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WARNING!! This Fantasy High PC has grown up and had adventures past the initial Fantasy High episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the Dimension 20 LIVE campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"I'm Fabian Seacaster! Son of Bill Seacaster! And I'm here to be great!" ― Fabian Seacaster on the first day of school

"I believe in you. Spring Break!" ― Fabian when he bestows Bardic Inspiration

"Toxic masculinity is dead! I dance now!" ― Fabian to Coach Daybreak

Fabian Aramaris[1] Seacaster is a sophomore at Aguefort Adventuring Academy and a member of the Bad Kids adventuring party. He is the son of famed pirate privateer, Bill Seacaster. He is played by Lou Wilson.


"Oh, of course, hello. I'm Fabian Aramaris Seacaster. I'm a half-elf. I'm, of course, the son of the famous William Seacaster, the great adventurer who sailed the Celestine Sea, freeing slaves and raising up nations. I'm a fencer by trade, I also know how to glass blow and I'm quite good at calligraphy. And I'm absolutely thrilled to be here at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy. Very excited to kind of start on my adventure of becoming an adventurer much like my father, that I may too, one day, take up the mantle of the Seacaster name and sow my heroism across Spyre." Lou Wilson


Fabian is a half-elf fighter and a proud and outwardly confident young man looking to write his name on the world. Fabian is very concerned with appearances and social status, and can sometimes be very snobby because of this wealth. He is always on the hunt for an opportunity to prove himself and make his father, the famous William Seacaster, proud. Bill's legacy combined with his imposing personality and high expectations cause Fabian to live in his shadow. Despite his extravagantly confident outer shell, Fabian is a fickle, emotional boy. This often clashes against both his extravagantly confident outer shell and his father's ruthless disposition.


Fabian is 6'1" with white hair and a lean, athletic swimmers' body, a real 'Michael Phelps' type. He's very dexterous, but also incredibly strong. He usually wears the Owlbears letterman jacket that his father gave him on his first day of school. At the end of his freshman year, he lost his right eye in battle, over which he now wears his father's old eye patch. During the spring break of his sophomore year, he acquired the elven sword Fandrangor and an 80,000 thread count elven sheet, both of which he now uses in battle.

Freshman Year[]

First Day of School[]

Fabian is first introduced on the morning before his first day of freshman year at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. He begins his morning by fencing on the patio of Seacaster Manor with his instructor, Herzon. His spectating mother, Hallariel, asks Herzon to let her son win; however, Fabian urges Herzon not to go easy on him, saying he needs to train hard in order to become a champion like his father.

Fabian's father, Bill Seacaster, enters and proudly commends his son on beginning his first day of school. Although Bill never actually attended school as a child, he advises Fabian on what to do once he gets there: find the biggest, meanest person around and "drive your fist, hard and strong, right into his stomach, and bring him to his knee". Before he leaves for school, Bill gives him an Owlbears letterman jacket. Bill says that, although Fabian is certainly talented enough to make the bloodrush team by himself, he's bribed the Aguefort coach just in case.

Fabian practicing fencing on the patio outside his home.

As soon as Fabian arrives at Aguefort, he looks for the biggest, strongest person he can find— this person happens to be Gorgug Thistlespring. He approaches Gorgug, who offers him his metal flower. Fabian doesn't even answer before punching him in the gut as hard as he can. Gorgug tries to calm down with the help of Kristen Applebees but goes into a rage and punches Fabian back twice as hard. A crowd starts to gather and cheer them on. Vice Principal Goldenhoard quickly puts a stop to the fight by muscling through the crowd and lifting them both clear off the ground. He expresses his surprise and disappointment that two freshmen started a fight on the first day before the first bell has even rung. Goldenhoard gives both Fabian and Gorgug detention.

After the opening assembly, Fabian heads out to the bloodrush field for tryouts. He's already wearing the Owlbears jacket, which gets him strange looks from the other members of the team. He excitedly greets Dayne Blayde and Ragh Barkrock and compliments Ragh for throwing Riz Gukgak in the trash earlier that day. He promises to call Riz "The Ball" next time he sees him, as per Ragh's request. Fabian notices Dayne's confusion at being addressed so boldly and introduces himself as Bill Seacaster's son. Dayne looks to Coach Daybreak, whose jaw is set. Dayne says that he knows who Bill Seacaster is: the richest guy in town and a pirate. Fabian quickly corrects him, saying that his father is not a pirate but a privateer. Ragh says that Fabian uses a lot of fancy words and that he's never heard a bloodrush player talk like that before. Fabian takes it as a compliment. Coach Daybreak steps in and asserts that even if Bill accrued his wealth through crime before coming to Solace, the national amnesty forgives his past actions.

