind telling Grissini that Jet was dead immediately before laying into him? Were you trying to turn him to your side or just make him sad?"
  • "Shoutout to Rick Perry and much love for everyone top to bottom. Question for Rick Perry, do you have a favorite set piece?"
  • "Did any of you watch "Big Business" after last week's talkback?"