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Sometimes, the captions kind of suck. Never fear! Dimension 20 Transcripts are here!

Listed on this wiki (both here, on campaign episode pages, and individual episode pages) are the web-published, read-only versions of the documents. Please note that these transcripts are an ongoing project. Want to help out? Join the Discord!


Fantasy High[]

Fantasy High (Mandarin)[]

Dimension 20 LIVE[]

Escape from the Bloodkeep[]

The Unsleeping City[]

The Unsleeping City: Chapter II[]

Tiny Heist[]

A Crown of Candy[]

Pirates of Leviathan[]

Mice & Murder[]

Misfits and Magic[]

The Seven[]

Shriek Week[]

A Starstruck Odyssey[]

Bonus Content[]

Dimension 20: Behind the Scenes[]

Fantasy High: Extra Credit[]

Fireside Chats with Brennan & Friends[]

Fireside Chats with Brennan & Friends[]

Dimension 20: Instagram LIVEs[]

The first 5 streams were unrecorded, so no transcripts are available.

Adventuring Party (Season 1) - A Crown of Candy[]

*To honor the Black Lives Matter protests in late May/early June 2020, Dimension 20 instead held a bail fund fundraiser stream with a number of guest speakers. This stream is listed as episode 9 in Dropout's Adventuring Party series, and can also be viewed for free on YouTube.

Adventuring Party (Season 2) - Pirates of Leviathan[]

Adventuring Party (Season 3) - The Unsleeping City: Chapter II[]

Adventuring Party (Season 4) - Mice & Murder[]

Adventuring Party (Season 5) - Misfits and Magic[]

Adventuring Party (Season 6) - The Seven[]

Adventuring Party (Season 7) - Shriek Week[]

Adventuring Party (Season 8) - A Starstruck Odyssey[]

Adventuring Academy (Season 1)[]

Adventuring Academy (Season 2)[]

Adventuring Academy (Season 3)[]