Daybreak begins the tryouts with running drills. Fabian aces the drills, ending by tackling Ragh to the ground. Ragh yells that he cheated. Fabian, unphased, chuckles at Ragh's "witty barbs" and sends Ragh into a rage. The other players restrain Ragh as Daybreak compliments Fabian's athletic talent. Fabian delights in the nickname Daybreak gives him, "Fancy Boy". They move on to a scrimmage in which Fabian is instructed to pass the ball. Instead of passing, though, Fabian effortlessly weaves between the players and scores by himself, gently placing the ball in the end zone.

Dayne, frustrated, asks him why he didn't pass the ball to him. Fabian explains that he thought it was a better play to keep the ball to himself. Daybreak tells Fabian to hit the showers and Fabian agrees; however, when no one follows him there, he stops in confusion. Daybreak tells Fabian that he didn't make the team. Fabian is disbelieving at first but grows upset when he realizes that Daybreak isn't joking. He protests, brusquely pointing out that Bill bribed Daybreak. Daybreak, furious, tells Fabian that he has no heart and gives him detention. Angry, Fabian tells Ragh that none of his jokes are funny and Ragh bursts into tears. Fabian declares that he doesn't even need the team and storms away.

Later in the day, Goldenhoard talks to Fabian and four other kids who received detention: Gorgug ThistlespringRiz GukgakFig Faeth, and Adaine Abernant. They are not allowed to participate in the "Day of Fellowship" - a time when Aguefort students celebrate and form their adventuring parties - because they all managed to get detention on the first day. Across the auditorium, Fabian and the rest of the group watch Coach Daybreak loudly give a detention slip to Kristen Applebees for "bearing false witness". Goldenhoard points out that this infraction is based on religion and isn't grounds for detention, but Kristen takes the detention anyway and joins The Bad Kids.

The group reconvenes in detention after school. Mr. Gibbons, the guidance counselor, attempts to get the students to talk about their feelings. Gorgug immediately says that he feels bad and apologizes to Fabian again for punching him. Fabian momentarily attempts to claim that he did nothing wrong but admits that he did punch Gorgug and that it wasn't worth it. He also says that his only crime was "being too good for the bloodrush team". When Adaine asks if they can just "do some lines" instead of talking about their feelings, Fabian agrees.

Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream is heard from the hallway. Fabian immediately follows Riz as he runs out of the room. The rest of the group quickly follows despite Mr. Gibbons' protests. The group arrives at the cafeteria and finds Lunch Lady DoreenCorn Gremlins, and a giant Corn Ooze about to wreak havoc. The party prepares for battle.

After killing Johnny Spells in Episode 4, Fabian took his demonic, possessed motorcycle. With the help of his father, he repainted it and renamed it "The Hangman", after his father's ship. He uses the Hangman during subsequent battles to improve his mobility.

In Episode 9, Fabian buys a present for everyone in the party: A guitar pick that says "Gorthalax's Girl" for Fig; a leather handaxe holster with a tin flower for Gorgug, a 45-gold-piece gift card to a clothing boutique for Adaine; a book titled "On the Subject of World Religions" for Kristen; a leather-bound, engraved briefcase and handwritten business cards for Riz; and a tin of car wax for Fabian. All of the gifts begin to exhibit magical properties with the exception of the gift card; however, Adaine uses the gift card to purchase the Jacket of Useful Things. Fabian didn't tell his friends that he was the one who got them the gifts, even getting himself a present to prevent them from suspecting that it was him. He later reveals that he didn't tell them that he got the gifts because he wanted them to be friends with him for his personality, not his wealth. The group assures him that his wealth is their least favorite thing about him.

In Episode 11, Fabian shows romantic interest in Aelwyn Abernant when she kisses him upon arriving at Ostentatia Wallace's house party. This becomes a major point of motivation for him during his sophmore year quest.

