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GM Jasmine Bhullar weaves a tale as old as many lifetimes, in the gloomy land of Transylvania.

Coffin Run is the thirteenth season of Dropout's Dimension 20.

Taking place in late 19th century Transylvania, followers of Count Dracula eagerly await his return from a long journey away… only to find them and their dark lord besieged by enemies and danger from all angles. With Dracula gravely injured, four of his followers – his vampiric bride, a mad scientist, his first sired vampire, and a vampire-to-be – make a desperate, mad dash to get his coffin back to Castle Dracula before all is lost.


Player Characters[]


Major NPCs[]

Supporting NPCS[]

  • Benjamin Strum

Minor NPCS[]

  • Allied International Monster Slayers
  • Daciana Lee
  • Granny Dalca
  • Emil Ward
  • Keith
  • Mikhail
  • Setzer
  • Zaria


  • Anti Vampires Vampire Club
  • Razvan the Reborn
  • Werewolves

Minor Antagonists[]






Dimension 20- Coffin Run Trailer


  • This season was recorded in February–March 2022.
  • It is the first season featuring all returning players!
  • This season is the first to feature the classic Rick Perry sets and minis again, following the remote filming during COVID-19.
    • They are colored in a monochromatic color scheme, partially due to a tight schedule, and partially to evoke the classic black-and-white horror vibe. They used the zenithal highlight method to make pieces pop among the limited palette. [2]
  • It is also the first season to feature a DM other than Brennan running a D&D 5e game!
    • They decided to stick with 5e (as opposed to other systems such as World of Darkness) mostly so that viewers would not get confused about lore in a shorter season (though Jasmine is a big WoD fan!).[3]
  • The title for this season may be a reference to the movie Cannonball Run, featuring an infamous and illegal "race" from NYC to LA, or the concept of a "coffee run," an errand often given to assistants in Hollywood.


  1. As with many D&D games, Jasmine incorporates many homebrew mechanics and house rules that may not be part of the rules as written.
  2. Jasmine Bhullar, Dropout Discord, 25 May 2022: "So cool behind the scenes tidbit about that is, we had super limited time for the massive sets we were planning. And, being a fan of classic black and white horror, I asked Rick if we could do it in black and white. Rick used the zenithal highlight method to make everything pop even more and the rest is history. I think if we even HAD the option to do color, I would still prefer this set up. It feels different than anything else I've seen and puts you RIGHT in the film era we're going for."
  3. Jasmine Bhullar, Dropout Discord, 25 May 2022: "D&D5e with some homebrew rules is the system we are rolling with. Part of that is so people don't get confused on lore. I am a big World of Darkness fan and have been in two official WoD projects, so although I am a big fan of the lore, it is a big part of the game. For this, I kind of worldbuilt around the classic Bram Stoker's Dracula as well as other legends, so 5e allowed us to kind of go wild without having to play the politics of Camarilla vs Anarch etc etc"