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Detective Sylvester Cross is a freelance detective, renowned across Great Britain for his success in solving high profile cases. He is played by Grant O'Brien.


"Yes, Sylvester is a bit of a fop. Sylvester is in his mid 50s, very handsome, but perhaps just past his prime. Sylvester walks with a walking stick because of an accident. His arch nemesis, one Fletcher Cottonbottom, is the son of Sylvester's former employer, Lord Ignatius Cottonbottom, now late. Sylvester began his career as the personal physician to Lord Ignatius Cottonbottom, who was the head of the British Museum. Ignatius Cottonbottom faked his own death by using science. All England thought that he had died and risen from the dead at the hands of the occult, but no, it was tinctures from America that made him appear dead to all but the keenest of eyes. Fletcher Cottonbottom, his son, was in line to be the recipient of a great sum of insurance payment, if only that plan hadn't been interrupted by yours truly. Now all these many years later, I have, I daresay, seen better days. I have just... I'll keep going until you cut me off. [...] Oh, and what do I look like? Describe my character? Sure, yes. Well, I'm a fox, and a bit of fop. I always dress to the nines, never without a waistcoat, always with a brightly colored dress. I enjoy being seen and I enjoy seeing others." Grant O'Brien


Sylvester is a bit of a fop, and concerns himself with his appearance often. He is a bon vivant and a raconteur. He loves the spotlight and knows how to get it.


Sylvester is a very handsome fox. He always dresses to the nines, never without a waistcoat, and always in bright colors. He smokes a pipe of only the finest Carolina tobacco[2] and walks with a cane due to an accident.


Sylvester began his career as the personal physician to Lord Ignatius Cottonbottom. When Lord Ignatius faked his death in order for his son, Fletcher Cottonbottom, to capitalize on the sizable insurance payout, Sylvester proved he had not in fact risen from the dead at the hands of the occult, but had feigned death using tinctures from America and science.

He's since made a name for himself a detective and had a long, successful career. The newspaper clippings of his various exploits are plastered on the walls of his apartment. He used to receive dozens of letters a day asking for his help, but declines most of them for being too boring, as he's able to solve many of them just by opening the envelope.

One such case in 1893 lead him to a locomotive, where he met Daisy D'umpstaire, and sparks flew. Sometime during or after this case, Sylvester injured his leg, and he now requires a walking stick. On the day before the wedding, Sylvester discovered that Daisy had been acquiring money from Buckster $ Boyd. In exchange, Daisy had used her proximity to Sylvester to funnel information regarding his cases to Boyd and others as well as protect their interests by throwing off Sylvester's investigations. After this revelation, Daisy advises Sylvester to "give up on her" as she states she'll refuse to change. Sylvester refuses, unwilling to let go of his first true love, but Daisy does not show up to the wedding the next day.

His most recent case was investigating the death of Connor McCabbage, a mill worker who appeared to have died under mysterious circumstances. Sylvester was hired by William Thornwall Brockhollow, the Squire of Tufting Meadows to investigate, but the case became his first ever to go unsolved due to lack of evidence, and the death was ruled an accident due to negligence.

As a result, his popularity and the influx of letters asking for help has waned, as many speculate he's past his prime.




  • He's partial to mustard yellow and olive green.[3]
  • Grant chose Sylvester's subclass by describing the character he wanted to be, and Brennan helped him find something that fit.[4]


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