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Names are hard. Here are some quick explanations to jog your memory. BEWARE OF SPOILERS! All statuses (Alive/Deceased/etc.) are stated here as of the epilogue of Fantasy High. Some statuses may have changed since then, so proceed to character pages with caution!!

Note: Characters introduced in the second season of Fantasy High (Dimension 20 LIVE) have skedaddled over to the Sophomore Year NPC Guide.

The Bad Kids' Family Members[]

Human - Deceased High Elf - Alive Halfling - Alive
Fabian's extremely prideful father. Bill was a pirate and he is still benefiting from the money he made pillaging outside Solace. He has been training Fabian to be as great as he was but later realizes how great Fabian is because he is nothing like him. Got tricked into being a palimpsest supplier for KVX Bank and got killed for it by The Harvestmen. Fabian's mother and greatest fencer that ever lived. Hallariel used to spend most of her time in her sensory deprivation egg, resting and drinking wine. She was also very open to flirting with other people than her husband. She stops drinking after Bill's death and begins training Fabian in fencing. The Seacaster's family maid.
Bucky, Bricker and Cork Applebees
Humans - Alive Humans - Alive Gnomes - Alive
Kristen's conservative, hyper-religious parents (who are definitely part of a cult known as The Harvestmen.) Kristen's little brothers. Gorgug's adoptive parents. They like to tinker and they have trouble relating to their son. They're also tank-driving bad-asses.

Gorbag and Roz

Orc and Human - Alive High Elf - Alive High Elf - Alive

Gorgug's biological parents. Gorbag is a band player. They left Gorgug with Wilma and Digby Thistlespring because they were teenagers when he was born.

Adaine's father. Was very disappointed in Adaine for not getting into Hudol. Angwyn is an ambassador from Fallinel and shows little to no emotion towards Adaine. They only have one other child, Aelwyn Abernant. Adaine's mother. Was very disappointed in Adaine for not getting into Hudol. Arianwen is a professor at Hudol and shows small outbursts of feeling toward both of her children.
High Elf - Alive Goblin - Alive Goblin - Deceased
Adaine's bitchy sister who belittles her in front of their parents. The golden child who gets good grades and was accepted into the school that her parents expected her to go to. Secretly hired by [presumably] Goldenhoard to trap seven maidens into crystal palimpsests. She gets broken out of prison by an elven strike team from Fallinel and is the trigger to the war between the two nations. Riz's mother, chief of police in Elmville. Helps in the final battle and ends up with Gorthalax the Insatiable. Riz's father. He was a government agent who would go to overseas territories as a 'James Bond' type spy. He died five years before the events of the campaign while investigating a ship called the Harpy/Cerulian. He was eaten by Kalvaxus.
Wood Elf - Alive Wood Elf - Alive Pit Fiend - Alive
Fig's mother and part of the border patrol. Gilear and Sandra Lynn are divorced because she cheated on him early on before Fig's birth with Gorthalax the Insatiable. She saves the Maidens from Kalvaxus's lair. She ends up with Jawbone. Fig's step-father, who only recently realized he wasn't her biological father. He lives by himself at Strongtower Luxury Apartments and now works as the "lunch lad" in the Aguefort cafeteria. He likes to eat turkey on stale crackers that he gets. He ends up with Hallariel Seacaster and has become the new Aguefort vice-principal. Fig's biological father. He was trapped in a crystal during Fig's whole childhood. As a result of being gone so long, he couldn't go back to work in hell without taking a big demotion. Instead, he decided to just move to Elmville to spend more time with his daughter. He now works as Aguefort's Bloodrush coach. Was Johnny Spells benefactor. Helped in the final battle against Goldenhoard. Ends up with Sklonda Gukgak.

Aguefort Adventuring Academy Faculty[]