Official art of Fabian, available as a sticker in Dropout.TV's store.

In Episode 15, Fabian and father get into an argument when Bill Seacaster tells him that he's weak. In retaliation, Fabian knocks him unconscious in the jail cell.

When he learns that Seacaster Manor has been set on fire, Fabian races home. When faced with the choice between racing downstairs to save his mother or upstairs to save his father, he runs downstairs. After helping his mother and Cathilda, he races upstairs to try and save his father. On the way, he is attacked by a Harvestman who slices his right eye out. He later learns that this Harvestman is Dayne Blade.

After escaping from being trapped under a burning beam, Fabian enters his father's bedroom and finds him on the verge of death, having defended himself against several opponents. Fabian tells Bill that he's sorry and that he wants to be as great as he is. Bill tells Fabian that he is the better man and gives him his eyepatch and sword. To give his father a more fitting death, Fabian stabs him through the heart, just as Bill did to his father. He then leaps off of the balcony, lands on The Hangman, and races across town to battle Kalvaxus.

In the epilogue, he is extremely against his mother's relationship with Fig's dad Gilear and actively attempts to end it multiple times to his mother's disapproval. He is also said to be training under Hallariel Seacaster with the Hangman to prepare for his mission to rescue Aelwyn Abernant from Fallinel custody.

In Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn, Fabian is continuing to train under his mother with Cathilda. He also continues to show disdain for Gilear even leaving him two blocks away from school when he needs a lift. Fabian also shows some romantic interest in Torek Railgrinder after she calls him "Jumpy-Boy". At school, Fabian joins in with the Bad Kids and Hargis in finding out and beating Occularia, Queen of Sight. It is revealed in this episode that news has gotten around that Fabian can't jump on tables and it is used to belittle him when he can't do cool stuff alongside the rest of the combatants.

In Fantasy High LIVE at RTX Austin, he is not present but Gilear does read a letter he was gifted by Fabian calling him weak compared to his father and basically saying he is on a holiday to deal with some "business"...

Sophomore Year[]

Fabian, along with the rest of the Bad Kids, are assigned by Arthur Aguefort to retrieve the crown of the Nightmare King during their spring break for 60% of their final grades. The Bad Kids recruit Sandra Lynn Faeth, Tracker, Cathilda, Ragh, and Gilear as their hirelings to assist them on their quest.

Fig and Riz go missing the night before they're scheduled to leave on their adventure, and Fabian takes it upon himself to step into Riz's shoes in order to solve the mystery of their disappearance. As they investigate the robbery at the jewelry store in the Elm Valley Mall, Fabian confidently struts onto the scene with Ragh and attempts to solve the case the way Riz would. In doing so, he eats some glass.

They find their friends at the Hotel Cavalier in Bastion City, where the party encounters a group of demons disguised as staff. In the fight against them, Fabian uses Gilear as a human elf spring-board in order to gain the jumping advantage that his shoes provide him. After the group realizes Gilear is just a normal guy when he is literally killed dead for realsies, Fabian takes Gilear out of the hotel, dragging him behind him on the Hangman in an attempt to get him out of the line of fire. Fabian is initially offended that the demons went after Gilear instead of him, but he and Fig soon begin to believe that they must have sensed some kind of special power within Gilear, and that he must be the Chosen One.

In the guest book for the hotel, the Bad Kids find Bill Seacaster's name listed several times, and before each entry, Garthy O'Brien's name. They pursue this lead out into the Celestine Sea to the floating city of Leviathan at Fabian's direction.


Before being captured with the rest of the party, Fabian had visited Leviathan several times with his father. He spoke very highly of it, claiming it was a truly amazing place and tons of fun. Once captured in the Hangvan, Fabian finds himself a little out of his depth, as mentioning his father to the bosun doesn't get them anywhere. In fact, he's confused that the pirates kneel for his family maid, Cathilda, and not him. After saving the Hangvan from being scrapped, they encounter a teifling warlock, Alistair Ash, who reveals that his patron is none other than Bill Seacaster. Fabian is proud of his father for the scheme he's cooked up: he charges gold in exchange for spells instead of souls.

