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Do I Have A Fellow Student of the Stars Here As Well? is the second episode of Dimension 20: Animated. It features a clip from Mice & Murder and is animated by DeepBlueInk Animations.

Featured Characters[]


Ally: Can I do an insight check to see if I can tell what her astrological sign is?

Brennan: Do it, give me an insight check. [...] Your insight tells you that this woman is a Leo.

Ally: I absorb that info and I just go,

Lars: Hm, such a Leo. [chuckles]

Brennan: She says,

Lucretia: [gasps] Do I have a fellow student of the stars here as well?

Ally: I lick her face.


Brennan: You see, by the way, what is Lars's sign?

Ally: Oh, Lars is a… Let's make Lars a Cancer.

Brennan: She looks and says,

Lucretia: Ah! Well, a fellow student of the stars, and a cheeky one at that. I can tell, of course, Sergeant, that you are yourself a Gemini.

Lars: [gasps] You were so close! Oh my gosh, you were freakishly close.

Lucretia: Don't tell me, don't tell me! Sagittarius!

Lars: [gasps] Oh my gosh, you're a bit farther--

Lucretia: Okay, wait--!

Lars: --and it makes it more fun, you'll get there soon!

Lucretia: No, no no no, those were both jokes! Scorpio!

Lars: Ah! No, no! Ah! No!

Sylvester: Vicar, if this is over by tomorrow, you and I will be quite lucky.

[laughter] Brennan: She says,

Lucretia: Sergeant, I understand-- I'm so sorry, I didn't realize that you yourself were a student of these occult matters. Tell me, my dear Sergeant, have you ever attended a séance?

Lars: [gasps] Never have I ever, but I've always wanted to. But [clears throat] I'm here on work. I'm here on work.

Lucretia: Oh. My dear--

Lars: But if there was a séance, maybe I could go to it.

Lucretia: My dear friend, let me assure you, I am a medium in such manners. You are positively surrounded by spirits, and I'm not just saying that to always be in control of the conversation! Come with me at once!

Brennan: And you see she whisks you off down the hall.

Ally: I bound down the hall after her, I'm so excited.