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Fabian's Gifts are a series of useful magical items obtained by the Bad Kids after mysteriously appearing in their lockers at school.


In Dishing with a Demon, the gang all receive gifts in their lockers that began to exhibit the properties of magical items over time. It is later revealed in Cool Kids, Cold Case that Fabian was the one who gave everyone the gifts.

The Gifts[]

Name Recipient Description

Ruby Guitar Pick

Fig Faeth A ruby-red guitar pick that says "Gorthalax's Girl" on it. This guitar pick allows Fig to cast either Protection From Fire, Burning Hands, or Charm Person once per day.

Leather Axe Holster

Gorgug Thistlespring A leather axe holster with an emblem of a tin flower on it. This holster makes Gorgug's axe a +1 magic weapon, meaning both his attack and damage go up by 1.

45 Gold Piece Gift Card

Adaine Abernant A very expensive 45 gold piece gift card to a high-end clothing boutique called The Gilded Coin. This is where Adaine gets her makeover consisting of blue jeans, a blue t-shirt, and a wool-lined denim jacket that has magical properties.
Kristen Applebees A thick tome titled On the Subject of World Religions. This encyclopedia on different religions gives Kristen advantage on both religion and nature checks.

Leather-bound Briefcase

Riz Gukgak A beautiful leather-bound briefcase with the initials "TB" (An abbreviation for his nickname, "The Ball") on the front and inside are a bunch of beautiful gilded business cards that say "Riz 'The Ball' Gukgakunlicensed Investigator" (with "un" very small) with his information in beautiful, hand-done calligraphy. The briefcase doesn’t seem to have a limit to the amount of stuff you can put in it, similar to a bag of holding.
Car Wax Fabian Seacaster To hide that fact that he gave his friends gifts, he gave himself a little tin of magical wax for the Hangman that has a Mending cantrip that can be cast.