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The Elm Valley Mall is a mall located in the City Center of Elmville.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Elm Valley Mall
Fantasy High
Dimension 20 LIVE




The Elm Valley Mall is first mentioned when Wilma and Digby Thistlespring tell the Bad Kids about the new power source they are building for the arcade. The Bad Kids, along with Biz Glitterdew, transport the power source to the arcade in order to release the Maidens from the palimpsests. Unfortunately, Biz reveals he is working with Kalvaxus has his own goals in mind, and they engage in battle.

After the battle, as the Bad Kids exit the mall, they are confronted by Angela Worrel and arrested for the murder of Johnny Spells, among other crimes.

The Bad Kids visit the mall again the morning of the first day of their sophomore year adventure after Sklonda Gukgak mentions a robbery in the jewelry store earlier that day. They discover that Fig Faeth, under the effects of Dominate Person, had broken in and stolen the Devil's Heart ruby to trap her father, Gorthalax the Insatiable inside. When Fabian Seacaster and Ragh Barkrock attempt to take over the investigation, they are told to leave the scene and go get pretzels. They do, and they're delicious.

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