Human - Alive Dragonborn/Dragon - Deceased Gnome - Deceased
Aguefort Adventuring Academy's founder and (eternal) principal. Killed himself and Mr. Gibbons to bring Kristen and Gorgug back to life using a Phoenix Egg from his paramour Phoenix. Came back to life with Kristen after knocking out Sol to aid against Kalvaxus. Aguefort's strict but seemingly kind vice principal. Secretly Kalvaxus, an ancient dragon emperor of the red waste who conquered Solace but was defeated and bound by Arthur Aguefort to serve as his eternal vice principal. Ring leader of the Harvestmen conspiracy. Killed by The Bad Kids, Ragh, Jawbone, Gorthalax, and Sklonda. Killed again by the Maidens and then turned into a pirate ship for Bill Seacaster's navigation through hell. A former Aguefort Guidance counsellor. He was seen transforming into... something bad. Came back to possess Fig and then Arthur. Taken to hell by Gorthalax the Insatiable.
Human - Deceased Half-Elf - Alive Earth Genasi - Alive
A former Aguefort Lunch Lady. Got possessed by corn, and warned the kids to be wary of the faculty. Was brutally killed by Adaine using her own ladle. Later seen in heaven in her young [hot] form. An Aguefort Sorcery "teacher" (as sorcery is an innate skill passed down through generations, it can't really be taught.), overly friendly. An Aguefort Barbarian teacher, extremely hardcore. Fig is extremely suspicious of him, even though there is no evidence of him being a bad guy.
Human - Deceased Wood Elf - Alive Pit Fiend - Alive
A former Aguefort coach for the bloodrush team. Turned out to be the brains of The Harvestmen who tried to bring about the apocalypse but failed miserably. Aguefort's new Lunch Lady, or "Lunch Lad," but became Aguefort's newest vice-principal after Goldenhoard died. He is also Fig's step-father who raised her. Aguefort's new Bloodrush coach, Johnny Spells's warlock patron, and Fig's biological father/daddy.
Corsica Jones
Human (Lycanthrope) - Alive Human - Alive Human - Alive
Aguefort's new Guidance counselor, previously a drug-addicted bouncer. Tracker's uncle. Helped in the final battle against Goldenhoard. He ends up with Sandra Lynn Faeth. Aguefort's Librarian. Aguefort's Fighting teacher, confronted Fig in Episode 3.
Fatima al-Aydaa Ellarian Fallowglade Mr. Pepper
Human - Alive Half-Elf - Unknown Aasimar - Alive
School nurse, looks over Ostentatia in Episode 3. An Aguefort Chaplin who is a high-druid and the owner of the magical cats and owls that were chasing Edgar. "Hip" new theater teacher trying to "shake" up the theater department.
Cassavian the Wise
Non-Humanoid - Alive
Custodian of the Aguefort Adventuring Academy

Aguefort Adventuring Academy Students[]

Half-Elf - Deceased Human - Deceased Half-Orc - Alive
Popular girl, working with Goldenhoard to be an eternal prom queen. Captain of the Owlbears, working with Goldenhoard to be an eternal prom king, part of The Harvestmen who attacked Seacaster Manor. School bully and the second-in-command to Dayne Blayde. Formerly Coach Daybreak's goon, he is deep-in-the-closet about Dayne, partakes in the final battle against Goldenhoard.
Drow - Undead Water Genasi - Alive Dwarf - Alive
Goth kid and The Harvestmen's stooge. Johnny's girl, Penelope's bestie, and one of the seven maidens. Bedazzled student, The Ball's secret agent, and one of the seven maidens.
Pixie - Unknown Aarakocra - Alive Tortle - Alive
Head of the Aguefort A.V club. Just the biggest 'incel' who ended up being a part of The Harvestmen working to trap the seven maidens for Kalvaxus. Known as A.V. Avian, Member of the Aguefort A.V. club. "Bad Boy" of the Aguefort A.V club, he is incredibly sad.
Satyr - Alive Halfling - Alive Earth Elemental - Alive
Shy satyr and Gorgug's girlfriend. She was chosen by the god of wine and ecstasy, and one of the seven maidens. Riz's old babysitter (and only friend), and one of the seven Maidens. The kid who stayed behind to eat more of the buffet during Prompocalypse.
Katja Cleaver Danielle Barkstock Antiope Jones
Half-Orc - Alive Half-Elf - Alive Human - Alive
One of the seven maidens. One of the seven maidens. One of the seven maidens.
"Police State" Kid Carie Zatrial Cody
Drow - Alive Tiefling - Alive Kodiak Brown Bear - Alive
Hater of the system, activist. Hot, cool kid of the theater department that gets all the leads. Ficus' bear best friend and dealer.
Dwarf - Alive
Territorial dwarven skater who fought the Bad Kids at the Durinson Mithral Factory. A freshman by the Bad Kids' sophomore year. Helped Hargis find the Bad Kids in Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn.