When the party reaches the Gold Gardens to meet Garthy O'Brien, Fabian encounters Captain James Whitclaw, one of his father's old rivals. He and Fabian exchange a few insults, and Fabian attempts to kick Whitclaw in the chest before the Captain and his crew are thrown out by Garthy. That night, the Bad Kids get absolutely wasted on drugs and alcohol. Fabian convinces Riz to do snuff powder with him, and they both go a little crazy over the Memento-esque tattoos that Riz gets.

Cult of Old Bill[]

Once everything as pretty much settled down for the night, Fabian wanders up alone to Crow's Keep to gaze out over the rest of Leviathan and speak into the night, which he hopes will be carried by the wind to his father. While there, he is approached by a number of cloaked figures. They reveal themselves to be Alistair Ash and about 20 other warlocks that make up the Cult of Old Bill. They cheer for Fabian, lift him up and carry him to a banquet that they prepared in an abandoned house at the edge of the neighborhood. Fabian learns several of their names, including Creaky McBarrel, Old Young Benjamin, and Chungledown Bim, and they ask him to recount how he killed his father.

Fabian tells them the events of Family in Flames and clarifies that he only plunged a sword into his father's heart after Bill was fatally wounded from fighting many of Kalvaxus's henchmen. Upon hearing that Fabian didn't actually kill Bill, the warlocks immediately panic and fear the worst. Fabian attempts to reassure everyone of his abilities, but seems to fall short of their expectations, instead talking about how great his friends were in defeating Kalvaxus, and admitting that it was really Riz who landed the killing blow. He learns that Whitclaw wants to kill all of Old Bill's followers, and when he sees Whitclaw and 30 of his men approaching, he decides to act.

Determined to prove himself, Fabian convinces Alistair and the rest of the warlocks to launch a sneak attack on Whitclaw and his crew and beat them in combat. Just after the battle begins, Fabian telepathically tells the Hangman what's going on, saying that the bike would enjoy the fight, even if it probably wouldn't be able to make it to the top of Crow's Keep. Determined to aid its master, the Hangman bursts out of the stables where it's being kept, which alerts the Bad Kids to the danger that Fabian is in. Despite their best efforts however, they aren't able to reach him in time to help fight.

While Fabian is able to land several blows to Whitclaw, he is stunned in the first round of combat and his brains nearly eaten. He's saved thanks to a gold coin Eldritch Blast from Chungledown Bim, and shouts at the rest of the warlocks to use as much magic as they can, and that he'd pay for it all. However, the battle quickly goes downhill. Whitclaw's men fire their guns into the crowd, killing six warlocks, and Fabian attempts to flee once he realizes the futility of the battle. Whitclaw catches the retreat and points it out to the remaining warlocks before killing fourteen more in a psychic attack. The surviving warlocks flee, except for Alistair, who attempts to fight back until the very end. Chungledown Bim is disappointed in Fabian and shames him, telling him that he's not a pirate, that his father would spit in his eye, and he threatens to shit in Fabian's mouth.

Having lost to Captain James Whitclaw and been responsible for the deaths of his father's cult members, Fabian lost his confidence and tossed aside his father's sword and eyepatch, as well as his letterman jacket.

Fabian narrowly escapes Whitclaw by jumping off the edge of Crow's Keep and grabbing for some ropes, abandoning a heart-broken and doomed Alistair. Unfortunately, the rope that Fabian grabs is a clothes line that cannot support his weight, and he's left hurtling towards the ground, covered in silk bloomers. On the way down, his feet get tangled in the rigging, and it isn't until the last second that he's able to catch another rope and save himself. He's left hanging upside down about seven feet above the ground, blood pooling beneath his head when the Bad Kids finally find him.

Riz cuts him down from the ropes and the party's healers cast spells to mend his wounds. They ask Fabian what happened, but his answers are meek and clipped. He's ushered into the back of the Hangvan, where his motorcycle comforts him to the best of its ability. Cathilda offers him kippers, which he refuses, telling her he doesn't deserve them.

