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"I'm not a character." Brennan Lee Mulligan as Evan

"My name is Evan Kelmp, please refer to me as such" ― Evan Kelmp to various Aqrabus Students

Evan Kelmp is an American exchange student at Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts. He is in Chimeron.


"I'm Evan Kelmp. [...] I think Evan is currently probably walking down the road. I'm sleeping right now at an available cot-- in one of the non-used bunks at Camp Lonefield. There are a lot of summer camps in the area that don't have max capacity and you can usually find a cot or a bunk in one of the bunkhouses that is not currently being used by a rented camp service. I'm over six feet but slouched below six feet, very much from the Adam Driver school of like "Coin flip if you think he's handsome or spooky looking. Could be both." And I have just a white T-shirt, khakis that are way too long for my already long legs and are kind of accordioned around these seemingly brandless chunky sneakers. Rubber Casio watch, waterproof watch, pockets bulging with belongings. Just a grocery bag with T-shirts, socks, and underwear in it. And I'm just walking down the highway."


Evan is awkward around people due to never having relationships prior to Gowpenny. He tends to be aggressive when even slightly threatened. He also tends to be paranoid and cautious due to the nature of his familiar. Evan also preps excessively for any possible outcome, and though he's afraid of his familiar hurting those he cares about, he displays little hesitation when threatening those who threaten him or his friends.


Evan is over six feet tall, but appears under six feet because of his slouch. His appearance is compared to Adam Driver– people tend to find him either handsome or "spooky-looking", and sometimes both. He wears a white t-shirt and khakis that are too long for him, brandless chunky sneakers, and a rubber Casio waterproof watch.

Evan's wand, the "Scary Monster Wand" [1]

He carries extra t-shirts, socks, and underwear in a grocery bag at all times. His wallet is double thick and has a plastic gas station phone with no screen or camera. It has three contacts in it: 911, poison control, and animal control.


Evan has lived in many different areas of Iowa, including Des Moines, but he had never before left the state prior to being enrolled in Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts. Part of the reason for moving around so much is his shadow, which he later learns is his familiar. The shadows presence has an effect on many living and even once-living things in his vicinity. Sometimes they die, but other times they do things or tell him to do things. He claims that, one time, in a butcher shop, a disembodied pig's head told him that God and the devil killed each other (which the other Magical Misfits found confusing/concerning). He tells the other transfer students that his familiar has caused him to lose family and housing in the past. At the time he received his letter, he was sleeping in an empty bunk in Camp Lonefield.


The Chosen Ones[]

Evan is walking along the highway when a large owl starts circling overhead, carrying a large envelope in its beak. It lands in front of him about 20 feet away, drops the envelope, and spreads its wings to bow. Evan pleads with it not to be weird, and it struggles to gain composure, its eyes flickering between bright golden irises and an inky black. It jerks around on the ground, trying to back away, and Evan asks whether or not that's normal before picking the envelope up and opening it.

The owl screeches at him as he does, and he urges it to leave for its own safety, but while it does want to leave, it is still bound by its duties to dictate the letter it delivered. Evan opens the letter to read it and hears a hiss of appreciation in the back of his head. When he finishes, the owl approaches him and coughs up the teleportation pellet along with a splatter of black ichor. Evan begs the owl to make eye contact with him tell him that's normal, but it turns its head around completely.

As the owl leaves, it dips and bobs as it struggles to regain its bearings, and Evan loses sight of it beyond the horizon. Once our of his eye and earshot, however, something snatches it out of the air and laughs menacingly.

Evan wonders how it could have made it across the ocean, as owls cannot lock their wings like albatrosses can, and takes out a pen to sign the letter, informing the school that although he is a minor, he has no legal guardians. He then swallows the pellet, and it is eventually crushed through the processes of peristalsis. He appears in Vertiq Alley alongside the rest of the Magical Misfits: Whitney Jammer; Dream; and Sam Black.


Evan has no relationships prior to enrolling at Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts.

Whitney Jammer[]

Whitney assists Evan with a Charm roll when Evan becomes distressed and subconsciously casts magic on a number of people in Vertiq Alley.


K is fascinated by Evan and his possession of such dark and sinister power. Evan is deeply uncomfortable with this admiration, as his familiar is dangerous and has caused problems for him all his life which led to him isolating himself to protect others. He continuously feels discomfort and receiving more pity than understanding when she swoons over his very sad things he says.

During the Scuppers tournament, he succumbs to the darkness in order to save K, who was trying to save him from the very same fatal blast cast by Tallulah. Giving in, they teleport to safety where he struggles to maintain his consciousness to the various entities he contained as K, newly transformed and pink, tries to connect with him and talk to him through it all. She successfully, along with Sam's charismatic negotiations and Jammer's encouragement, dispelled the entities, freeing Evan. Finally at peace, at least for now, he feels relieved and is kissed by K.

Sam Black[]

Sam, like Dream, remarks often about how sad Evan is. She calls him "Kelmp" upon meeting him, which he considers a nickname.


  • Evan knows many facts about birds. This seems to be because Brennan knows many facts about birds.


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