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Dimension 20 has some of the best fans ever! Below is a list of notable fan creations and potentially useful projects and resources!

If you own any of the following and would like to be credited differently, would like your work removed, or if you know of something else that you think should be added to this list, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Episode Transcripts

Lore Infodumps and Compilations


  • Available class/race homebrews and creature stat blocks are listed in the Trivia sections on applicable pages. All homebrews currently listed were made by one of these two wonderfully creative people!
    • Homebrews by Colby @Crit_Fails on Twitter
    • Homebrews by Peach @pechebeche on Twitter, riz-gukgak on Tumblr
    • Kugrash Warlock Patron by Gaynor @JudeLawTheActor or @gaynorcott on Twitter, roman-tic#8656 on Discord



  • Dimension 20 Coloring Pages, hosted by DaisyDoodles#6278 on Discord
    • Also accepting page submissions! Dropbox
  • Dimension 20 Art Collab projects, hosted by Carmen twinkletoes#2841, Binturong#2870, and Wolf mindelann#1711 on Discord
    • Follow D20ArtCollab on social media: Twitter, Tumblr
    • Fantasy High now available for purchase as a poster! Redbubble
    • The Unsleeping City now available for purchase as a poster! Redbubble