Bad Dreams[]

Exhausted and hung-over (some still not sober), the party returns to the Gold Gardens to finally rest, but during the night, Tracker's protective spell wears off. As he sleeps, Fabian dreams about his disastrous encounter in Crow's Keep: the feeling of Whitclaw's beak over his head; Alistair's face before he jumped; and Chungledown Bim telling him he's not a pirate. It replays over and over until the dream then morphs into a vision of Seacaster Manor in flames on the day his father died. The burning house sits in the blasted hellscape of Avernus, the first pit of hell. Dead, burning warlocks walk by and shake their heads at Fabian. They march off into the fire, saying "What will we tell the captain... when we see him on his ship...?". Fabian feels the weight of his father's head resting in his hands in the captain's quarters of his ship.

In the dream, he hears a voice that sounds like Gilear Faeth reassure him that everything is going to be okay. He feels a slightly wet, papery hand rest on his shoulder as the dangerous figure (he knows that if he looks at its face, something terrible will happen to him) tells him that he can still be happy. The figure offers Fabian some banana yogurt, which he declines at first, but they insist that he'll like it. Fabian eats it and agrees, careful not to look at the figure's face. The figure tells Fabian they want to show him what they've been working on, and out of the corner of his eye, Fabian can see that the figure has a little wisp of a comb over, and is wearing a button down shirt and slacks.

They lead Fabian through the burning house and through a door that opens into a beautiful estate full of sunny fields. There's a giant statue of Bill Seacaster, where tourists are gathered around admiring and taking pictures. The figure explains that they built this place, a memorial to Captain Bill Seacaster, that it is their greatest achievement, and that curating the memorial is how they find their self-worth. Fabian compliments their work and eats more yogurt— it's smooth going down and makes him feel really good. The place has many wings dedicated to Bill's many accomplishments, and as they walk through, Fabian notices that while his mother, Hallariel is often featured, he is nowhere to be found.

When Fabian asks about this, the figure insists that he look at them, taking his chin in their slightly wet, papery hand. Fabian refuses. He feels the yogurt curdle in his stomach as he doubles over, then starts convulsing as he loses control of his body. The figure pulls Fabian's face closer until it's an inch or two away from their face, and it is revealed that the sad, doughy, middle-aged, yogurt-eating man is actually an older Fabian. "Why would I put pictures of myself here, I don't deserve them. Very cocky," he says, "Papa wouldn't like it at all." He begins to laugh and the dreaming Fabian wakes to find himself in the middle of the ocean, struggling to stay afloat.

He later learns that he was put under the effects of Dominate Person in his sleep that night, and he unknowingly stabbed the Sword of the Seacasters deep into the engine block of the Hangman, destroying it completely. He was also forced to jump out the window into the ocean, where he came to.

The same night, Riz makes a deal with the Shadow Cat to save Fabian, and he's grabbed out of the water by imp-like flying demons. They drop him off somewhere at the edge of the city, and Fabian sheds his eyepatch and letterman jacket out of shame. He slowly makes his way back to the Gold Gardens with Cathilda's help, contracting pneumonia on the way.

While his friends search the Compass Points Library for books on various topics, he goes outside with Ragh to find the Hangman has been completely destroyed, and they talk about processing their feelings in their respective situations regarding their parents. When the group returns, he reveals what really happened the night before. He shares a touching moment with Cathilda, who comforts him and swears to get revenge on Whitclaw for threatening him. After learning that Whitclaw is on his way to the Row and the Ruction to crown himself the pirate king, the Bad Kids head down to stop him.

Whitclaw confronts them at the door, and he calls Fabian weak for running away to get his friends help, but they aren't intimidated. Cathilda steps up from behind them and threatens Whitclaw, which shakes him.

The team successfully defeats Whitclaw.

Fabian as Battlemaster Fighter and College of Swords Bard

Fabian Dances[]

On the rescue mission to save Adaine, Fabian joined Riz and Gorgug in taking down one of the defense systems of Calethriel Tower so that Fig, Ayda, and Kristen sneak in and rescue her. The three boys face off against fire elementals while trying to turn off the defense system. Fabian, using an elven sheet, acted as a support teammate and helped put out fires on Gorgug. We all know finely crafted elven sheets put out fires. At one point, Fabian wrapped one of the fire elementals in his sheet, dipped it, and gave it a passionate kiss, freeing it from the spell keeping it bound to the elemental pylons. It's very possible that the fire elemental still lives in the battle-sheet in spirit.


Despite the implication of Fabian being a Swashbuckler Rogue, he is actually of the Fighter class. Lou Wilson mentions getting a crit on a 19, specifying he is of the Champion sub-class.

