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Shortly after the finale of Dimension 20 LIVE, the official Dimension 20 tumblr participated in Tumblr Answertime, Tumblr's Q&A feature, which often features a variety of celebrities and pop culture icons. The blog's ask box was opened for questions for a few days leading up to the release, after which DM Brennan Lee Mulligan chose several to answer, each with it's own video.


A total of 22 videos were recorded and posted on April 25th. They can be viewed in the blog's "answertime" tag here. The questions answered were as follows:

  1. Anonymous asked: who are you?
  2. saliva19 asked: Well... what‘s dimension 20?
  3. Anonymous asked: Are there plans for more seasons of Dimension 20 going forward? I was so sad when CollegeHumor announced the layoffs and I wish all of you guys the best of luck with your next endeavors!
  4. heythere-pal asked: How on EARTH did you come up with the twist at the end of the second episode in season one of d20? Cause that was just amazing
  5. aksarah asked: It seems that you and the folks at Dimension 20 benefit greatly from improv training in your incredible role playing. Do you have any advice on how I can I convince my fellow players (who are not actors) that we should all take improv classes? Thanks!
  6. Anonymous asked: Brennan what would you order at Denny’s?
  7. kapricorndear asked: Do you have extensive planning meetings with your players to get such rich backstories?
  8. ayda-aguefortified asked: Hi Brennan! You've portrayed a lot of parents in Dimension 20, and had a lot of meaningful conversations with the players this way. What are the hardest and easiest parts of roleplaying NPCs that have such significant roles?
  9. overly-caffeinated-corvid asked: If you were cremated and had your ashes made into a vinyl record, what song would be on that record?
  10. antipollenkids asked: any plans to revisit the world of the unsleeping city? 👀
  11. origami-steve asked: Do you have any tips for a novice DM? I love the way you tailor stories to the player characters, and I’d love some advice on how to do that effectively! Also, do you have any resources that you would recommend? Thank you! I love Dimension 20 and I think you’re incredibly talented!
  12. floral-autumn asked: Do you try to make players cry? How do you tug on those heart strings so well? You’ve got me a few times and I wasn’t even the one playing lol. 😭 🤍
  13. Anonymous asked: your show helped me come to terms with the fact that having mental health problems is okay (shoutout to that scene you did as jawbone in the s1 finale), so i have to ask; how do you feel about the fact that your show has reached and touched so many people emotionally?
  14. xaverie asked: So many if us adore Garthy O'Brien! What was their class? My guesses were between divine soul Sorcerer or some kinda Paladin. Anyway, thank you so much for creating such a fun show with such meaningful stories! I've been making everyone I know watch every single season. Hope all of you are staying safe and healthy!
  15. Anonymous asked: Not a question so much as a plea, but I am begging you to stop trying to kill Gilear. Just let the sad man eat his yogurt and love his daughter PLEASE
  16. Anonymous asked: How do you strike a balance between players making decisions and preserving your storyline?
  17. kapiecab asked: what was your first time being a dm like? and what got you into it in the first place?
  18. galatax asked: Favorite obscure animal fact?
  19. noitsnacktime asked: is the dimension 20 fan community anything like you expected it would be when you first started out? i am personally always surprised by the depth of compassion and creativity that my fellow d20 fans show every day
  20. skaterwonjae asked: the best donut in your opinion?
  21. Anonymous asked: What would you say is the most challenging part of DMing with an audience? The most rewarding part?
  22. sharkythefangirl asked: When you nut in the astral plane does it push you backwards