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Dexter was a scout for the Heapers who was killed by Felix and Marty Flick.

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Episodes Featuring Dexter
Tiny Heist


Dexter was a Heaper, not much else is known about him except for that he valued his community and that he was a Heaper scout. He was a good friend of Felix and Marty Flick.


Dexter went on a scouting mission for the Heapers to the Little family house with Felix and Marty Flick who were then named Tip and Tap. Felix saw the potential for how he, Marty, and Dexter could live a better life in the house. But Dexter told him that they shouldn't abandon their community, after an argument between the two of them Dexter was killed. Its unknown which of twins killed Dexter or how he was killed.

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