Between episodes 7 and 8 of Dimension 20 LIVE, Fabian elects to lose the benefits of his subclass due to a devastating defeat at the hands of Captain James Whitclaw.

Between episodes 11 and 12, he became a fighter/bard multiclass, with six levels of Battlemaster fighter and three levels of College of Swords bard. This dip into bard was inspired by his new love of dance.


Bill Seacaster[]

Fabian's human father, with whom he has a complicated relationship. They love each other very much, and aren't afraid to say so often and in front of other people, including strangers. Bill often calls Fabian his "darling boy", and Fabian stands by calling his father "Papa", even after the rest of his party mocks him for it.

However, Bill Seacaster was a very successful pirate, and while Fabian is proud of his accomplishments and isn't afraid to take advantage of the privileges that this fame affords him, he often feels that he has a lot to live up to, since his father values individual physical strength very highly. Fabian gives each of the Bad Kids a special gift, but keeps his identity as the gifter anonymous, as he worries that his family's wealth and reputation may have a negative impact on their friendship. On the first day of school Bill tells him that he's bribed the bloodrush coach to let him on the team, even though they're both confident he'll be able to make it on the team by his own merit. He goes so far as to get Fabian his own jacket ahead of time, and even tells him to punch the biggest guy in school to show everyone who's boss. It lands him in detention. Fabian also often feels the need to perform dramatic stunts during battle to showcase how good he is at fighting. This often results in unnecessary skill checks that he sometimes fails.

A large part of Fabian's initial motivation in the series is to make his father proud, but he finds that his own opinion of his father makes it hard to do that. He often corrects other people when they call Bill a pirate, and prefers to call him a privateer, since he feels the term puts him and his family in a more positive light. Bill, however, doesn't like that Fabian lies about him, thinking his son is ashamed of him, and it causes some tension in their relationship.

Bill also doesn't agree with the fact that Fabian is content with not being the captain of his adventuring party. When the Bad Kids are imprisoned for the murder of Johnny Spells (and several other crimes), Fabian uses his one phone call to contact his father. Bill shows up and begins to speak poorly of the group, saying that their lack of a captain has made Fabian soft. Fabian punches him unconscious in the cell, which Bill later says made him very proud. When Bill is injured and dying amidst the flames of Seacaster Manor, the two of them share a moment together in which Bill concedes that he admires how much his friends respect him. Fabian stabs his father through the heart to kill him, just like Bill killed his own father, which he sees as a very fitting end to his life.

Fabian later finds a pre-recorded message from his father on a crystal attached to the Hangman telling him that he's proud of who he's become, and that he'll always love him. Fabian destroys the crystal so that no one can know his father was soft for him, to protect his reputation.

Hallariel Seacaster[]

Fabian's elven mother. Hallariel used to be the world's greatest fencer, but has all but abandoned it in favor of sipping wine and napping in her sensory-deprivation egg all day. As a result, she's rarely sober and wasn't a big part of Fabian's life as he grew up. She's still proud of him, and he still loves her, but their relationship has always been distant, not nearly as close as he and his father were.

When Fabian learns that Seacaster Manor is on fire, he chooses to follow sounds of fighting to his mother before heading upstairs to his father. He finds Hallariel in her egg, totally oblivious to the entire situation, and he drags her out of it. He yells at her, urging her to snap out of it and get her life together. She eventually does and with Cathilda, begins to teach him swordfighting.

Fabian severely disapproves of her relationship with Gilear Faeth, who she seems to think is the most wonderful man alive. He pleads for her to stop, but she doesn't listen. Hallariel makes Fabian promise to keep him safe when he takes him on as the Bad Kids' intern.


The Seacaster family maid. Raised as a spoiled rich kid, Fabian usually regards Cathilda as nothing more than "the help". He seems to think there is a "maid code" that she follows that allows or prevents her from doing certain things, and even goes so far as to say that maids don't have dreams. Even though he has such ridiculous misconceptions about her, it's apparent in his interactions with her that he really appreciates what she does for him. She happily runs errands for him and often has his favorite snack ready for him before he even asks for it.

When Fabian was young, [his father would be away for long periods of time, and his mother was very rarely sober, so Cathilda spent a lot of time with him as he grew up, taking care of him and singing him halfling lullabies. As her own children died before Fabian was born, she regards him as her own son, and she's very much a maternal figure in his life.

