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Daisy D'umpstaire, formerly Dumpster, is a guest at William Thornwall Brockhollow's 60th birthday party. She is played by Rekha Shankar.


"You see an absolutely stunning raccoon, round as a ball, a gorgeous dress, sunhat covered with trash artfully placed to look like flowers, sipping a brandy daisy, her favorite cocktail and her namesake, this is Daisy D'umpstaire. She is originally Daisy Dumpster, daughter of Rusty and Tuna Dumpster of the South Carolina Dumpsters, but she made her way out of her poor hometown and she's rebranded herself, she is now a woman of the world, Daisy D'umpstaire. She is sipping her cocktail and looking out the window. [...] Yeah, Daisy looks sort of wistfully out the window, we're kind of unsure what she's thinking about or why she's asked about this guest list, but England is definitely not her cup of brandy." Rekha Shankar


Daisy is independent and sarcastic, with a finely-honed ability to manipulate others. She takes full advantage of the tendency of others to underestimate her, and is excellent at taking control of a situation, despite the fact that she often finds herself in the shadow of her current partner-- romantic, business, or otherwise. Despite not being fond of England or its society, her Southern mannerisms enable her to ingratiate herself among her fellow guests at Loam Hall without great difficulty.


Daisy is an absolutely stunning raccoon. She is as round as a ball and wears a gorgeous dress and a sun hat decorated with trash artfully placed to look like flowers.


Daisy comes from a poor town in South Carolina as a part of the South Carolina Dumpsters. She eventually made her way out and rebranded herself as Daisy D'umpstaire, a woman of the world, and became a criminal.

In 1893, while tracking a mark on a locomotive, she met Detective Sylvester Cross. Being in the presence of a hottie threw her off her game. After this adventure, Daisy and Sylvester started a relationship and quickly became engaged over the course of the following year. On the day before the wedding, Sylvester discovered that Daisy had been acquiring money from Buckster $ Boyd. In exchange, Daisy had used her proximity to Sylvester to funnel information regarding his cases to Boyd and others as well as protecting their interests by throwing off Sylvester's investigations. After this revelation, Daisy advises Sylvester to "give up on her" as she states she won't change. Sylvester refuses, unwilling to let go of his first true love, but Daisy does not show up to the wedding the next day, leaving only a deerstalker cap and a note saying goodbye.

After being invited to William Thornwall Brockhollow's 60th birthday party in England in 1905, she travelled with Buckster $ Boyd, an oil tycoon from Texas, and his accountant, Armond Armadillo, by train to Tufting Meadows. She and Buckster seem to be business partners in some way, and plan to use the party somehow to expand their fortunes.




  • Daisy is based off of someone-- though for spoiler reasons, it will remain a mystery for now![1]
    • She is likely based on Irene Adler, due to her previous relationship with Sylvester Cross, her own prowess as a detective, and a comment Brennan makes in episode 7.
  • Her namesake is the Brandy Daisy cocktail, her favorite drink.


  1. Rekha Shankar, Dropout Discord, 24 March 2021: ["Rekha, I’m so excited to see you play a southern femme fatale!"] "I based her off of someone but maybe it's spoilery to tell you who so I'll hold off and just dangle that carrot"
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