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Forces of Darkness[]

BK Zaul'Nazh.png
BK The Vinguri.png
BK Keldrial.png

Airu spirit - Deceased

The Vinguri

Pactwraiths - Undead


High Elf - Alive

Lord of Shadows and leader of the forces of darkness, Maggie's boyfriend, killed by Hamhead throwing his crown into the Scary Volcano. Declan, Toby, Miles and Oswald are the elite strike team of sorts working for Zaul'Nazh, lead by Kraz-Thun. Librarian driven insane by the library at the Bloodkeep.
BK Olag.png
BK Hobbert and Frod.png
BK Ipskix.png

Orc - Undead

Hobbert and Frod

Trolls - Deceased

Master Ipskix

Goblin - Alive

Extremely obsessive war general of the blood hoard, leads the rebellion against the Lieutenants. Two innocent throne room guards. Head of the Torturey at the Bloodkeep, gets hard as a diamond about pain.
Master Privo

Goblin - Alive

The Norns

Spirits - Undead


Worg - Alive

Informant of the Onyx Bank. Azra, Orgra and Abaseel are Efink's elven spirits that commune with her to give her visions. One of the only talking worgs at the Bloodkeep, informs Sokhbarr about J'er'em'ih giving birth.
BK Avanash.png
BK Hork.png

Cyclops Hag - Alive


Grey Elf - Deceased


Halfling - Deceased

Maggie's handmaiden. Insane blacksmith who was kept in Karradkar for 250 years, wants his bones, killed after he handed Galfast the crown. Corrupted halfing, gollum-esque figure, eaten by Jessa.
James Mini.png
Jessa Mini.png

Spiderling - Alive


Spiderling - Alive


Spiderling - Alive

Lilith's moody teenage son. Lilith's loving design student daughter. Lilith's youngest son, the cutest bean.
BK Leiland Jr.png
BK John Feathers.png
Leiland Jr.

Tiefling - Alive

John Feathers

Giant Eagle - Alive

Matthias Feathers

Giant Eagle - Unknown

Offspring of Maggie and Zaul'Nazh. Sentient eagle who joins Markus after the battle at the Scary Volcano, wants to wear pants and have eagle rights. Another eagle that the group recruit during their fight on the Siren.
BK J'er'em'ih.png
Lavamog Mini.png

Scream Beast - Alive

Lava Mog

Lava Mog - Alive

Scream Beast Pups

Scream Beasts - Alive

Sokhbarr's animal companion and rare creature born of nightmares. Believed to be entirely extinct, a broodmother living in the Scary Volcano, summoned by Sokhbarr to fight J'er'em'ih's twelve scream beast children.

The Forgotten Fleet[]

BK Anne, Henry, Pickering.png
BK Anne, Henry, Pickering.png
BK Anne, Henry, Pickering.png
Anne of Kilkathery

Human - Deceased

Bad Henry

Human - Deceased

Ol' Pickering

Human - Deceased

Markus' female companion on the Siren. Markus' muscle on the siren, wants to do bad things to everyone except the crew. Markus' mentor figure on the siren.

Nightmare Realm[]

BK Boatman.png

Demon - Imprisoned

The Boatman

Merrenoloth - Deceased

The Nameless Evils

Unknown - Alive

The original Lord of Evil that created all the evil forces in this realm, gave Zaul'Nazh the anvil, Maggie's father. Guardian of the fountain of blood in the Tomb of Ultimate Evil. Four ancient god-like beings who speak through the statues at the Tomb of Ultimate Evil. Grants the Lord of Shadows and the Bloodkeep their power.

Forces of Light[]

BK Percival.png
BK Tavian St. Vincent.png
BK Bulric Bellbarrel.png
Percival / Stalker

Human - Deceased

Tavian St. Vincent

Human - Deceased

Bulric Bellbarrel

Dwarf - Unknown

Efink's husband, scruffy ranger and the king of Tiriuth. Prince of Kaelstoop and Markus St. Vincent's brother, attacks The Siren along with Bulric Bellbarrel and Goroomrara. Dwarven berserker, chosen champion of the forces of light, attacks The Siren along with Prince Tavian and Goroomrara.
Kasara Mini.png
Telmeir Mini.png
Drova Mini.png
Kasara the Beige

Airu Spirit - Deceased

Telmeir the Calm

High Elf - Deceased

Drova Longfoot

Halfling - Alive

The forces of light's wizard-angel. Gandalf figure, gets annihilated by a flying Maggie. Efink's father, gets thrown into the volcano for being so calm. Extremely weak hero who threw Zaul'Nazh's crown into the scary volcano's caldera.
BK Hamhead and Longfoot.png
Galfast Hamhead

Halfling - Alive


Treant - Deceased

Longfoot's badass gardener and companion, stole the crown from Avanash A sentient tree who says he speaks for nature, attacks The Siren with Prince Tavian and Bulric Bellbarrel.