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Coach Daybreak is the former coach of the Owlbears, Aguefort Adventuring Academy's bloodrush team. He is also a devout follower of Helio and attends church with Kristen Applebees.

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Daybreak is a human fighter who wears sweatpants and a baseball cap, and a whistle around his neck. He carries a giant spear glowing with holy light.

He is very enthusiastic about bloodrush and thinks highly of his players, calling them his "boys" and appreciates team players, no matter how good at the sport someone may be. He is extremely religious and is very supportive of Kristen, though he reveals later that he's very homophobic and intolerant of non-believers. His faith is very conservative, like Kristen's parents, and believes she should cut people out her life who are condemned to hell, instead of sharing the word of Helio with them as Kristen might do.


The Beginning Begins[]

Coach Daybreak is first introduced as he approaches Dayne Blayde and Ragh Barkrock, two of his players on the bloodrush team. He greets them enthusiastically and spots Kristen Applebees in the crowd. He greets her, and she is knocked to the ground by Zayn Darkshadow. Daybreak helps pick her belongings up again and tells Zayn to beat it, and he turns into a could of bats and flies away. Daybreak explains that Zayn is a weird kid, and that he'd just been kicked out of the drama department and is taking it kind of hard. He tells Kristen that he's glad she's here and offers his help for anything that she might need. They part ways with a "praise be to Helio".

Later that day during bloodrush tryouts, he meets Fabian Seacaster, who introduces himself to the team as Bill Seacaster's son. Daybreak's jaw is set as the players look to him for a reaction, and Dayne mentions he knows who that is: the richest guy in town and a pirate. Fabian corrects him, saying his father is not a pirate but a privateer. Ragh tries to mock him for using big words he doesn't know, but Daybreak interjects, saying, rather resentfully, that the national amnesty of Solace forgives Bill's action. Even if he may still be benefiting from what he did outside Solace to earn that money, it's all in the past.

Daybreak starts tryouts with running drills, which Fabian aces. He's impressed, but wants to see how he does throwing, and he sets up a scrimmage. Instead of passing, however, Fabian runs to the other side of the field all by himself and scores. The other players are upset he didn't pass, and Daybreak tells him to hit the showers. When Fabian realizes none of the other players are leaving too, Daybreak tells him he's not on the team. Fabian gets upset and brings up the bribe his father made. Daybreak yells at him to watch what he says. He tells Fabian that he's got a big mouth and no heart, and that he'll never be an Owlbear. Fabian gets defensive and Daybreak hands him a slip for detention. Daybreak emphasizes that he can have all the tricks in the world, but it won't mean anything if he can't work as a team. Fabian brushes him off.

Later, when the students of Aguefort are forming their first adventuring parties together, Daybreak approaches Kristen Applebees and asks who she thinks she'd like to team up with. She surprises him by answering that she'd like to be with people who haven't found religion yet. He tries to argue that she might be happier around a bunch of kids who are like her, but she argues that it's just a big echo chamber. She wants to hear those chimes, baby.

Kristen spots five kids talking to Vice Principal Goldenhoard and announces that she wants to form a party with them, "the Bad Kids". Daybreak objects fiercely, saying that she's a good kid, but Kristen makes some pretty compelling arguments about being the little pinch of yeast that can make the whole group rise. She asks Daybreak to give her detention too, so she can be with them, and tells him about how she puts water in alcohol things to fit in. She asks him to make a scene, and he relents, declaring that Kristen 'bore false witness', a cardinal sin. Kristen is appalled that he went that far. Goldenhoard points out that bearing false witness is a religious rule and technically has nothing to do with getting detention in school, but Kristen plays along. Daybreak hands her a detention slip, and she happily joins the Bad Kids.

After the Afterlife[]

Daybreak brings the Bad Kids clean Owlbear sweatshirts and sweatpants after their fight with Doreen and the Corn Ooze. Fig mistakenly thinks it means they're all on the team, but he's only there to suggest they shower and change into clean clothes.

Gorgug and Adaine attempt to perform insight checks on him: Adaine comes to the conclusion that he's a good and decent man, which Kristen could have told her; Gorgug thinks Daybreak could be his dad. He's not.

Coach Daybreak doesn't accept those who are different, as revealed in Episode 7 during his conversation with Kristen. When Kristen express that "her friend" (meaning herself) is having "doubts" about Helio, he suggests that Kristen cut her off, because her friend is damned to hell. He also tells Kristen that her homosexual friend (Tracker) is similarly damned to hell which offends her.

It is later revealed that Coach Daybreak was the brains of The Harvestmen and was trying to bring about the apocalypse/insight a war through the act of Perditional Contradoxy. He got Ragh Barkrock to help him steal the entrance of Kristen's church and bring it to the Bloodrush field to open a portal to hell. This leads to Episode 10 in which he fights against The Bad Kids and ultimately dies at the hands of Fabian Seacaster.

It is later revealed that The Harvestmen were working with Kalvaxus / Goldenhoard which explains how Coach Daybreak's salary was so large and why he made deposits to KVX Bank. It also explains why Coach Daybreak had the palimpsests.

Coach Daybreak did not have any family, though Ragh always suspected that the coach was, in fact, his father. Gorgug also once suspected that Coach Daybreak may be his father. This led to Ragh and Gorgug having an (uncomfortable) connection made up of not knowing who their father was, and shortly after Ragh kisses him on the cheek.

In Episode 17, it is revealed that the reason Zayn Darkshadow was able to be used as a stooge of The Harvestmen was because Coach Daybreak was paying for his apartment since Zayn didn't have any family.

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