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Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 18 of Unsleeping City: Chapter II, proceed at your own risk.

"He has a job to do on earth! He's got deer in the backyard to watch, who's gonna watch the deer?" Sofia Bicicleta

"You'd have to be crazy to leave Sofie Bikes." ― Dale Lee

Dale Lee is the husband of Sofia Lee. It was originally believed that Dale left Sofia for Isabella Infierno, but it is later revealed that Dale is deceased.

Featured Episode[]

Episodes Featuring Dale
The Unsleeping City
The Unsleeping City: Chapter II



Dale has short, neatly combed black hair. He is described as having a boyish, cherubic face. He is seen wearing a white, short-sleeved button up shirt, a skinny black tie, black dress pants, and dress shoes. On his shirt is a name tag for the accounting firm he worked for. Jackson and Sofia both agreed that he was very attractive.


Dale is portrayed as a calm, gentle person. Sofia describes him as being a balance to her fiery temper. He liked to watch the deer in the backyard, was very passionate about his accounting work, and thought that a Visa gift-card was a great gift. Dale was also jacked as hell, could break stone with his bare fist, and was not afraid of a fight. He was shown beating up groups of angels on several occasions.


Dale and Sofia were happily married for five years, though many of her friends and family did not approve of their relationship, as Dale was not from Staten Island. They honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta.

As part of the Order of the Concrete Fist, Dale was one of Jackson Wei's best students, and showed promise as their Chosen. However, when he found the place that the spirits congregated, at the top of the Empire State Building where they were supposed to impart the spirit of the Chosen One, the spirits could not be found.

Dale worked with the Order of the Concrete Fist to investigate Robert Moses and the money that the Bicicletas were laundering for him from the Confettis to Isabella. When he was close to discovering the truth, Moses had him killed, though to Sofia and many others, it appeared that he'd left her for Isabella. Sofia was distraught, and her friends and family were supportive and sympathetic, but due to their disapproval, were not particularly surprised.


Start Spreading the News[]

Dale is first introduced by Sofia as she cuts a customer's hair in her salon. She's incredibly emotional-- distraught at the betrayal of her husband, and furious at the woman who stole him-- and accidentally ruins the customer's bangs.

Borough of Dreams[]

When Sofia was investigating the Pearly Gates in Nod, Dale fought a group of angels and ran down to meet her. He explained that he did not in fact leave her and that he had been murdered by Isabella Infierno, implying that he truly did love his wife. It is later revealed that Dale was working for the Order of the Concrete Fist, and investigating Robert Moses and the money that the Bicicletas were laundering from the Confettis to Isabella. Mario Bicicleta explains that Dale was getting close to discovering what they were doing so Moses had him killed.

Home for the Holidays[]

Jackson Wei explained that Dale was a monk who trained with the Order of the Concrete Fist, and was one of his best students, "second only to Method Man." Many people believed that Dale would be the Chosen One, a person mentioned in stories from the founding of the order who could protect it from something coming through from the dream realm. Dale found the place that the spirits congregated, at the top of the Empire State Building, where they were supposed to impart the spirit of the chosen one, but he could not solve the riddle in time. However, he was able to give a clue to Sofia. "When you get to the top, I know what it'll seem like but there is someone there. There is someone there." This helps her to eventually choose herself as the Chosen One and take the power.

Times Squaremageddon Pt. 2[]

Dale meets Ricky and Kingston in Heaven. Ricky gives Dale his Questing Blade, which turns into nunchucks in his hands. As the questing blade is a very powerful and important weapon, it allows Dale to overcome the angels trying to keep him in heaven and he is able to visit Sofia on earth to watch the deer in the backyard and give her tax advice.

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  1. While inside the Umbral Engine, Sofia used her Gotham Timepiece to manipulate time by preventing his death so that Heaven would release his soul back into his body.