Fabian's opinion of her begins to change when he encounters her inside a burning Seacaster Manor holding her own against dozens of combatants. He's impressed by her skills and invites her along on his sophmore year adventure as a hireling, which she happily accepts. While adventuring, Fabian discovers more about Cathilda's life before Seacaster Manor: she was a fearsome pirate whose reputation still stands strong, and even the enormous warforged bosun of Leviathan, Jamina Joy, kneels before her.

Throughout their journey, Cathilda continues to take care of him and she opens up to him, telling him about her children in order to comfort him.

The Bad Kids[]

The adventuring party that Fabian is a part of. Fabian meets each of the Bad Kids one by one on the first day of school. Most notably, he punches Gorgug in the stomach as a display of dominance, which earns both of them detention, and he goes along with Ragh Barkrock when he throws Riz into a garbage can, eagerly latching onto calling Riz "The Ball" in an attempt to get in with Ragh and the rest of the Owlbears. Fabian is initially the most reluctant to get along well with the others, seeing them as losers and himself as belonging to the jocks and cool kids, like Dayne Blayde. Since adventuring parties were formed during their detention, he was stuck with them and forced to bond out of necessity in the battle that followed in the cafeteria.

As he warms up to the group, he secretly buys them expensive and very thoughtful presents. He later explains that he kept his identity as the gifter a secret because he was afraid of being used for his money, but they assure him that his wealth is not why they're friends with him. He quickly becomes very fond of his friends and speaks very highly of them whenever recounting their heroic deeds, making sure to give them all credit for their individual feats.

As obsessed as his father was with him becoming a captain and a leader, Fabian is quite content with the democratic dynamic that his party holds, and he sees them all as equals. His father later comments on his bond with his friends, saying that he sees how much they respect Fabian as a peer.

Riz Gukgak[]

Possibly Fabian's best friend, and the most iconic and hilarious dynamic of the group. They first meet when Ragh Barkrock throws Riz into a garbage can, and in an effort to impress him and Dayne Blayde, Fabian immediately latches onto the nickname Ragh gives Riz. Fabian continues to call Riz "The Ball" even after they become good friends, using the nickname when he introduces Riz and the team to his father, and even engraving his gifted briefcase with the initials "TB". Riz is hesitant about the nickname at first, since it came about in order to mock him, but grows to accept it as it becomes a symbol of their friendship.

Their relationship and reputation as an iconic duo grows quickly as the series progresses. During their first battle together, Riz jumps into one of the corn monster's buttholes for Fabian, giving him all the credit for the idea. When they meet Penelope Everpetal outside school to ask about Johnny Spells, Riz hides in Fabian's backpack. He ends up throwing up inside it at the mention of his babysitter's name, and Fabian throws the backpack into a car to avert suspicion. Later, after fighting Johnny Spells, Riz climbs into Fabian's backpack again to go over clues despite his protests. They also work well together during the battle with Coach Daybreak on the bloodrush field. Fabian carries Riz, who carries the mysterious purple orb, all the way down the field to dunk him and the orb into the chest and stop the world from ending. And although the conflict between Fabian and Coach Daybreak was personal, Fabian commends Riz for landing the killing blow.

Riz thinks very highly of Fabian, calling them best friends often, and sticking by his side whenever he can, both in and out of combat. Over spring break their sophomore year, Riz wears one half of a friendship necklace, insists it's just a regular necklace, and implies he plans to give the other half to Fabian for Christmas. Although Fabian sometimes acts like he's too good for Riz, he still values their friendship a lot. When Fig and Riz goes missing before their sophomore year adventure, Fabian attempts to mimic Riz to solve the mystery of their disappearance. In the Gold Gardens on Leviathan, Fabian asks Riz to do drugs with him just for the fun of it. Riz refuses at first, but eventually gives in, and high out of their minds, the two of them go crazy over Riz's Memento-esque tattoos.

