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Episode 18 of The Unsleeping City: Chapter II, proceed at your own risk.


Esther Sinclair is the Proctor of the Clinton Hill Chantry and the Chairwoman of the Gramercy Occult Society. She is a very powerful wizard and the daughter of Gabriela Sinclair, one of the Furies of Tompkins Square Park.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Esther
The Unsleeping City
The Unsleeping City: Chapter II


Esther is described as a very cool wizard in her 20's, with an undercut, and lots of jewelry. Her style is very "wizard-chic", and she fights with a magical silver baseball bat.


Esther's family, the Sinclairs, carried a curse, which affected Esther's mother and grandmother. Each of the Sinclairs are assigned one intense emotion, and if that person feels that emotion too greatly, they turn into a Fury. Esther's grandmother's (Patricia Sinclair) curse was despair, and her mother's (Gabriela Sinclair) was rage. Esther lost her mother, who was also a powerful spell caster, at a young age, when Bruce Kugrich betrayed Gabriela. Gabriela turned him into Kugrash and felt such an intense rage she succumbed to her curse, joining her mother in becoming the Furies of Tompkins Square Park. Esther was incredibly traumatized by this event for a long time.

Esther also carried this curse, with her emotion being sorrow. Due to the risk of succumbing to her curse, she avoided any deep connection with people (namely Ricky Matsui) and refrained from using any of her innate magic for fear of it causing her to become a Fury. Esther started studying wizardry with Alejandro Ortiz in order to find a way to break the curse. She continues to avoid anything that would risk her feeling any deep sorrow until the curse is removed in Hall of Heroes.

About 11 months before the events of Chapter I, Esther meets Ricky as he rescues the wizards of the Clinton Hill Chantry from a fire and is chosen by the Questing Blade. She explains to him the nature of the Unsleeping City.

Chapter I[]

She is often seen with Alejandro Ortiz, at the Gramercy Occult Society, and is the person to explain to Ricky Matsui about the Unsleeping City. Esther assists in much of the research and many of the battles in The Unsleeping City.

As of Times Squaremageddon Pt. 2, she and Ricky are dating.

Chapter II[]

As of For the Hoard!, after Esther is abducted by Tony Simos, the Dream Team finds a magically concealed positive pregnancy test in Esther and Ricky's bathroom.


Ricky Matsui[]

Esther and Ricky met when Ricky rescued the wizards of the Clinton Hill Chantry from a fire and was chosen by the Questing Blade. She was the person who explained to him the nature of the Unsleeping City. The two spend a lot of time together throughout the series: meeting to discuss the events of SantaCon, checking in with each other after the fight with the mutant Santas, discussing arcana at the Chantry after the Confetti/Pigeon wedding, visiting Esther's mother and grandmother at Tompkins Square Park, and driving together to Yankee Stadium to get Ricky to the Hall of Heroes. After her curse is broken by Kugrash and as she weeps for the first time in her life, she admits her feelings towards Ricky. When she arrives to the fight at times square, she immediately kisses him and confesses her feelings. The two proceed to go off to a hotel room after the fight.

Ricky and Esther are happily dating 3 years later, and have moved into an apartment in the clock tower atop the Clinton Hill Chantry. After Esther is abducted by Tony Simos and his allies, Sofia finds a positive pregnancy test disguised as a junior mint container in Ricky and Esther's bathroom. Once Esther and Ricky reunite, they decide to raise their baby together. Ricky proposes in the Dragon of Bleeker Street's hoard with a ring from inside one of the street tree's apples, and the couple are happily together and raising their daughter Alejandra two years later.

Sofia Lee[]



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