Other NPCs[]

Tiefling - Deceased Half-Elf - Alive Human (Lycanthrope) - Alive
A Tiefling greaser. He worked with The Harvestmen, creating poisonous tea to kill Arthur Aguefort and with the palimpsests used to trap the missing girls. He was also a warlock who sold his soul to Gorthalax the Insatiable. Stuck up secret agent from the council of chosen, responsible for arresting The Bad Kids for the murder of Johnny Spells. Kristen's "friend" from The Black Pit, Jawbone's niece, Spreader of the Gospel of YES!
Ice Djinn - Alive Dwarf - Alive Halflings - Alive
A dejected djinn who can only make ice cream, and runs an ice cream shop on the highway. Was eventually released from his curse by Adaine. A dreamy dwarven doctor, getting cat-fished by Fig. Good Samaritans and anarcho-socialist activists.
Half-Elf - Alive Pixie - Alive Human - Alive
The owner of The Gilded Coin clothing establishment. Biz Glitterdew's mom. The undertaker of Cravencroft Cemetery.
Human - Unknown Rat - Alive Illusory Rat - Dispelled
The special investments manager at KVX Bank buying palimpsests from William Seacaster, most likely a Harvestmen helping bring Kalvaxus back by getting his glittering treasure to him

Zayn's pet familiar which had some value to him. Taken by Riz in Episode 9. Back in the possesion of Zayn at Episode 17.

Just a rat illusion of a questionable attractiveness made by Fig.
Zombie - Deceased Vampire - Undead Infernal Motorcycle - Alive
The zombie DJ at The Black Pit. An eccentric vampire at The Black Pit, probably holds a racist stance against werewolves. Fabian's demon possessed motorcycle, previously Johnny Spells'.

Johnny Spells's Gang

Golem - Deceased Human - Alive Teiflings - Deceased
Torek Railgrinder's pavement golem. Destroyed by The Bad Kids in Havoc on the Half-Pipe. Fabian's trainer and possibly his butler. Barry Barbazu, Hot Hands O'Malley, Scorching Ray, Billy Hellmouth, Tony Tenari and Bruno Lake-O-Fire; Johnny Spells's tiefling crime gang. Killed by the Bad Kids on the highway during Rumble Road.
Sol Helio Philosophers/Philosophy Students
Deity - Unknown Deity - Alive Spirit Guardians - Undead
God of the Sun. The God of corn, a massive frat-boy. Kristen's spirit guardians when she is in-between alignments, Changed to philosophy students when she changed her god to YES?
YES!/YES? Yandi Pastor Amelia
Deity - Alive Halfling - Alive Human - Unknown
A God created by Kristen Applebees, changed to YES? as a response to Kristen getting increasingly annoyed with her own god. Waitress at Krom's Diner, spectator of Johnny Spells dance sessions. The Pastor of the church of Sol/Helio.
Frank Dunford Percival Nevelsvine
Human (presumably) - Unknown Owlbear - Deceased High Elf (presumably) - Alive
Owner of the Elm Valley Mall arcade. Aguefort Adventuring Academy's terrifying school mascot in the flesh. Released and killed by The Bad Kids in Battle of the Bloodrush Brethren. The quarterback of the 'Hudol Helions'. Attended Ostentatia Wallace's house party.
Gnome - Alive Hellmouth - Deceased Corn Gremlins - Deceased
Stereotypical detective seen after the fight in Episode 3. A colossal pseudo-pod creamed corn. Later revealed to be a hellmouth that was mistakenly created after Ragh Barkrock threw Kristen's bible into Doreen's kitchen. The admittedly adorable minions of the Corn Ooze.
Marrow The Tornado Rodolfo
Half-Elf (Lycanthrope) - Unknown Tornado - Alive Unknown - Unknown
Mosh pit attendee at The Black Pit, socks Fig in the face and then buys her a drink. A gold-stuffed tornado who served in Bill Seacaster's crew. Kristen's Uber driver from Episode 15.
Little Gilear Frisbee Man
Oyster - Deceased Human - Alive Mummy Rot disease - Deceased
Fig's "half-life" pet from Adaine's jacket. A guy who loves frisbee. Saved by Fig and Riz in the hospital. An ancient sand demon. Killed by Fig and Riz in the hospital.
Occularia The Party Fouls Suspicious Vulture
Beholder - Deceased Spirits - Deceased Vulture - Alive
Crazy beholder that tried to take over the Aguefort Adventuring Academy by disguising herself as a student using a magical wig, Killed by Hargis with the help of The Bad Kids. Five spirits who are sworn to ruin partying forever. Contains The Minotaur of Stunts, The Gorgan of Shade, The Sphinx of Solitude, The Harpy of Songs and The Centuar of Sloppiness. Get unleashed by Ficus / Cody during Zelda's rager then get killed by The Bad Kids and Ficus. A suspicious vulture that was waiting in the Durinson Mithril Factory for someone to die during the Bad Kids battle with Torek Railgrinder and the other dwarfs. The vulture tends to confuse people into thinking that the vulture is more important than it is.