When the group learns that Fabian has wandered off alone to the Crow's Keep and is in trouble, Riz is extremely worried about him and rushes to Garthy O'Brien for help. Riz is the one to cut Fabian down from the ropes and is the first to pull out his healing kit even though there are three magical healers present. That night, Riz stays in Fabian's room to keep watch over him, but quickly falls asleep in a chair. When he learns what the Shadow Cat has done to Fabian, he makes a deal with her to save him, offering up everything he knows about her and putting Ragh's mother in danger in exchange for keeping Fabian safe.

Gorgug Thistlespring[]

Even though Fabian and Gorgug were the first of the Bad Kids to meet at school, they did not start on the right foot, as Fabian chose him to pick a fight with. However, they become fast friends when Gorgug still wants to give him his flower and apologizes. Even though Fabian is aware of how different their places on the social ladder would have been, he still treats Gorgug as a precious friend. He later gifts him an axe holster with a tin flower on it, calling back to their first encounter. Fabian is defensive of Gorgug and doesn't like when Ragh treats him badly and starts fights with him.

After they kill Coach Daybreak and the school hires Gorthalax the Insatiable as their new coach, Gorgug and Fabian join the Owlbears bloodrush team together. They befriend Ragh Barkrock and during their sophomore year adventure, they often group together when the party splits up, aggressively encouraging each other with the Owlbear chant, "Hoot! Growl!".

Ragh Barkrock[]

After they kill Coach Daybreak and the school hires Gorthalax the Insatiable as their new coach, Gorgug and Fabian join the Owlbears bloodrush team together. They befriend Ragh Barkrock and during their sophomore year adventure, they often group together when the party splits up, bonding through various bro activities, including but not limited to accidentally eating glass, suggesting threesomes, and aggressively encouraging each other with the Owlbear chant, "Hoot! Growl!".

Kristen Applebees[]

Though Fabian was very aloof with the others, he is instantly kind to Kristen upon seeing her being bullied by Ragh. Even going so far as to tell her not to worry because he's an "oaf", though this could be contributed to the fact he already disliked Ragh for not accepting him into his clique. Kristen is also the one who first suggests they may all become good friends one day. Fabian is extremely supportive of Kristen when she begins to have crisis of faith but finds her whole religion freaky.

Aelwyn Abernant[]

Fabian is madly infatuated with Aelwyn, much to her sister Adaine's chagrin. His love for her began during the Hudol house party, during which Aelwyn entered and began making out with Fabian (even snorting Dragon Spice off of his chest). It is unknown if Aelwyn reciprocates these feelings truly, but Fabian's feelings for her are extremely real.

In Dimension 20 Live, Fabian is training with the express purpose of rescuing Aelwyn from Fallinel, so much so that his own mother comments of it whilst criticizing his performance.

His feelings for her are also a very big part of his motivation during his sophomore year, and constantly insists that they should rescue her from Fallinel, even though it's not directly related to their mission of retrieving the crown of the Nightmare King.

The Hangman[]

The Hangman was a demonic motorcycle that Fabian looted off of Johnny Spells, it was his first spoils. Fabian named the bike after his dad's pirate ship, which is now his manor house. The Hangman addresses Fabian as sire and acts as Fabian's wingman. Like all good doggies, he is very protective and supportive of his master. In turn, Fabian also loves The Hangman. The Hangman's actual identity is a hellhound, but he is deeply ashamed of this form and insists that he is a motorcycle. At the end of sophomore year, The Hangman reverts back to his hellhound form to help Fabian.

Chungledown Bim[]

He’s gonna shit in Fabian’s mouth.


  • Colby twitter has created a homebrew subclass inspired by Fabian! Elven Sheet Dancer
  • His favorite snack is kippers.
  • Fabian has pirate porn on his computer. He explains that this is his father's doing because he has a "central hub" that connects all computers (and possibly crystal phones) but this could just be an excuse.
  • Fabian, along with a few of the others in the group, can't jump up on tables very well. Jumping becomes one of his go-to battle tactics, though, after he acquires the Sneakers of Dunking.
  • Fabian ended toxic masculinity entirely.
  • Fabian has extremely small feet at size five, he owns somewhere between 250 and 312 pairs of shoes.
  • While Fabian's middle name is spelt "Aramaris", Lou regularly pronounces it without the second "r", as "Aramais".


  1. Fabian's middle name is spelled "Aramaris", as written by Lou Wilson on his character sheet. [[[Lou Wilson|https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468850437341052930/713530475829788802/unknown.png]]]
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