Fantasy High

It's John Hughes meets DnD - join DM Brennan Lee Mulligan as he guides a group of new students at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy through their tumultuous, heartwarming, and hilarious freshman year. - description

"Now we can answer the age-old question of 'What if John Hughes ran a tabletop RPG game?'" Brennan Lee Mulligan

Fantasy High is Dimension 20's debut campaign. It is a coming of age tabletop RPG on College Humor's streaming service Dropout.

Dimension 20's Fantasy High follows the story of six intrepid heroes. Come join our adventurers as they tackle monsters and midterms, bullies and bugbears, dungeons and detention.

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The Bad Kids' adventures continue in Dimension 20 LIVE: Sophomore Year!




FANTASY HIGH D&D Meets High School Official Trailer

FANTASY HIGH D&D Meets High School Official Trailer

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